10 Best Albay Restaurants: Legazpi City, Bicolano Cuisine, Mayon Volcano View

10 Best Albay Restaurants: Legazpi City, Bicolano Cuisine, Mayon Volcano View

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1st Colonial Grill and DJC Halo Halo Snack Inn

Photos by 1st Colonial Grill and DJC Halo Halo & Snack Inn

Albay, a province in the Bicol region, is an ideal getaway all year round. The iconic Mayon Volcano is Albay’s claim to fame; it is a flawlessly symmetrical volcano that is one of the best geographical features of the Philippines. The province’s natural attractions include waterfalls, caves, beaches, and eco-parks among many others. There are also a few fertile plains and valleys scattered across the hilly region. 

Legazpi City, Albay’s capital city, is the education, transportation, health care, commerce, and tourism hub of Bicol and is one of the best places in the Philippines for a family vacation. There are also numerous historical and cultural tourist attractions in Legazpi City to discover when you tour the Philippines

Legazpi City is also the gateway to other wonderful destinations in the Albay and other provinces in the Bicol region, such as whale shark swimming in Donsol, island hopping, and other tourist spots in Sorsogon. Most of these tourist spots are included in most Philippine tour packages, especially vacation packages for couples and honeymoon packages in the Philippines

A trip to Albay won’t be complete without a food trip. Filipino cuisine in Bicol has various dishes that will surely hook your taste buds. Bicol is known for spicy dishes infused with coconut milk and desserts or snacks made with pili nuts. 

For hungry travelers who want to taste authentic Bicolano dishes, there are a variety of Albay restaurants to choose from, which includes Legazpi City fine dining restaurants, Legazpi City buffet restaurants, Legazpi seafood restaurants, and other famous restaurants in Legazpi City. Continue reading to discover where to eat and what are the best restaurants in Albay.

10. Layag Restaurant and Grill

Laya Restaurant and Grill's Layag Overload dish

Photo by Layag Restaurant and Grill

One of the fast-growing authentic Filipino restaurants in Legazpi, Layag Restaurant and Grill features native decor with a touch of modernity. The meals are served on a thin piece of banana leaf and can be eaten “boodle” style or without utensils.

Have a gastronomic experience in the restaurant by trying out some of their bestsellers, which include mixed seafoods, crispy buntot (tail) ng tuna, adobong pusit (squid), calamares, chicken binakol, sizzling gambas, and chopsuey. 

Address: Purok 8, Peñaranda Extension, Legazpi City, 4500 Albay

9. Sibid-Sibid Food Park

Sibid-Sibid Food Park's native chicken adobo

Photo by Sibid-Sibid Food Park

If you’re craving some seafood, look no further than Albay’s Sibid-Sibid Food Park. It is a food establishment open to the public since 2010. According to the restaurant's manager, Bryan Gil, the restaurant was founded by his grandmother, Matilda, whose passion for seafood has been put to good use in the restaurant business. When you walk in, you'll see a wide space decorated in the traditional provincial style.

While dining here, try some of their popular dishes which include tuna bicol express, adobong kasag (stir-fried blue crab), tinutongang hanit (mud crab in smoked coconut milk), seafood mix, and Sibid express. 

Address: 64 Peñaranda St, Legazpi City, Albay

8. Four Seasons Restaurant Legazpi 

10 Best Albay Restaurants: Legazpi City, Bicolano Cuisine, Mayon Volcano View

Photo by Four Seasons Restaurant Legazpi

Known as one of the oldest authentic Chinese restaurants in Legazpi, Four Seasons Restaurant is a must-visit. Once you enter the restaurant, you will be treated to its Chinese-themed interiors, with a mix of modern Filipino elements. 

Four Seasons Restaurant Legazpi's interior

Photo by Four Seasons Restaurant Legazpi

The restaurant is known for a local favorite, their Seasons Chicken. It tastes both sweet and salty, with a special sauce to compliment the chicken’s unique taste. Other delectable dishes you can try in the restaurant include fried lumpiang shanghai, crab omelette, beef with broccoli, lechon kawali, fried pork spareribs, and sizzling pork steak.

Address: Multiple branches

Four Seasons Restaurant Legazpi's Hongba Pao

Photo by Four Seasons Restaurant Legazpi

7. DJC Halo Halo and Snack Inn

DJC Halo Halo and Snack Inn

If you’re in Tiwi, Albay, make sure to drop by at DJC Halo Halo and Snack Inn for some quick iced dessert. The restaurant is owned and operated by Djohn G. Clutario, who started a small halo-halo stall and eventually bloomed into a cozy restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks within the budget range.

DJC Halo Halo and Snack Inn's interior

Try their famous halo-halo, which has a simple concoction of shaved ice and various ingredients like sweetened bananas, purple yam, macapuno, red gelatin, leche flan, and grated cheese. Other snacks perfect for a quick bite includes pancit bihon, toasted siopao, saba con hielo, banana-langka, and other tasty options.

Address: 330, San Lorenzo Street, Tiwi, 4513 Albay

DJC Halo Halo and Snack Inn's exterior


6. Casa Simeon's Cucina Beatrice

Casa Simeon's pasta Bicolandia

Photo by Casa Simeon

Casa Simeon is a 3-star heritage bed and breakfast in Bacacay, Albay with a garden and a terrace. The main highlight of this homey Spanish colonial-style property is its restaurant called Cucina Beatrice serving heirloom dishes. 

