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Information about Spanggo Foods Cafe & Pasalubong Center

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Spanggo Foods Café & Pasalubong Center, Rizal Street, Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines
Opening Hours
08:00 - 21:00
Distance From City Center
0.7 km
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Family Friendly
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Spanggo Café and Pasalubong Center

This cozy café serves dishes that are inspired by family heirloom recipes, while the establishment’s pasalubong center sells a wide range of food items to give customers a taste of Capiz delicacies.

The name Spanggo is a portmanteau of the words “Spanish” and “Ilonggo,” so the menu includes tapas, sausages, and chicken binakol, to name a few. One of Spanggo’s specialties is paella, a classic Spanish dish made of rice, seafood, and vegetables. Priced at around P1,700, a large order of paella is good for 8 to 10 people and takes about an hour of preparation.

Another top favorite is Lola Ita’s Palabok Espesyal, a rice noodle dish with generous toppings of shrimp, crushed chicharon (fried pork belly or rind), smoked fish flakes, and camias. There’s also Cocido, which is a chickpea-based garbanzo stew with beef, chorizo, and vegetables.

Spanggo also makes homemade pies, the most popular of which is its buko pie baked with young coconut filling and a crunchy crust. The rest of its pies—pineapple pie, apple pie, peach mango pie, and chicken pie—are always freshly baked. You can buy a box of assorted pies from Spanggo.

Spanggo is located on Rizal Street near the Roxas City Hall. It’s also within walking distance from President Manuel Roxas’s ancestral house, which is a famous tourist spot in Capiz because of its antique collection as well as its beautiful windows made from capiz shells that abound in the province.

Operating hours at Spanggo are from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm. Every Friday, starting at 6:00 pm, Spanggo hosts a Seafood Night when the restaurant serves fresh and affordable seafood dishes while a DJ plays music from the 80s and the 90s.