What is the Best Coron Tour to Book? Island Hopping, Diving, Firefly Watching

What is the Best Coron Tour to Book? Island Hopping, Diving, Firefly Watching

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Ditaytayan sandbar and Mt tapyasCoron is a breathtaking beach and diving destination located in Northern Palawan that’s popular for its karst landscapes, pristine lagoons, and thriving marine life. Since it’s home to some of the best beaches in the Philippines, island-hopping is a must-try activity for any traveler visiting this beautiful getaway spot.

By joining a Coron island-hopping tour, you can easily visit the best lagoons and islands in Coron like Malcapuya Island and Kayangan Lake, which are among the top Luzon tourist spots

Along with its white sand beaches, Coron also boasts lush mangrove forests that you can explore on a firefly tour, a wildlife park you can see during a safari tour, and more Palawan tourist spots you can visit on an inland tour. 

Another notable experience that you can try in Coron is shipwreck diving since several supply ships were sunk here during World War II. Nowadays, these wrecks serve as artificial reefs that house a wide array of vibrant sea creatures, making for a unique scene that attracts divers from across the globe. 

While exploring Coron and its surrounding islands is undoubtedly a worthwhile adventure, planning a Coron tour and other Philippine tours is not always the easiest, especially for first-time Philippine visitors on a quick getaway. To make the most of your time on this island province, we’ve listed in this article the best Coron Palawan tours that you can book and add to your itinerary. 

Coron Super Ultimate Island Hopping Tour to Kayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake

Best for: If you want to visit the most popular tourist spots in Coron, Palawan

Attractions Included: Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, Atwayan Beach, Skeleton Wreck diving site, CYC Beach, and Coral Garden

Boats by Kayangan LakeConsidered the most popular tour in Coron, the Coron Super Ultimate Island Hopping Tour will take you to all the best lagoons and beaches in one day. Your first stop will be Kayangan Lake, one of the cleanest and most famous lakes in the Philippines. Then, you'll visit the beautiful Twin Lagoon before continuing onto Barracuda Lake. This lake is a top diving/snorkeling spot and is exclusive to super ultimate tours. 

Barracuda LakeAfterward, you’ll enjoy a seaside lunch at Atwayan Beach before exploring the Skeleton Wreck dive site. You’ll then drop by CYC Beach before wrapping up your day at the vibrant Coral Garden, a popular diving spot home to colorful corals. If you’ve already visited Barracuda Lake, you can instead opt for other Coron Palawan island hopping tours or Kayangan Lake tours, which follow similar stops to a Coron ultimate tour itinerary but without Barracuda Lake. 

Best Coron Malcapuya Island and Best Beaches Tour

Best for: If you want to visit the best beaches in Coron

Attractions Included: Malcapuya Island, Coco Beach, and Ditaytayan Sandbar

Malcapuya IslandIf you want to lounge on the best shores in Coron, then the Malcapuya Island & Beaches Tour will be a perfect addition to your Coron day tour itinerary. For this tour, you'll start your day on the powdery white sand beach of Malcapuya Island, one of the best islands in the Philippines

Along with laying under the palm trees, you can also swim and snorkel in the pristine waters just off the shore. 

Ditaytayan SandbarFrom there, you'll travel to Coco Beach on Bulalacao Island, where you'll find a tranquil hideaway ideal for a lazy day under the sun. As the day ends, you'll stop by the Ditaytayan Sandbar. Stroll on the spotless stretch of white sand and wade into the cool waters before heading back to the mainland. 

Coron Town Tour to Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit Hot Spring

Best for: If you want to see the best sunset view in Coron and relax at a hot spring

Attractions Included: Maquinit Hotspring, Mt. Tapyas View Deck, Souvenir Shop, Lualhati Park, St. Augustine Church, Cashew Nuts Factory

Mt. TapyasAnother way to explore Coron, one of the best places to visit in the Philippines, is by going on a Top Coron Land Attractions Private Afternoon Tour. For this trip, you'll begin at Lualhati Park, a popular recreational area for biking and running. Feel free to relax in the park before visiting the souvenir shop for local handicrafts and delicacies. Next, you'll drop by the St. Augustine Church, a religious site holding regular masses. 

