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Information about Basco Lighthouse

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Cultural attractions
Basco Lighthouse, Basco, Batanes, Philippines
Distance From City Center
0.5 km
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20 m
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Basco Lighthouse

Basco Lighthouse is one of the three lighthouses suggested as not only functioning lighthouses, but also tourism destinations by former congressman Florencio Abad of Batanes. In Sabtang and Mahatao are the two others. In 2003, the first building of the Basco was finished.

The selected location has been the building of Basco's first lighthouse. It was also the location of the American telegraph installations connecting Batanes to the central state until the bombings by the Japanese Imperial Army in WWII were destroyed. Some of the buildings survived, others were converted into enterprises such as a cafe – a fact that became popular with the area as a result of the lighthouse.

In 2003 Basco Lighthouse was completed on location next to Japanese troops' old American telegraph facility during the Second World War. The building is 20 meters high and comprises six stories, the five gallery gives tourists a spectacular view of the West Philippine Sea, Mt Iraya and Basco town Proper. The building has 6 levels. The breeze here blows violently, the green scenery relax and you wonder how such a small country can have a breathtaking beauty — beauty you can not hesitate to capture on camera. In this place there is an infinite mountain range.