10 Best Destinations for Farm Tours in the Philippines

10 Best Destinations for Farm Tours in the Philippines

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Grape farm in Bauang La Union

Travelers love visiting the Philippines for its tropical weather, virgin islands, and gorgeous beaches. But there’s another way to appreciate the county’s natural beauty and immerse in a more meaningful travel experience, and this is through agri-tourism.

Agri-tourism is centered on agricultural-based activities to attract travelers to farms and ranches. It’s meant to be educational, engaging, not to mention a more sustainable revenue source for farmers and local communities. 

In recent years, the Philippines has become a top agritourism destination. Because of its thriving agricultural sector, the country is already home to many successful farms and plantations. Many of these properties welcome visitors and offer them farm tours, lectures, farming activities, and dining experiences in their farm stay resort  

The country’s brand of agri-tourism lets you experience the quintessential Filipino hospitality and rich farming heritage. You will be able to enjoy a vast collection of flora and fauna, get a glimpse of Filipino farm life, and get to know the people who work hard to feed the country. 

To help start your Filipino agri-tourism adventure, here is a list of the best farm tour destinations in the Philippines:

10. Iloilo

Iloilo is one of the prominent provinces in the Visayas region of the Philippines. This province attracts many visitors because of its cultural and historical landmarks, parks, beautiful islands, and culinary heritage. 

Iloilo’s collection of agri-tourism sites is another reason to visit it. Some of the places that will complete your Iloilo farm tour include:

Garin Farm

Beautiful view of Garin Farm in IloiloPhoto by Garin Farm

Located in San Joaquin Municipality, Garin Farm is no ordinary farm, as it’s also a place of leisure and religion, being the home of the Pilgrimage Hill. 

At the heart of Garin Farm tours is the sharing of agricultural practices that contributed to the farm’s success. Other activities to enjoy during your visit include vegetable picking, kayaking, fishing, and dining at their very own farm-to-table restaurant. 



Orchard Valley

Plants in a greenhouse chamber in Orchard ValleyPhoto by Orchard Valley

Orchard Valley is an organic farm in Pavia, Iloilo and extends to 33 hectares. This farm is known for thousands of malunggay trees.  

The farm uses organic means to grow healthy trees. The leaves are then used to feed the cattle and pigs managed by the farm. Malunggay leaves are highly valued for their nutrients. 

Orchard Valley also grows lettuce, water spinach, and various herbs sold in supermarkets. 

Ephrathah Farm

Two girls riding a boat in Ephrathah Farm in IloiloPhoto by Ephrathah Farm

This 9-hectare farm is situated at Barangay Sariri, Badiangan. Ephrathah aims to operate a natural farm that uses zero chemicals and fertilizers. 

Ephrathah aims to inspire visitors to appreciate the natural lifestyle. The farm is equipped with facilities like a zipline, rappelling site, ATVs, boats, and function halls.

Aside from growing produce like dragon fruit, papaya, and golden cherry tomatoes, the farm is also involved in aquaculture, producing species like pangasius, tilapias and kois. 

Damires Hills Tierra Verde Farm Resort

Wide view of the green landscape in Damires Hills Resort in IloiloPhoto by Damires Hills Tierra Verde Farm Resort

Established in 2010, this huge 45-hectare farm is located in Barangay Damires, Janiuay. The farm is made up of two sections; the first one is a 16-hectare farm resort that welcomes day-trippers. The other 29 hectares is made of forest and crop plantations.

The Damires Hills’ farm experience lets you enjoy a gorgeous landscape. Some of its facilities include swimming pools, a zipline, canopy walk, and a 270-meter long hanging bridge. 

9. Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan province and the Philippines’ westernmost city. It is the well-known gateway to El Nido, which is the highlight of Palawan tours. However, the city and its immediate surroundings also have plenty to offer!

Puerto Princesa tours usually showcase not only city attractions but also nearby forests, mountains, and coves. It's most known for the UNESCO World Heritage Site and New7Wonders of Nature, Underground River, and Honda Bay island hopping



Aside from natural wonders and beaches and islands, add another dimension to your visit to Puerto Princesa by checking out its most notable farms: 

Yamang Bukid 

Beautiful sunflowers in Yamang bukid in PalawanPhoto by Yamang Bukid

Yamang Bukid started out as a small tea business in  Baguio City. It has gradually expanded to Barangay Bacungan Puerto Princesa, occupying 20 hectares of land and employing over 300 farmers. 

