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APEC Villas

Described as an “ambitious housing project”, APEC Villas is a complex composed of 21 Mediterranean-styled villas and a clubhouse built by the government under President Fidel Ramos’ administration to house Asia-Pacific government leaders during the 8th APEC Summit in the Philippines. Currently, all the villas are fully functional, with some of them privately owned, while the rest are under the management of Triboa Bay country club, available for lease for a steep price. APEC Villas are in a secluded cove called Triboa Bay, in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales. 


The first APEC Summit in the Philippines

In November 1996, 18 Asia-Pacific government leaders arrived in the country for the annual economic Summit, with Philippines as the event’s host for the first time. Some of these leaders were US President Bill Clinton, Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Brunei Sulltan Hassanal Bolkiah, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Moahamad, and Indonesian President Suharto, among others.  To prepare for this, the Ramos administration authorized the construction of 21 villas to house the 18 guests, each house boasting two stories, tile roofs, expansive bedrooms, and large balconies with their own sea views. It’s said that each house cost between $1 million and $2 million, yet the leaders only managed to stay there for less than 12 hours throughout the duration of the summit.

Unfortunately, the clubhouse of the Villa complex was engulfed in a recent fire last November 2018, but the rest of the villas are intact and ready for guests who wish to stay a night or two.