Tourists in the Maquinit Hot SpringPhoto by the Department of Tourism

Following your time there, you'll start making your way up to the Mt. Tapyas View Deck. To get there, you'll have to trek up 700 steps but will be rewarded with a stunning view of Coron's town proper with a stunning sunset view on a clear day. Next, you'll head to the Maquinit Hot Spring for a relaxing dip before visiting the last stop of your Coron town tour itinerary, the Cashew Nuts Factory, where you can buy delicious cashew snacks that Coron is known for. 

Coron Firefly Watching Tour

Best for: If you want a magical experience in Coron

Attractions Included: Mangrove forest

Fireflies around a riversideWhen looking for unique things to do in Coron, Palawan, going on a firefly-watching tour is a must-try. When you include this walking tour in your Palawan itinerary, you'll head to Kingfisher Park, an area that is home to different kinds of birds and a mangrove forest.

A guide will lead you through the mangrove forest and point out the best spots to see these majestic creatures. Keep your eyes peeled to spot the fireflies around you. Make sure to keep your camera's flash off to avoid disturbing the fireflies.

You can also make small ripples in the water and watch as bioluminescent plankton light up the surface. With its almost magic-like appeal, firefly tours are a perfect addition to vacation packages for couples craving a romantic getaway. 

Coron Shipwreck Diving and Snorkeling Tours

Best for: Certified divers and snorkeling enthusiasts who want to see World War II shipwrecks

Attractions Included: Pass Island, Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck, and Lusong Coral Garden 

Lusong Gunboat ShipwreckIf you’re looking for a unique diving adventure, consider going on a Coron shipwreck snorkeling tour as the surrounding waters are home to a handful of World War II shipwrecks that have become coral reefs teeming with fish. After your boat leaves the shore, you'll set course for Pass Island. This islet boasts a spotless white sand beach, towering coconut trees, and shallow clear waters perfect for snorkeling. 

Coron Pass IslandFrom there, you'll go to the Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck, one of the best Coron wreck diving spots. Since it now serves as an artificial reef, you'll find several kinds of colorful fish here. Then for the last stop of the day, you'll find yourself in the Lusong Coral Garden, another staple in most Coron diving packages. As its name suggests, this spot features different types of coral that house a wide array of sea critters like clownfish and pufferfish. 

Busuanga Black Island Tour from Coron

Best for: If you want to explore more tourist spots beyond Coron Town

Attractions Included: Black Island, Salvacion Town and Concepcion Falls

Black IslandFor a change of scenery during your time in Coron, you can go on a Busuanga Black Island Tour to discover more attractions outside of the town proper. Black Island, also known as Malujon Island, is named for its imposing black limestone cliffs. On the island, you can relax on the sandy beach and swim in the cool waters. More curious travelers can also explore the nearby caves. 

Concepcion FallsAfter your time on the island, you'll head back to the mainland for a picnic lunch in Salvacion Town before stopping by its popular attractions. You will then end this Coron day tour at Concepcion Falls, which offers a majestic view that you can enjoy while taking a dip in the refreshing waters. 

Busuanga Calauit Safari Park Tour 

Best for: If you want to see giraffes and other safari animals when in Coron

Attractions Included: Calauit Game Preserve & Wildlife Sanctuary, Ocam-Ocam Beach, Malbato Church

Calauit SafariAnother popular activity to do when in Coron is going on a Busuanga Calauit Safari Park Tour, where you'll get to see giraffes, zebras, and more. Among the most notable species you can find here are the Somali giraffe and the Calamian deer, which have grown from a population of 25 to around 1,200. 

After your time in the park, you'll visit Ocam-Ocam Beach where you can enjoy a seaside lunch before continuing onto Salvacion Town for more sightseeing and shopping. The tour will then conclude with a stop at the iconic Malbato Church. This decades-old structure sits atop a hill and offers a scenic view of the surrounding areas, including Coron Bay. 

Discover the magic of Coron through these tours

Barracuda LakeHome to a vibrant array of natural and cultural attractions, Coron remains one of the top reasons why you should visit the Philippines. Whether you want to spend a day unwinding on some of the best beaches in Palawan, diving into shipwreck sites and colorful reefs, or watching fireflies dance around you, there’s a Coron Palawan tour that’s perfect for you. In between visiting various tourist spots, you can also head into the town proper to dine at top Coron restaurants and more.

If you want to make the most of your trip, check out our Palawan travel guide, where you can find useful information like where to stay in Coron, how to go to Coron and even the differences between Coron vs El Nido. You can also read our Philippine travel guide to help you plan your best Philippine itinerary, find the best all-inclusive Philippine vacation packages

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