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Apid Island

Apid Island in Leyte

Apid Island, a fishing village, is part of the Cuatro Islas, a group of four islands just off the coast of the municipalities of Inopacan and Hindang in the southwestern section of the province of Leyte. It is one of the inhabited islands and is the most populated. Apid Island is also the second-largest among the four – the three other islands being called Digyo, Mahaba, and Himokilan.

Aside from being the most populated, this island is known for its mat weaving community. Those who will visit the place would find several women creating mats under the warm shade of breadfruit trees. There are also remarkable giant jars that are found in almost every house in the village. These jars serve as rainwater catchment devices.


What to Do

Like the neighboring islands, Apid Island also boasts of a crystal clear turquoise water and a far extent of shoreline carpeted with fine white sand. Besides typical beach activities, tourists can also join the island’s nature trekking, where they get to climb to the topmost part of the island.

Other than that, homestay and camping are also allowed in Apid. Tourists can take any household as their refuge overnight, or they can pitch a tent on the shore. What’s more interesting about the island is that guests can have social interaction with the locals and learn about their way of life, which includes pandan stripping, handicraft making, and mat weaving.


Nearby Attractions

Just a boat-ride away from Apid Island are other famous tourist spots. Himokilan Island is the largest among the Cuatro Islas, having a total area of around 48 hectares. Mahaba Island comes after Apid Island in terms of length and features rocky and hilly terrain, while Digyo Island is the smallest and is dubbed to be Inopacan’s little “Boracay.”