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Information about Manila American Cemetery

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Manila, American Cemetery & Memorial, Taguig City, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
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The Manila American Cemetery

The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial in the Philippines is spread across 152 acres on a notable hill that can be seen from the east, south, and west. It has the most graves of our World War II military dead, a record of 17,184, the bulk of which died in operations in New Guinea and the Philippines. The headstones are aligned in 11 plots, creating a broadly circular pattern, and are placed among masses of a diverse range of tropical trees and shrubbery.

The chapel, a white masonry structure decorated with sculpture and mosaic, is situated near the cemetery's center. Two big hemicycles stand in front of it on a wide terrace. Twenty-five mosaic maps celebrate the contributions of the United States armed forces in the Pacific, China, Burma, and India. The Tablets of the Missing, which feature 36,286 names, are engraved on rectangular Trani limestone piers inside the hemicycles. Rosettes identify the names of those that have since been found and identified. The seals of the United States and its possessions are carved into the boards. Images of the lowlands, Laguna de Bay, and the remote mountains can be seen from the monument and other points inside the cemetery.


How to get there

Aside from riding public transportation like bus or jeepney, you can join a guided tour or rent a private car and travel via Epifano de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) to McKinley Road.


Best time to visit

You can visit anytime of day.

Frequently asked questions

What do you need in order to get inside Manila American Cemetery?

You will need to present a valid identification card before entering the premises.

I'm interested in visiting, is it possible for me to get there for free?

Yes, there is no entrance fee to Manila American Cemetery.