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Bat Kingdom

Also known as the Cubi Bat Kingdom, this protected area is a large rainforest that serves as home to a diverse community of bats, including fruit bats, bamboo bats, golden crowned flying-foxes (known to be the biggest bats in the world), and lesser flat-headed bats (which are the smallest bats in the Philippines). In the mornings, visitors will be able to spot these nocturnal creatures hanging upside down from tree branches as they sleep. The colonies of are so large that some trees seem to be covered completely by bats in the daytime. 

The Subic Bat Kingdom is situated in Cubi Point Triboa, which was originally a fishing village turned US Naval Air Station during the US-Korean war. Now, it is known as the Subic Bay International Airport, with nearby tourist destinations such as Subic Bay Freeport Zone, National Museum of Naval Aviation, and the Cubi Bar Café.


Best time to visit

It's best to schedule a trip to the Bat Kingdom in the dry season (December to May), as the bats are more active when there is no rainfall. 

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