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Information about Bani Hot Spring

Bani Hot Spring 


Bani Hot Spring in Abra is ideal for swimmers who enjoy bathing in both hot and cold water. Aside from its hot spring, the area provides a vivid mountain travel experience with a winding road cruise alongside and between mountain ranges.

The location is ideal for swimmers. The thermal waters flow directly into a river with cold, clear water. As a result, the location allows for both cold and warm baths. Furthermore, the area provides a memorable experience of surrounding mountain views. Mt. Poswey can even be seen from here.


How to get there

Bani, Boliney, Abra is the location of the Boliney Bani Hot Spring. It is accessible by jeepney after a 32-kilometer dirt road journey.


Best time to visit

This tourist attraction in Abra is open to the public daily.


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