12 Best Beaches in El Nido That You'll Fall In Love With

Palawan is known worldwide for its picturesque sceneries and natural resources. The province is made up of many islands which are surrounded by bodies of water. 

Gifted by nature, Palawan is full of beaches from its different islands.

One of its most popular islands in El Nido, a first-class municipality that is home to 36,000 people. Since it is located at the northern tip of Palawan Island, El Nido is one of the most sought-after destinations in the country.

The beaches in El Nido is the perfect representation of a grand vacation in a tropical island: The white powdery sand, the coconut trees, and the turquoise waters. The mainland of El Nido is home to breath-taking places and resorts.

The most popular beaches are just a short distance from the town proper while others needed to be visited via boat or through a motorbike.

To get ready for a grand summer escapade on the island, here are the 12 of the best beaches in El Nido.

10 - Lio Beach

1. Buena Suerte Beach      

The Buena Suerte Beach nestles a small portion of Bacuit Bay, overlooking Cadlao Island

This El Nido beach is a peach-colored sand beach bordered by towers of limestone formations. It serves as a jump-off point for the other islands.

Since the Buena Suerte Beach is situated in the El Nido mainland, it is always crowded. It also has several hotels, restaurants, and even business establishments.

2. Seven Commandos Beach 

12 Best Beaches in El Nido That You'll Fall In Love With

There’s an old myth surrounding the Seven Commandos Beach: due to a shipwreck, seven soldiers got lost at the sea. Looking for a temporary place, the soldiers found the Seven Commandos Beach. 

After residing in the place while repairing their ship, the soldiers carved the words “7 commandos” in a large rock before sailing away. The locals found the engravings and use it to name the place.

Although there is no proof to debunk whether the myth is real or not, it is true that the Seven Commandos Beach is a must-see. It has a stretch of cream sand, towering limestone cliffs, and rentable cottages for the visitors.

3. Marimegmeg Beach      

12 Best Beaches in El Nido That You'll Fall In Love With

The Marimegmeg Beach is known as the best place to view the sunset in El Nido. Although it is part of the town proper, it is not too crowded compared with other beaches.

This beach also offers a lot of activities for adventure lovers. There are biking, hiking, cliff-jumping, fishing, snorkeling, surfing, waterfalls climbing, and camping activities to make the experience more memorable.

4. Dolarog Beach 

12 Best Beaches in El Nido That You'll Fall In Love With

For those looking for a beach that gives a homey and cozy feel, the Dolarog Beach is the place to be.

This beach offers a rentable beach resort by the seaside. It also gives an unobstructed view of the ocean and a picturesque view of the horizon, making it a perfect beach spot for families and honeymooners.

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5. Pinagbuyutan Island       

12 Best Beaches in El Nido That You'll Fall In Love With

Unlike the typical beaches in El Nido, Pinagbuyutan Island offers a different vibe. Pinagbuyutan Island is surrounded by coconut trees. Rock and vegetation sprinkle the beach bank.

The island also has a unique offering to visitors: If you prefer hiking or meditating over swimming, the island is the place to go.

6. Pinasil Island       

Chill by the cool waters or witness nature’s work of art. Pinasil Island offers two options: swim under the heat of the summer sun or under the limestone formation.

Visitors can enjoy sunbathing or taking a dip under the Cathedral Cave. This cave is a limestone cavern that is shaped like cathedrals of the European churches.

Since the Cathedral Cave cannot be reachable by a speedboat or a boat, the only way to get there is by swimming or kayaking.

7. Nacpan and Calitang Beaches       

12 Best Beaches in El Nido That You'll Fall In Love With

The twin beaches of El Nido, the Nacpan and Calitang beaches, are two adjacent strips of white sand situated near the town proper. Visitors can get to Nacpan and Calitang through a motorbike or tricycle.

These two beaches are often part of an inland day trip.

Nacpan Beach offers a quiet and serene environment, away from the busy and loud life in the city. Although the island is still bare and not developed, it is considered as the most beautiful beach in the El Nido town proper. It stretches up to 4 kilometers and has white fine sand and turquoise waters, complete with a rich greenery.
Just a few steps away from Nacpan Beach, Calitang Beach has a small hill covered in lush vegetation. The top of this hill gives the best view of the two beaches.

8. Duli Beach       

12 Best Beaches in El Nido That You'll Fall In Love With

Another uncrowded beach in El Nido, the Duli Beach is similar to Nacpan. This remote beach has a huge uninhabited beach. The crystal clear waters roll onto the stretch of the white sands and palm trees.

Duli Beach is also a haven for surfers. Known as a Surfer’s Paradise, there are a lot of big waves, especially during the rainy season.

9. Papaya Beach       

Finding Nemo does not require to get too far.

At Papaya Beach, the reefs are literally a few feet away from the seashore. It is the perfect place for children or kids at heart who enjoy snorkeling without worrying about going too far from the shore.

10. Lio Beach       

12 Best Beaches in El Nido That You'll Fall In Love With

Take the last paradise photo at the Lio Beach, also known as the  El Nido Airport Beach, before you leave the island.

Taken from its name, Lio Beach is another beautiful beach that is right next to the airport. It has a long wooden pier where visitors can enjoy a short walk while appreciating the view of Cadlao Island. 

11. Vigan Island or Snake Island       

12 Best Beaches in El Nido That You'll Fall In Love With

The last El Nido beach in the list is the Vigan Island or more popularly known as the Snake Island. But don’t worry, this beach is not infested by reptiles! In fact, its name originated from its sandbar, shaped like a graceful snake.

Vigan Island’s sandbar is only visible during low tide yet visitors can still take a stroll along the sandbar even if the water is high.

This El Nido beach is popular for its shallow and crystal clear waters, perfect for those who just want to chill by the beach. It also features a trail trick. At the end of the trail, there is a view deck that gives the visitors an obstructed view of the place as well as the limestone formations of the other beaches.

Get ready to unwind and recover in the islands of El Nido. Start planning your trip by looking into El Nido tours and activities that you can add to your itinerary.