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Information about Digyo Island

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Digyo Island, Inopacan, Leyte, Philippines
Distance From City Center
6.1 km
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Digyo Island

Digyo Island in Leyte

Digyo Island, which can be found off the shore of the municipality of Inopacan, is the smallest among the four gems that make up Cuatro Islas of Leyte. It is one of the islands that boasts of its spacious camping sites.



Digyo Island may be the smallest, but it features plenty of sights and activities for the tourists. Its coast is carpeted with white sugary sands, hence dubbing the place as Inopacan’s “Little Boracay,” but without commercialism. Two sandbars are extending from the island, one from the north end and the other from the south. These sandbars make an excellent spot for photo-ops and relaxation.

Moreover, the island is lavish with soaring palm trees that provide cool shades to hundreds of locals and tourists stopping by the place or staying overnight. Set up beside the trees are cottages for rent. Visitors get to choose whether they would take the closed or open-air shelter.

What sets Digyo Island apart from the other three is its crystal clear blue water. It is so clear that one can actually see the ocean floor several meters down from the boat, and even see your own feet and body underwater while taking a swim.


What to See and Do

Aside from the cottages, one may also see comfort rooms, souvenir shops, and sari-sari stores erected on the island. There are also tables and chairs available for the guests for an extra fee. The island even has rentals for portable or camping tents.

With the glass-like water surrounding the island, travelers mostly enjoy swimming here. Other activities offered in Digyo are boating and kayaking, as well as snorkeling and diving. Just meters away from the island is a thriving coral reef with an abundant marine life, where tourists can enjoy watching the sea creatures behind the clear waters.