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Information about Babu Santa Beach Resort

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Babu Santa Beach Resort, Davao City, Davao del Norte, Philippines
Distance From City Center
9.1 km
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Babu Santa Beach Resort 

The island is in the southern tip of Samal. It is called the island of Talicud. Talicud is because of its position. It is rich in a way that photographers can definitely capture the riches through their eyes, so that divers can even immerse themselves in the attractive corals under the water.

The island can be reached from Sta by boat. Ana pier in the city of Davao. The trip lasts an hour and any boat from the jetty has a planned route. Currently every hour and a half it exits the pier. If you intend to visit Talicud Island, you should review the timetable so that you won't be left out. You will take a tricycle from Talikud proper to the Babu Santa Beach Resort on the Roller Coaster from there.

Usually Babu Santa Beach Resort is a stop for lunch or just to do something. Some divers claim this is a perfect pause for a lunchtime heavy meal. The white sand reef beach, especially at noontime, has crystal clear waters. The beach has the remains of a jetty ruined by a tempest. And these remains are called the ideal location for the photographer for his classical photograph. Babu Santa may sound common, but this is an excellent location for swimmers and divers. A decent spot indeed for surfers.




It is situated at the tip of the island so that there is something perfect on both sides of the resort. Going farther to the left, you can see the local people's home and some rugged ground. Palm trees near the coast and coastal waters are on the other side. It provides a rugged view on this side of the resort for a good picturesque one.

The plenty of aquatic life is to be seen by divers from the stunning natural scenery of the resort into the reef garden. One thing the visitors will love at this resort is its clear, sparkling clear water where only corals can be seen without glasses and other snorkeling tools. So I suggest you're going to save thousands and simply enjoy sea life with your naked eye.