Today, Yamang Bukid tours are quite popular among Puerto Princesa visitors. The farm’s most famous product is turmeric tea but it also grows papaya, strawberries, sunflowers, and other medicinal plants. 

The place is known for its serene environment despite being close to the city center. So if you need a break from the busy metro, be sure to check out Yamang Bukid.



Sheridan Organic Farm

A bridge in Sheridan Organic FarmPhoto by Sheridan Organic Farm

If you’re looking for a relaxing farm stay in Puerto Princesa, Sheridan Organic Farm is the place to be.  

Situated in Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa, Sheridan this farm is conveniently close to two other very popular tourist attractions: the Underground River and Sabang Beach. 

Sheridan is not just a farm but an eco-friendly village that has its own accommodation facilities. Here, you can relax and learn more about the science behind farming in a peaceful, rustic, and green environment.  

8. Rizal 

Rizal Province is located in the Calabarzon region of Luzon and is named after the national hero Jose Rizal.

Rizal is a historical place with a good number of museums and historical places to explore. Despite its proximity to Metro Manila, Rizal is still blessed with lush greenery and rural landscapes.

Thus, it’s not surprising that visits to farms and natural attractions are usually the highlight of Rizal tours



Here are some of the great farms to visit in Rizal:

Flor’s Garden and Nature Haven Inc.

Wonderful overlooking view in Flor's Garden in AntipoloPhoto by Flor's Garden

Flor’s Garden sits on a 5 hectare of land in Antipolo and is an advent promoter of sustainable farming. 

Flor’s owns an extensive garden that houses a wide collection of flora and fauna. While here, you will learn the basics of farming and growing medicinal plants and their uses. 

Domingo Permafarms

Green landscape in Domingo PermafarmsPhoto by Domingo Permafarms

When it comes to farming, the family-run Domingo Permafarms in Barangay San Jose, Antipolo City,  follows the Permaculture Design principles. 

These principles, which you will learn during your visit, focus on sustainable agriculture, caring not only for crops but also for the farmers and the ecosystems. 

Palaya Farm

Wonderful view of Palaya Farm in RizalPhoto by Palaya Farm

As a farm, Palaya easily stands out because it is currently the biggest dragon fruit plantation in the country. It is also the biggest producer and supplier of this wonderful tropical fruit. 

Located in Tanay, Rizal,  Palaya has more than 36,000 dragon fruits planted together with other varieties of vegetables. Your visit to Palaya Farm will be about growing dragon fruits sustainably as well as exploring the subject of natural farming and crop care.

7. Cordillera 

Before agricultural tourism was a thing, tourists were already flocking to Cordillera for its outstanding farms and natural attractions.  This region in the northern part of Luzon island is home to the iconic Banaue Rice Terraces and the popular Baguio City.   

Many consider Cordillera as the pioneer site of agri-tourism in the country. It consists of six provinces, which are Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Kalinga, Mountain Province, and Ifugao. 

Aside from doing Baguio tours, complete your Cordillera experience by visiting some of the region’s outstanding farms. 



La Trinidad strawberry and lettuce farms 

Strawberry farm in La Trinidad

The La Trinidad strawberry farm is nestled in Benguet’s La Trinidad Valley. The farmland is only about 6 kilometers from the capital Baguio City, making it a convenient site to visit.

The farm’s main produce is strawberries, but the farmers have expanded to growing other vegetables like romaine lettuce.

Often called Strawberry Farm, this 80-hectare site is actually a set of farms owned by the Benguet State University (BSU). To explore this area, you may join one of the strawberry farm tours for La Trinidad.



Northern Blossom Flower Farm

Just about 12 kilometers from Baguio City, in Atok, Benguet, lies the Northern Blossom Flower Farm. The farm spreads to two hectares and has become quite popular among domestic tourists.

