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Information about WWII Cat-al Museum

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WWII Cat-al Museum 

WWII Cat-al Museum Photo by the Cata-al WW2 Museum

The World War II Cat-al Museum, located in Valencia, Negros Oriental, houses a range of artifacts that depicts important events in the province during the historical war. 

The WWII Cat-al Museum is a property owned by Proforio and Felix Cat-al, the father and son who collected various pieces and relics from the Japanese and American wars in the Philippines. The authentic pieces found in the museum have been preserved as Proforio Cat-al himself is a World War II veteran. 

There are about 400 items to see in the impressive World War II collection ranging from weapons to medals, badges, uniforms, binoculars, and other war items. Many of the items were found by Porforio himself following the war and the fights that broke out in the province of Negros Oriental. Years later, his son Felix joined in hunting down artifacts. 


Best time to visit

The museum is open to visitors every day from 9 AM to 5 PM. 

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