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Discover Palawan beyond Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron and travel to San Vicente. What unique island paradise experiences can you do in San Vicente, Palawan? Apart from island hopping, what other activities can this once-sleeping town in Palawan, Philippines offer? Here’s a list of awesome things you can do in San Vicente, Palawan.

Sandwiched between the more popular Puerto Princesa and El Nido in Palawan, Philippines is San Vicente, a lesser-known but fast-rising tourist destination in the province. What was once a sleepy and laidback municipality is getting a lot of attention for its picturesque islands, coral-abundant diving spots, and as the home of the Philippines’ longest white sand beach.

Its undisturbed shorelines and homegrown, small restaurants, and cozy accommodations are giving travelers from all over the world a different kind of Palawan experience. A usual experience of a traveler in the Philippines include lounging on islands and beaches working on your tan; feasting on the freshest seafood catch of the day as well as trying out Filipino dishes and international favorites; snorkel and dive to explore the abundant marine life, or trek to see the majestic waters. In San Vicente, you can do it all.

San Vicente, Palawan offers a different kind of luxury: tranquility, a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city living and even the massive foot traffic in other tourist destinations.

While island-hopping is the best thing to do here, we give you other awesome things you can try and more San Vicente tourist spots to explore.


Visit Port Barton, Long Beach, and Other Islands and Beaches in San Vicente, Palawan

The best way to explore the islands of San Vicente, Palawan is to rent a boat for the day or simply join island-hopping tours. Here are the stops you shouldn’t miss.

1. Explore the Many Island Treasures of Port Barton

san vicente port barton

Located in northern Palawan, Port Barton is a small, quiet village in the municipality of San Vicente. Here you’ll find several islands and pockets of small but equally enthralling beaches. In fact, the village is so small that you can walk its entire length in less than 30 minutes.

Unlike the more popular Palawan destinations, there are no luxury hotels or resorts or restaurants in Port Barton. But its islands and what lies beneath the waters make Port Barton an increasingly popular destination for beach lovers.

Port Barton is serene, calming, and beautiful. The combination gives you a sense of what island paradise should look like. Best of all, it’s just 2-3 hours away from the city of Puerto Princesa, and there are fewer hassles here compared to its more popular neighbors in the province.

If you’re done exploring Port Barton, see the next items on this list for notable islands that you can include in your San Vicente, Palawan travel itinerary.

2. Experience Long Beach, the Philippines’ Longest White Beach

As the name implies, Long Beach holds the title of being the longest white beach in the whole Philippines. The 14-kilometer shoreline is undeveloped and is three times the size of Boracay’s White Beach.

There are no luxury resorts yet in Long Beach but not for long. Investors have already started buying properties along the beach. The San Vicente airport has also been recently opened. If you want to experience the Philippines’ longest white beach as it is, pack your bags the soonest so you can see this San Vicente tourist spot.

3. Feel like Robinson Crusoe on Inoladoan Island

It is sometimes called Inaladelan Island and German Island. Inoladoan Island is one of the most popular islands included in Port Barton island-hopping tours. Most people go here for a day trip, but you can also stay longer at its prime resort, the Inaladelan Island Resort.

The activities here pretty much revolve around island hopping. But you can also try overnight beach camping here. If you’ve always wanted to sleep in a tent by the beach, this island in San Vicente is perfect because you don’t have to deal with big crowds and loud partying.

So why do the locals call it the German Island? Well, the locals say that a German guy lived on the island for 20 years. Its undisturbed beauty gives you that Robinson Crusoe feeling when you visit.

4. Explore the Coral Reef at Naonao Beach

If you’re looking for both relaxation and adventure, NaoNao Beach is perfect for you. The beach is famous for its towering coconut trees, white sand, and of course, its azure waters.

You can also explore the beauty underneath its waters. There’s a 70-hectare coral reef that you can explore if you’re up for some diving. Once you’ve had your fill of the sea, you can relax in one of the tropical cottages and feast on some fresh seafood.

5. See the Starfish on Starfish Island

You guessed it, this tiny Palawan island is famous for its shallow waters and, yes, the variety of starfish found here. Many of them like hanging out in the sand. It might be tempting to take photos with the starfish but take note that picking them up and taking them out of the water can actually cause some damage.

Apart from the amazing sea creatures, Starfish Island is a popular lunch stopover spot for island hopping tours. The shallow waters make it a perfect spot for some light swimming before lunchtime.

6. Go Snorkeling in Boayan Island

This Palawan island in San Vicente is a popular diving and snorkeling spot. The water activity is good for both newbies and professionals. You can enjoy the bright and beautiful marine life and swim with small reef fishes. You can also see some vivid coral reefs here.

Not a fan of snorkeling? That’s okay because swimming in the cool waters of Boayan Island is the perfect relief to the summer heat.

7. Explore Aquarium Four with the Family

This reef is approximately 2 meters deep and is the perfect place to go snorkeling. The area is abundant with a variety of small fish. You can also see beautiful corals in Aquarium Four.