A tour at Northern Blossoms showcases the property’s impressive collection of flora including the beautiful snapdragons and the edible cabbage roses, which originated from Japan. You can also choose to buy freshly picked flowers from the farm as souvenirs!

Cosmic farm 

Tomatoes in Cosmic Farm in La TrinidadPhoto by Cosmic Farm

Cosmic farm prides itself as a prime producer of healthy 100 percent organic produce. Located in Caban, La Trinidad, the farm is owned and operated by the Marsan family. Cosmic is also involved in livestock and poultry production. 

The farm offers a tour that gives a close look at the processes and technologies they use to keep everything sustainable and organic. Some of the produce the farm is known for include spinach, cabbage, arugula, kale, and strawberries. 

Benguet coffee farms

Man holding coffee beans in his palmPhoto by Agnep Heritage Farms

When it comes to coffee production, Cordillera’s Benguet has made quite a name for itself. Benguet is home to not only one but several thriving coffee farms. 

One of the early farmlands established can be found in Kibungan, where thousands of Arabica seedlings have been planted by local farmers.

You can arrange a private vehicle to take you to Kibungan and other coffee sites like La Trinidad, Itogon, Tublay, and Atok. Another option is to book Benguet tours that include stops to these places. 



6. Davao 

Davao is the pride of Mindanao, the Philippines’ southern island. This cultural melting pot is home to top tourist spots and is rich with natural resources.

From sightseeing to diving, trekking, dining, and beach hopping, Davao tours generally have something for everyone to enjoy!  



If you want to be close to nature in a unique way and experience a simple and clean farm life,  Davao is also a great destination.

Here are some of the leading farms in the region:

Malagos Garden Resort and other cacao farms

A farmer checking cacaos in Malagos Garden ResortPhoto by Malagos Garden Resort

This impressive farm resort in the Baguio District of Davao promises to deliver an all-inclusive hospitable farm experience. Nestled at 300 meters above sea level, the farm has plenty of fresh air and scenic views. 

Malagos Garden Resort tours include visits to their park, cafe, cacao farms, museums, and bird-feeding site. You may also choose to spend a night or two at this farm resort to really enjoy its serene and scenic environment. 



SUL Orchid Farm

DDavao is a go-to venue for growing and trading orchids. This is all thanks to its orchid farms including SUL Orchid

SUL Orchid Farm is one of the most prominent orchid farms in the country. It sits on 12 hectares of land in Davao’s Tugbok District.

While here, you will learn more about floriculture and see the biggest Vanda collections in the Philippines.  

Bemwa Strawberry Farm

Beautiful sunset in Bemwa FarmPhoto by Bemwa Farm

If you’re looking for a strawberry picking adventure in the southern Philippines, then  Bemwa Farm is the place to go! Located in Marilog District, Buda, Bemwa is named after the initials of its five owners.

Bemwa presents a peaceful ambiance in a lush scenery and usually cool weather. Entrance to the farm is free and the main draw is strawberry picking. But you also have the choice to pick other crops like lettuce and sunflower.

5. Pangasinan 

Located in the Ilocos Region of Luzon, Pangasinan is definitely one Filipino province that stands out when it comes to natural attractions and agri-tourism. 

Most Pangasinan tours usually feature heritage sites and natural attractions like the Hundred Islands island hopping. They may also include visits to some of the province’s notable and government accredited farms.



Some of the best farms in Pangasinan include:

Our Farm Republic

Clear blue skies and green landscape in Our Farm RepublicPhoto by Our Farm Republic

Our Farm Republic sits on a 5.8 hectare of land in the town of Mangatarem. It is an organic farm, which implements diversified and integrated farming techniques. It grows not only organic produce but also livestock and edible flowers.  

Established in 2010, the farm gives a comprehensive tour that involves plant care and composting, crop picking, and dining at their farm-to-table restaurant. 

Pacific Farms - Salt Making Farm

Salt-making farm in PangasinanPhoto by Pacific Farms

Pacific Farms is a 500-hectare, salt-making farm in Bolinao, Pangasinan. It’s actually the biggest salt producer in the country. 

