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Information about Valugan Boulder Beach

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Valugan Boulder Beach, Contra Costa Road, Basco, Batanes, Philippines
Distance From City Center
2.3 km
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Valugan Boulder Beach

Valugan Boulder Beach offers a singular section of rocks and small, reddish stones which possibly originated from the nearest volcano, Mt. Iraya, although there is no sandy beach with fine white. In the mother tongue Ivatan of Batanes, Valugan means "east." The humiliating Pacific Ocean faces Valugan Boulder Beach. Also visible from the top of the Rolling Hills is the long stretch of Valugano Boulder Beach.
The output of a rock balance is carried out in the front of the photo by visitors and local people on the beach. One of the many cliffs and green landscapes in North Batan is visible in the background.

How do I go?
The two airlines operating in Basco, Batanes, are PAL Express, formerly Air Philippines, and SkyJet. You can ask one of the travel agencies to tour in North Batan at the compound of the Basco airport.

It takes you at least 35 minutes to walk from the town to the entrance. Vehicle: at least 8 minutes is going to take you. Bicycle: at least 15 minutes will be necessary for you. Please note that not many public vehicles are available on the island. Local people usually use their motorcycles, bikes, tricycles or walk to every destination. Swimming isn't encouraged, but you can just quickly dip your feet if you really like to experience the ocean. There is no shade to hide from the sun, so wear sunblock, wear sunglasses, bring a jacket, not an umbrella because it is windy. The umbrella will just be broken by the winds.

Geological research
There are plenty of boulders with different sizes, and colors on the beach. As mentioned in the sign, the beach has been a subject of a number of award-winning national photography contests. There is no white sand here. Instead, countless boulders fill Valugan Beach, creating an incredible landscape framed by almost vertical cliffs and rolling hills.
The boulders here were coughed out from the guts of by Mt. Iraya, a nearby active volcano. What used to be rough andesite rocks were slowly polished by the tides and the restless waves over. From the beach, only the loud whistling of the wind and constant rumbling of the Pacific can be heard as the waves come slapping the shore with such forceful passion. Surprisingly, the beach makes for a relaxing setting especially during sunrise. Valugan means “east” in the Ivatan language.