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Information about Mahaba Island

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Mahaba Island, Philippines
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Mahaba Island

Mahaba Island in Leyte

Mahaba Island is one of the landmasses that make up the Cuatro Islas found in the towns of Inopacan and Hindang, in the province of Leyte. Its neighboring three islands are Apid, Digyo, and Himokilan. This tourist attraction can be reached via the municipality of Inocapan and is included in the island hopping itineraries offered by the town.



From the name itself, Mahaba Island is elongated and comes third in being the largest in the group. Similar to its nearby island, Mahaba Island boasts of its glass-like and pristine water, sugar-like white sand, and extensive wealth of marine ecosystem. Being undeveloped, the site also offers a serene environment. Because of this, Mahaba Island is fast becoming one of the most go-to tourist spots in the region.

The island is partly inhabited, with a small village on the northwest side, and the rest covered with lush greeneries. Found on the northern and eastern parts of the place are majestic white-sand shorelines, which all differ in length. Travelers can also see striking rock formations on the easterly section, as well as a long sandbar that parallels the beach.


What to Do

As mentioned, Mahaba Island is surrounded by crystalline water where visitors enjoy swimming and snorkeling all day long. There is a coral reef just meters away from the coast that offers snorkeling enthusiasts with an abundant display of various sea creatures that come in all colors and sizes.

With plenty of lovely shades provided by the trees, the island is also a perfect place to relax. In addition to that, since Mahaba Island pride itself on its long stretch of white sand, it becomes ideal for beach bumming. The rock formations on the island also make for a remarkable backdrop for photo-ops.