The highlight of your visit to Pacific Farms is its fun Agri-Eco tour, which features six-stop stations, which include a sunrise viewing deck,  chapel ruins, salt harvesting, and stockpile sites, and a special bridge.

4. Batangas 

Batangas sits on the Calabarzon region of Luzon island and has always been a popular holiday destination for Metro Manila dwellers.  

Batangas tours usually explore beaches, diving spots, and the view of Taal Volcano and Lake. But agri-tourism is also very much alive in Batangas as it’s teeming with fertile lands, ranches, and farms. 



Here are some the must-visit  farms you should explore in Batangas: 

Kahariam Farms

Cottages and crops in Kahariam Farms in BatangasPhoto by Kahariam Farms

Located in Batangas City, Kahariam Farms is an accredited agri-tourism site by the Department of Tourism. The farm organizes tours and workshops on organic farming and raising black soldier flies. 

This large farm is also a full recreational site with air-conditioned rooms, picnic area, basketball court, function halls, and swimming pools. 

Milea Bee Farm

A colony of bees shown to a visitor of the farmPhoto by Milea Bee Farm

Located in Barangay Balagtasin, Lipa City, Milea Bee is one of the most popular farms in Batangas. This bee farm features not only bees but a lush surrounding endowed with colorful flowers. 

Milea Bee Farm offers guided farm tours, which are usually arranged in advance. The farm aims to educate visitors not only about bee farming but why these creatures are important contributors to the development of our ecosystem. 

Taal Maranan's Farmville Inc.

As the name suggests, Taal Maranan can be found in Batangas’ famous Taal town, specifically in Barangay Iba East.  

This family-owned farm spans 5 hectares and treats its guests to various farming activities, rustic accommodation options, and farm-to-table dishes. 

Taal Maranan also has a glamping (glamorous camping) site that lets you get close to nature without the nuances of traditional camping. 

Gorgeous Farm

This large 9-hectare farm sits on the Tagaytay Ridge, Laurel Batangas, and can be accessed through the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. Gorgeous Farm is a government accredited learning and agri-tourism site that promotes integrated organic farming.  

The farm offers tours, which include trekking around its large property. You may also dine at their farm-to-table restaurant, stay overnight, or relax at their terrace, which gives fantastic views of Taal Volcano.

Chad’s Nature Farm

Colorful decorations in Chad's Nature FarmPhoto by Chad's Nature Farm

Located in Barangay Kinalaglagaan, Mataas na Kahoy, Chad’s Nature Farm was a simple retirement dream of a former government employee Aida C. Briones. The farm spreads to 1.5 hectares and is a School for Practical Agriculture (SPA) that teaches organic agriculture. 

Here, you will learn how to care for livestock and grow organic produce. You can also participate in lectures and hands-on farming activities. 

Moca Family Farm

A guy posing with a jackfruit in Moca Family Farm Photo by Moca Family Farm

The Moca Family Farm is not just a business but a farm that has close relations to its local community.  Situated in Padre Garcia, it is an accredited learning site and service provider for the regional government’s Agricultural Training Institute. 

Moca Family Farm is an advocate and supporter of family farming. If you’re interested in how to start and run a family operated farm, then Moca makes a very worthwhile visit. 

3. La Union

Often referred to as the “Surfing Capital of Northern Philippines”, La Union is already a popular tourist destination for domestic and international tourists. But aside from being a surging superstar, La Union is vying for another title. 

By the year 2025, the province wants to be the Heart of Agri-Tourism in Northern Luzon. La Union plans to achieve this goal by using its vast experience in tourism and enhancing its tourist amenities and agricultural assets.

Here are some of La Union’s must-visit farms:

Rocapor Farm

Farmers harvesting in Rocapor FarmPhoto by Rocapor Farm

This organic farm is located in Barangay Tabtabungao and operated by a notable farm family in the region. Rocapor prides itself as an innovative organic farm that produces livestock, organic crops, and follows zero waste standards. 

Rocapor organizes tours which highlight farm life activities. As a guest, you can pick, pay and bring home fruits and vegetables at affordable farm rates. The farm even sells livestock like goats, pigs, chickens directly to visitors. 