Casa Simeon's specialty dishes

Photo by Casa Simeon

The restaurant is known for its churros made with coconut juice and coconut meat. It is best dipped with hot tablea. For a perfect treat, try out their other meals like pork bistek, chicken barbeque, pork schnitzel, oriental chicken, fish steak, and other options

Address: 1 Bes Street, Bacacay, Albay

Casa Simeon

Photo by Casa Simeon

5. Waway’s Restaurant

Waway’s Restaurant's sinigang na bangus

Photo by Waway’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for authentic eat-all-you-can Bicolano cuisine, dine in at Waway's Restaurant, which specializes in seafood and local dishes. The restaurant has been serving meals since 1967.

Waway’s Restaurant's interior

Photo by Waway’s Restaurant

With a budget-friendly price, you'll get to sample a variety of Bicolano meals, including bicol express, laing, bopis, pinangat, and beef kare-kare. 

Address: 317 Peñaranda St, Legazpi City, 4500 Albay



Bigg’s Diner's Bicol special

Photo by BIGGS

You will surely pass by at least one of the multiple branches of BIGGS when you’re in Albay! This well-known diner has been serving Filipino, American, and Bicolano food since 1983. They have branches outside Albay and have been serving big proportions, particularly for their main courses.

Aside from their famous crispy fried chicken, try out their pork cordon bleu, grilled spareribs, baby back ribs, juicy burgers, kebabs, salisbury steaks, tenderloin tips, and their Bicol specialties.

Address: Multiple branches

3. Socorro's Lakeside Restaurant and Grill

Socorro's Lakeside Restaurant and Grill's barkada bundle

Photo by Socorro's Lakeside Restaurant and Grill

Offering a unique dining experience in Albay, Socorro's Lakeside Restaurant and Grill is perched idly in the popular tourist spot called Sumlang Lake, overlooking Mayon Volcano. The restaurant serves authentic Bicolano dishes and a wide variety of delicious Filipino food. Sumlang Lake is also known for its balsa or bamboo raft rides where you can enjoy the view of Bicol's iconic Mayon Volcano. 

Socorro Lakeside Restaurant's outdoor area

While dining here, try some of their bestsellers, including pinangat with pandesal, crispy dinuguan, crispy kare-kare, pandan chicken, spring chicken, pork belly hamonado, salt & pepper pork, and pancit bato guisado. 

Address: Purok 1, Brgy. Sumlang, 4502, Camalig, Albay

Socorro's Lakeside Restaurant and Grill

2. 1st Colonial Grill 

1st Colonial Grill's specialty dishes

Photo by 1st Colonial Grill

1st Colonial Grill is a local restaurant that serves traditional and modern Bicolano food. The restaurant is popularly known for its famous Sili Ice Cream. It is not your typical ice cream, as it leaves a spicy sensation on your tongue after a sweet bite. It also comes in 4 spicy levels: level 1, level 2, level 3, and volcano.

But before you have ice cream for dessert, try some of their delectable dishes, which include Bicol express, tinapa fried rice, buko chopsuey, pork sisig, laing, grilled mussels, crispy pata, baby back ribs, sinanglay, and lechon kawali.

Address: Luis San Los Baños Avenue, Legazpi Port District, Legazpi City, Albay

1. Small Talk Cafe

Small Talk Cafe's boneless crispy pata

Photo by Small Talk Cafe

A homestyle restaurant perfect for catching up with friends and family, Small Talk Cafe first opened its doors in 1999 and since then has been known for its Bicolano fusion food. Its rustic architecture features wooden tables and chairs, vintage artworks, and even a piano in the middle of the restaurant.

Small Talk Cafe's interior

Photo by Small Talk Cafe

While dining here, try their authentic dishes such as their Bicolana pizza, Camalig pinangat, Bicol express, sinigang, caldereta, kare-kare, crispy pata, caramba croquettes, Mayon hot lava, and many more fusion dishes. 

Address: Doña Aurora St, Old Albay District, Legazpi City, Albay

Try Out the Best Restaurants in Albay

Mayon Volcano in Albay

If you're planning a fun vacation in the Philippines, and one of the best places to visit in the Philippines with basic Philippine travel requirements is Albay. Most business and leisure travelers check-in at 5-star hotels in the Philippines or affordable resorts near Manila, and in Albay, there are a lot of options. This includes farm stay resorts, a perfect destination for agritourism in the Philippines, aside from modern hotels in Legazpi City

In fact, there are multiple activities in Mayon Volcano alone, and you can make an online trip booking of these Philippine guided tours easily on a travel booking website like Guide to the Philippines.

Aside from visiting the top tourist spots in Luzon, specifically tourist spots in Bicol and joining Bicol tours like the Bicol ATV, Mayon Volcano tour or other Albay Bicol tour packages, going on a food tour is a must in a diverse place like Albay.

While most Albay, Legazpi tours include lunch or snacks apart from visiting Legazpi tourist spots, it is still important to know the top-rated restaurants in the city so you will have various food options. Take note that most Albay restaurants can also adjust the spiciness of their meals, making Legazpi one of the best kid-friendly places near Manila

The activities and cuisine in Albay are just one of the top reasons why you should visit the Philippines. Start planning your trip to Albay now!


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