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Information about Museo de Mariposa

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Museo de Mariposa, Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines
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Museo de Mariposa

The Museum of Mariposa is a component of the Museum of Malagos Garden. Enter the Museo de Mariposa and get an understanding of the environmental achievements of the world's black gems. Learn about metamorphosis research and lengthy records of the importance of the moth genus.


About the Species

Butterflies are regarded by many as the most interesting and beautiful insects. Many people look at butterflies and collect them as a hobby. One of the most unique characteristics of butterflies is their colorful, bright wings with number of different patterns. There seem to be approximately 18,000 butterfly species. They live in all types of habitats, including prairies, forests and the Arctic tundra, throughout the world. Butterflies are going through a cycle of life. A butterfly has four life cycle stages. Every stage is different. It's different. Each stage has a different objective, too. An adult butterfly is termed metamorphosis. The process of the life cycle can take one month to one year. It depends on the butterfly type.


About the Garden Resort

Malagos Garden Resort is one of Davao City's most popular destinations. In the cool mountains of Barangay Málagos, Calinan, Davao City is this paradise quietly located, in a 12 hectare natural theme garden of towering forest trees and pine trees, amongst the city's rich flora and fauna. It consists of a landscaped garden with a range of tropical plants, centuries-old Durian and other fruit-bearing trees, rare orchids, palms and other native ornamental plants, a Bird Park, a Butterfly Shrine, and a variety of other animals.