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Information about Bird Feeding Dome

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Bird Feeding Dome, Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines
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Bird Feeding Dome

Bird Feeding Dome is in Malagos Garden Resort. This garden tour is one of the most famous tourist spots because it is a one-stop destination where you can appreciate wildlife while at the same moment finding consolation in the place's serenity. Malagos Garden Resort is encircled by a beautiful, decorative scenery of forests and wildlife species, genuinely the best sanctuary. Here you can find bird species you can eat with your own two fingers as you communicate carefully at the bird feeding tower. Get the opportunity to pet pets in their petting zoo, discover butterfly habits in the butterfly sanctuary, or just perform outdoor activities ideal for children and children at core.



Just an hour commute or ride from the town, Malagos Garden Resort lies at the foot of the Mount Apo. With the idea of "Park Science," Malagos offers 23 places and 18 fun events that will surely render your tour worthwhile.


Other Activities

Besides the cat exhibit as an attraction and wildlife gathering show, Malagos Garden Resort is known for its chocolate museum, tree garden and fish pool. There is also a bee nesting house, butterfly sanctuary and museum, avant-garde adventure playground, fun park and sunset theatre. If you want to stay closer, Malagos also has flats and villas where you can stay.