The best time to go at this snorkeling spot is early in the morning when the waters are at its calmest. If you're traveling with children, this is a great snorkeling spot for them because the waters are not that deep.

8. Experience the Surreal Beauty of Exotic Island

Once you set foot on this amazing Palawan island, you’ll understand how truly exotic it is. The sand is white and is super fine. The waters are clear and turquoise. The experience you’ll get here is just surreal that you’ll keep dreaming about going back again and again.

Like Starfish Island, Exotic Island is another famous lunch spot for island-hopping tours. But if you stay here a little bit longer, you can swim farther, roughly 50 feet from the shore, and snorkel to see the abundant marine life below. There are two islands and waters in between which is a great spot for snorkeling. There’s also a sandbar that you can explore on foot.

9. Get Charmed by the Beauty of Double Island

Considered a hidden gem, Double Island is also famous for its picturesque small island paradise vibe: tall coconut trees, white sand beach, and crystal-clear waters. The waters that surround the island is free from rocks, pollutants, and mud. Even during high tide, it is safe for swimming.

There’s a small, charming resort on Double Island. So if you want to stay a bit longer, you can book a small room here. Imagine how amazing the sunrise and sunsets are on this island!

10. See the Green Corals in Fantastic Reef

If you are a fan of corals, don’t miss this amazing snorkeling spot in San Vicente, Palawan. It’s famous for its green corals. The spot is also home to many fish varieties and other marine life. The reef is just near Double Island and it’s a great snorkeling go-to spot if you’re staying or visiting the island.

Try Out These Exciting Outdoor Activities in San Vicente, Palawan

There are more things to do in San Vicente, Palawan than just island hopping. Do add these things to do in your travel itinerary to maximize your trip.

1. Join a Mangrove River Cruise at Inandeng River

Palawan is a haven for 46 species of mangrove, which help protect against erosions and flooding. Mangrove swamps also provide shelter to marine life. Along Inandeng River in San Vicente, you can rent a boat, a kayak, or join a river cruise to explore the river in style.

The Mangrove River Cruise is also a fun, educational way to spend an afternoon in San Vicente, Palawan, especially if you have kids who want to learn more about mangroves and how they help protect marine wildlife.

2. Visit the Bigaho Waterfalls and Pamuayan Falls

pamuayan falls

If you want to take a break from all the island-hopping, you can explore these waterfalls in San Vicente, Palawan for a day. You can rent a motorcycle or join a group tour to explore two amazing falls in Port Barton. You can also trek to the falls but it can take about two hours. The unpaved roads can be quite challenging. You also need to cross a river and trek for 15 minutes before you can reach the 17-meter high Pamuayan Falls.

Here, you can swim in the cool waters before going on another 1-hour trek towards Bigaho Falls.

3. Experience Skydiving at Skydive Greater Palawan

Have you always wanted to try skydiving? You can check that off from your bucket list while in San Vicente, Palawan! Skydive Greater Palawan is a fast-rising San Vicente tourist spot.

There’s no prior experience required if you want to try this activity. If you’re a newbie, you tandem skydive with one of the world-class instructors and just enjoy the views. If you’re an experienced skydiver, you can do so on your own.

Whichever you choose, skydiving is a great activity you can try when visiting this island paradise in the Philippines. But it’s always better to check the latest San Vicente weather update before you go so you can plan your activities well.

Make Yourself Comfortable by Staying at these Prime San Vicente Palawan Resorts

san vicente resorts

Even if San Vicente, Palawan doesn’t have big luxury hotels and resorts, these accommodations offer a different kind of island experience. Check out the best places to stay when you visit.

1. Enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset at Sunset Colors

Booking one of the five cozy rattan cottages here will make you feel like you’re on your private fantasy island. The Bungalow option comes with a sea view, a private bathroom and terrace, and an extra-long bed. You can use the kayas, bikes, and stand-up paddleboards for free! There’s also an on-site restaurant and a small bar where you can have breakfast and a nightcap.

2. Rent a Family Room at Coconut Garden

Located on Cacnipa Island, Coconut Garden is owned and run by a Swiss national. You can rent a basic cottage and even a hillside deluxe cottage for a cozy home on the beach. They also have family rooms that can fit 3 to 5 people.

The in-house restaurant serves local and international comfort dishes, as well as vegetarian options. Apart from island hopping and swimming, you can play table tennis, badminton, and beach volleyball here.

This accommodation is a short walk from the Tropical Forest Way where you can see different species of birds and wildlife. If you like turtles, you can time your visit between December and April to see the eggs hatch.

3. Savor a Luxurious Stay at Club Agutaya Resort

This 3.5-hectare, eco-friendly, boutique resort offers 58 rooms with villa options. If you’re looking for a luxe stay, you can rent the deluxe king villa room with its private veranda. 

