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Vanishing Island in Samal

Nestled near Samal in Davao, the Vanishing Island is a captivating tourist spot with a small strip of white sands and crystal clear seas. True to its name, it's visible only during low tides. The island is surrounded by mangroves planted by the locals for the island's rich marine life. It also boasts vibrant ecosystems with starfish, shells, sea grasses, and tiny fishes, as well as corals and reefs.

Cottages on stilts line the island, giving it a unique appearance and inviting travelers to enjoy the tranquil surroundings. Beyond relaxation, Vanishing Island is also known to be a great diving site. Diving enthusiasts can dive and snorkel in its waters to explore its vibrant underwater life. During high tides, visitors can explore the island on foot, with waters reaching their ankles.

The island is more than a natural beauty; it plays a vital role in the local community's livelihood, particularly through sea urchin harvesting. Sea urchin is a significant source of income for the island residents. You'll often find locals in boats near the coast or walking around the island, inviting visitors to try their sea urchins. In the Philippines, people commonly eat sea urchins raw as tasty treats. Additionally, local vendors sell various seafood, including fish, to tourists.

Vanishing Island was recently developed for tourists, where you can do snorkeling and beachcombing activities. It's a great destination to go to if you are looking for an unspoiled island with less crowd and away from the noise and traffic.

How to get there

There are plenty of ways to reach Vanishing Island in Samal, Davao. 
From Davao to Samal Island, Davao del Norte, you can take a small boat or an outrigger boat from Sta. Ana Wharf (located near Magsaysay Park) to Kaputian and Talikud Island. Another route is from Davao to Babak Wharf, head to Sasa Km. 11 Wharf (Paradise Island Wharf), and take a motorboat to Babak Wharf.

If you're coming from Davao City, go to Sasa Km. 11 Ferry Boat Landing. You can ride the Island City Express Bus from R. Castillo and Cabaguio St. (satellite terminal) to the ferry bound for Barangay Caliclic, Babak District. If you find yourself near Barangay Tambo, you can rent a boat to take you to the Vanishing Island.

You may consider hiring a boat from the Waterfront Wharf. Another option is to hire a boat from Pearl Farm and Bali Bali Wharf.

These multiple options provide flexibility depending on your location in Davao, and the mode of transportation ensures a scenic journey as you make your way to the enchanting Vanishing Island.

For a hassle-free journey, you can book island-hopping tours in Samal Island, Davao, or Davao tours to explore other top attractions in the city.

Tickets and entry

If you are going to Vanishing Island, you only need to pay for an entrance fee and an environmental fee. 

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit Vanishing Island in Samal, Davao, is during low tides when the island is visible. It's recommended to plan your trip between January and April, the dry months, to ensure a smooth boat ride with minimal rain. Traveling to Davao during the rainy season increases the likelihood of boats not operating for island hopping, making it less suitable for tourists to visit Vanishing Island.

Attractions Nearby

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