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Information about Naidi Hills

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Tourist Attraction
Naidi Hills, Basco, Batanes, Philippines
Distance From City Center
0.6 km
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Naidi Hills

This site is one of the most picturesque sites in Batan Island, where the first Batanes lighthouse has been constructed.

A unique view over Baluarte Bay, Basco City, Mount Iraya and the rolling hills on Batan Island, Naidi offers an unparalleled panorama. On a clear day, the entire of Batanes and the Islets beyond Itbayat can be seen from end to end.

Naidi is a former site from the word "na" in Ivatan that means "past" and "Idi," meaning "settlement" or "community."

When Batanes joined the Central Government of Manila in the American era, it was once the site of the largest wireless communication facility in the world before it came to an end with the Japanese imperial air force assault at the beginning of World War II.

The hills in San Antonio offer one of the best places to see the scenic Basco sunset, only a short trek northwest from Basco.

The only remaining lighthouse constructed on government-owned ground is Naidi Lighthouse. On a private property, much of the Lighthouse was constructed.

The new 6-story, 66 ft., is now on the hill. Large conical Basque Leighthouse, one of three lighthouses suggested by former Congressman Florencio 'Lighthouse' (also named Naidi Leighthouse), Abad. It was built in 2003 and is situated on the same site on the first lighthouse of Basco, a couple of meters far from Radyo ng Bayan Station. On the fifth floor there is a view deck. In addition there is an Ivatan stone building built of native materials and mainly vernacular architecture. The hill also houses livestock.