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Information about Chocolate Museum

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Malagos chocolate Museum, Calinan - Baguio Rd, Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines
Opening Hours
06:00 - 16:00
Distance From City Center
0.8 km
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Malagos Chocolate Museum

The Malagos Chocolate Museum is the first interactive museum of the Philippines. It focuses on anything about cacao and chocolates, and is considered as the heaven of every chocolate lover. The chocolates produced by Malagos have been internationally recognized. It was the 2016 Great Taste Competition's two-star winner. It also received a sliver at the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards in London in April 2016 for Best Unflavored Drinking Chocolate.


What To See

The museum presents the three hop-on experience of chocolate, including cacao cultivation as well as chocolate art and science. Malagos chocolate produces 12 tons of chocolates a month, but they also hope to increase their production as demand increases.

Malagos Garden Resort has 24 hectares of rehabilitated 50-year-old cacao trees that are the source of cacao beans used to make sweets. Located within Davao City's Malagos Garden Resort, the museum offers "The Tree to Bar Experience" and is split into various interactive parts. First off, on the Puentespina Cacao Farm, you can first-handedly witness the journey of the hard-working cacao farmers. Then, through infographics and AVPs, the museum section will fill you with the wonders of cacao— its history, different types, and how it is made. With its interactive displays, the museum itself is IG-worthy. There is also a children's zone where children with Beanie, their mascot, can play the chocolate way.

It's a must to enjoy all kinds of Malagos Chocolate foods and drinks, including homemade ice cream, ensaymada, hot chocolate, in the in-house chocolate bar. Moreover, at the Malagos Chocolate Lab, you can also create your own unique chocolate bar. Have a glimpse of the chocolatier experience and experiment with different chocolate molds, toppings, and spices.

With the country’s first ever Chocolate Museum, you can fulfill your sweet tooth’s cravings. The interactive experience will allow you to learn more about the ins and outs of the country’s cacao industry.