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Information about Tupi Fruit Park

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Tupi Fruit Park, Tupi, South Cotabato, Philippines
Distance From City Center
2.8 km
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Tupi Fruit Park


If you think about the Philippines, three things come to mind: the 7,641 award-winning and captivating islands recognized around the world, the country being a home for the most hospitable people in Asia, and the tastiest and freshest tropical fruits that completes everything you want and need in a tropical getaway. Join this budget-friendly tour and prepare to satiate your fruit cravings in your trip to Tupi Fruit Park. 


Located at the northern part of General Santos and just an hour away drive from the city, the Municipality of Tupi is dubbed as the Fruit, Vegetable, and Flower Basket of South Cotabato. Nestled at the foot of Mt. Matutum and just along the side of the highway is the Tupi Fruit Park that serves as a popular destination for both locals and tourists in search for the best place for wide array of tastiest and freshest fruits and vegetables in a very affordable price. 



If you’re craving for any fruit, you will likely find it in the fruit stalls of Tupi Fruit Park from the most common fruits ever known in the entire Philippines to its exotic fruits. Choose among all sorts of fruits such as pineapples, passion fruit, bananas, avocadoes, mangoes, mangosteen, lanzones, guavas, rambutans, jackfruits, santol, and durians. The wide array of fruit selection in the stalls attest to the booming agriculture of South Cotabato. Aside from grabing some “pasalubong” finds that you can bring back home, enjoy the landscape and take some photos of Mt. Matutum located just behind the Fruit Park.


Mt. Matutum

It is a steep volcano that stands 7,500 ft and dominates the landscape of General Santos. And because of its popularity to hikers and mountain climbers, Mt. Matutum was proclaimed as an ecotourism site by the local government. The surrounding area of Mt. Matutum is also an ideal site for pineapple plantation, where General Santos is also known for.