Lomboy Farms

Grape vines in Lomboy FarmsPhoto by Lomboy Farms

Lomboy Farms is situated in Barangay Urayong, Bauang, and is primarily a vineyard, established way back in 1972.

Lomboy is considered a pioneer of viticulture in the Philippines. Its founder, Avelino Lomboy,  is referred to as the “Grape King”. Aside from grapes, it has expanded to growing dragon fruit and guapples.  

Aside from exploring the farm, Graco also offers grape-picking from the end of March until May. You can pay for whatever you pick and also buy souvenir products like jams and wines.

Bungol Farm

You can find Bungol farm in Barangay Bungol, Balaoan. This farm is regarded as one of the largest producers of organic red and brown rice in the northern region of Luzon island. It is supported by the Provincial Government of La Union and has become a prime training center for rice growing.  

On your visit to Bungol, you will learn a great deal about organic rice production and distribution. 

Happy House Farm

Happy House Farm is all about educating its visitors with simple farming lifestyle and environmental conservation. At Happy House, you can enjoy the wonders of nature and the feeling of being lost in the countryside.

They have vegetable gardens, rice paddies, fishponds, lots of trees plus sea views! It is a truly serene spot to bask in nature for a day. 

2. Cavite 

Situated in the Calabarzon region of Luzon, the province of Cavite is a historical gem being the site of the nation’s first declaration of independence. 

Aside from exploring the province’s historical and cultural sites, you can also find Cavite tours that highlight the region’s thriving agri-tourism scene.



Some of the most notable farms in Cavite include:


Coffee farm tour at ECHOfarmsLocated in Amadeo, near the city of Tagaytay, ECHOfarms is an organic and natural farm that grows vegetables, fruits, herbs, and coffee.

You can book a three-hour coffee farm tour that will allow you to taste the different coffee varieties grown on the farm, as well as see how the coffee is processed from plant to bean. During this tour, you will also drop by the Philippine Coffee Board Inc. Technology Center to learn more about local coffee.

Gourmet Farms

Visitors checking the coffee bean plants in Gourmet FarmsPhoto by Gourmet Farms

Gourmet Farms claims to be the first farm to introduce Philippine coffee beans to the rest of the world. On top of coffee, the farm has also found success in producing organic lettuce, herbs, and tea.

Located in Silang, Cavite, it is the perfect tourist destination for coffee lovers and nature enthusiasts. 

Yoki's Farm

Cottages in Yoki's FarmPhoto by Yoki's Farm

The town of Mendez is the home of the 10-hectare Yoki’s Farm, another prestigious farm that Cavite is proud of. 

Yoki’s is the ultimate farm resort. On top of the usual farm tour, it also runs a museum, a zoo, an orchidarium, a hydroponics farm and a farm-to-table restaurant that has an all-day breakfast menu! You can even spend a night or two at one of their onsite guest rooms. 

Nurture Farmacy (Nurture Wellness Village)

Beautiful tents in Nurture FarmacyPhoto by Nurture Farmacy

Nurture Farmacy is no ordinary farm; it is designed to be a complete tourist attraction. 

This farm, which advocates organic farming, is located within Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay. A tour of the Nurture Farmacy teaches you the health benefits that their produce and medicinal plants can provide. 

The Coffee Farmhouse

Facade of the Coffee FarmhousePhoto by The Coffee Farmhouse

You can find The Coffee Farmhouse in Barangay Palumlum, Alfonso, Cavite. This farm is close to Tagaytay and is only about a 2-hour drive from Manila. 

The Coffee Farmhouse runs a coffee tour for visitors and operates its own restaurant and bed-and-breakfast. Other facilities include a swimming pool, basketball courts, bicycle, and scooter rental, and camping grounds. 

Teofely's Nature Farm, Inc

Practice of organic farming in Teofely's Nature FarmPhoto by Teofely's Nature Farm

Teofely's Nature Farm can be found on the outskirts of Silang Municipality. It encompasses 6,600 square meters of land and is a government accredited farm school. 

Teofely is dedicated to practicing organic farming. Aside from growing vegetables, Teofely’s expertise also lies in raising native pigs. 