The air-conditioned rooms come with a private bathroom, premium bedding, hot and cold showers, flat-screen TV with cable channels, an in-room safe, and coconut-based toiletries, how cool is that?

Apart from the 5-kilometer beach, the resort has an infinity pool, pool beds, view bar, and private massage huts. There are also hammocks and huge umbrellas beside the swimming pool where you can read a book or rest after taking a dip. The in-house restaurant, Café Lily, serves local, family recipes and Western favorites.

4. Experience the Backpacking Lifestyle at Yoske Garden of Eden

It’s a popular budget-friendly guesthouse for the backpacking crowd. Not all their rooms are air-conditioned so if you’re spending time with family, make sure you book one with an air conditioner for additional comfort. You can rent a double room with shared bathroom.

What travelers love about this place, apart from the budget-friendly prices, of course, is the in-house restaurant that serves the best Mediterranean-Israeli style food in San Vicente, Palawan.

5. Wake up at Long Beach in Turublien Long Beach Inn

If you want to stay overnight in Long Beach, book a room at the Turublien Long Beach Inn. Small and private, it only has 10 rooms with options for air-conditioning or an electric fan. Even if the rooms only have the basics, it offers guests a comfortable stay. The resort has a garden, a barbecue area, a bar, airport transfer services, a shared kitchen, and free Wi-Fi access. Do you know what’s the best part? Having an Asian breakfast in front of the beach every single morning!

6. Try Glamping on Thelma and Toby’s Island

Glamping is a play on the words glamorous and camping. Simply put, glamping means camping in style or luxuriously. The couple, Thelma and Toby, runs a one-of-a-kind accommodation in San Vicente, Palawan. The 400-meter exclusive beach is dotted with dome tents where you can spend the night in comfort and style underneath the towering coconut palms.

The glamping “resort” has a separate gazebo for dining, bathroom huts, hammocks, and outdoor bamboo furniture where you can relax and just spend time one with nature. Thelma, one of the owners, cooks up a wide selection of local eats including peppered crabs, prawns, pancakes, and barbecued fish.

Dine at These San Vicente Restaurants Serving Filipino and International Cuisine

San Vicente, Palawan is one of the best places to enjoy fresh seafood but there are more local foodie favorites here than just grilled fish. Here are our top bets.

1. Get the Best Burger in Palawan at Reef Café

Located at Bonifacio corner Burgos Streets in Port Barton, this small restaurant is famous for serving the best burgers in Palawan! Price ranges between PHP 250.00 and PHP 280.00 and you can choose between vegetarian, all-American, and mozzarella and pesto burgers! Travelers are also raving about the fries served with the burger. They also have soft tacos, sizzling sausages, and fish and chips.

2. Enjoy the Best Pita and Shakshuka at Yoske Restaurant

This restaurant is popular for its taboon-baked pita bread and authentic shakshuka. If you’re craving for some kebab and falafel after a day of snorkeling and island-hopping, head to Yoske Restaurant at Roxas Street. They also serve Arabic, Middle Eastern, Israeli, and Mediterranean food. We recommend the falafel (PHP 300.00), shakshuka (PHP 250.00), and the Zahtar Toast (PHP 180.00). If you want something light, you can also order the grilled eggplant salad at PHP 70.00.

3. Try the Famous Vegge Burger and Other Vegetarian Delights at Mabuti Eat & Chill

If you’re looking for tasty vegetarian food, head to Mabuti Eat & Chill at Rizal Street. They’re famous for the Vegge (veggie) burger (PHP 250.00) and the multi-egg shakshuka (PHP 230.00). They also have pasta bowls, homemade ice cream, and what could be the best selection of Filipino coffee.

4. Kusinero Del Barrio Restaurant

Also located at Rizal Street, this restaurant is proud of its decor made of native and recyclable materials. Kusinero Del Barrio Restobar serves Filipino and European favorites like chicken adobo with pineapple starting at PHP 180.00 per serving. If it's your first time in the Philippines and you want to try the famous local dish, we suggest ordering one here.

5. Oasis Port Barton

Try the seafood dishes here, after all, you’re at the beach! If not, get a bowl of steaming bulalo (Filipino beef stew with clear broth). But our best bet is the cheese fondue (melted cheese in cooked white wine) with bread at PHP 750.00 good for two people.

You can find the restaurant at Roxas Street. Apart from being a restaurant, it’s a great entertainment hub with its open-air seating and laidback island vibe. Make sure to order a glass of their handmade margaritas!

Are You Ready to Discover San Vicente, Palawan?

In recent years, Palawan’s El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa have been touted as some of the top island destinations in the Philippines. Their lesser-known but equally beautiful neighbor San Vicente will soon join the ranks, especially with the completion of San Vicente airport. If you’re planning to visit this fast-rising Palawan destination, use this article to come up with the best itinerary that can help you maximize your stay.

Having a hard time creating your own travel itinerary? Check out tours and travel packages in San Vicente, Palawan to help you explore its many hidden gems.