Terra Verde Ecofarm and Resort

Flowers in Terra Verde Ecofarm and ResortPhoto by Terra Verde Ecofarm and Resort

Terra Verde is located in Cavite’s Maragondon Municipality. Although day visits are possible, it’s better to avail of Terra Verde’s overnight packages to fully enjoy their authentic farm setting. 

The tour package teaches you about how to run a farm while using the best available agricultural practices. You will get to actually do farm chores like feeding the chicken in the morning.

1. Laguna 

Laguna is a prominent province in the Calabarzon region of Luzon island. Because of its proximity to Metro Manila, the province is a favorite domestic tourism destination. 

There are plenty of Laguna tours to natural attractions like lakes, waterfalls and hot springs. But you may want to consider visiting some of Laguna’s premier farms, which have become leading agri-tourism destinations in the country. 



Some of these premier Laguna farms are:

Costales Nature Farms

Beautiful mountain view from Costales Nature FarmsPhoto by Costales Nature Farms

Located at the foothills of Mount Banahaw in Majayjay Municipality,  Costales Nature Farms makes a fantastic agri-tourism destination because it adheres to integrated organic farming that's nature friendly and sustainable.

Currently, the farm offers one-day or two-day tour packages, which include not just the tour but a comprehensive lecture on organic farming. 

Holy Carabao Holistic Farms

Kids during the guided tour in Holy Carabao Holistic FarmsPhoto by Holy Carabao

Holy Carabao is based in Santa Rosa, Laguna, and is quite accessible from Manila.

Holy Carabao is dedicated to producing healthy food fit for Filipino families. The farm’s guided tour highlights its version of holistic farming, which emphasizes organic growing, biodynamic, and permaculture.  

Forest Wood Garden

Situated in Barangay Santa Elena San Pablo City, Forest Wood is one of the most picturesque farms in Laguna. Here you will find an abundance of coconut trees, forest trees, and other fruit trees.  

Forest Wood’s tour showcases their unique farming style and rich forest environment. The farm’s restaurant is a must-try as it serves homegrown specialty root crops such as taro, yellow yam, and cassava.

Gintong Bukid Farm and Leisure

Welcome signage in Gintong BukidPhoto by Gintong Bukid

Gintong Bukid Eco Farm is a premier agri-tourism site found in Nagcarlan, Laguna. 

At Gintong Bukid, you will learn about  “eco-farming”, which is a farming style in unison with nature. This means that the farm shies away from harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizers or genetic modifications. Even the farm animals are being fed with organic produce of the farm. 

Ato Belen’s Farm

Located in San Pablo Laguna, Ato Belen’s Farm is a leading site for diversified and integrated farming in the Philippines. 

A tour of this farm is mainly learning about crop production, organic farming, and animal farming. The farm is also known for its farm operation and management lectures.  

Graco Farms

Baby goats in Graco Farms in LagunaPhoto by Graco Farms

Graco Farms is tucked in the secluded and serene area of Pila, Laguna.  It is mainly a goat farm but has expanded to raising other livestock. 

Some of the activities to be enjoyed at Graco Farms are goat feeding, fishing, and picking organic vegetables. 

Alaminos Goat Farm

Goats roaming freely in Alaminos Goat Farm in LagunaPhoto by Alaminos Goat Farm

This prestigious goat farm is situated in Barangay 2 of Alaminos, Laguna, and specializes in breeding full-blood Boer goats. 

Alaminos Goat Farm welcomes visitors from all over and hopes to share their expertise and experiences in raising highly-priced goats. 

Explore the Farm Tour Destinations of the Philippines

Organic farming in Domingo Permafarms located in RizalPhoto by Domingo Permafarms

There you have it, the 10 best farm tour destinations in the country. These farms have greatly contributed to the improvement of the Philippine agricultural industry. At the same time, they have also developed activities and amenities for outsiders to appreciate agriculture and farm living, while having fun!

Agri-tourism perfectly combines the elements of travel, education, environment conservation, and cultural appreciation. And the Philippines is a prime destination to experience agri-tourism at its best! Check out other reasons why you should visit the Philippines

Check out the farm tours that you can book for your next getaway in the Philippines. 



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