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Information about Children's Island

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Children's Island, Alaminos, Philippines
Distance From City Center
4.6 km
Family Friendly
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Children’s Island

Children’s Island is one of the 124 islands that lie within the confines of Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. The island is called as such because of its kid-friendly beach. The coast is covered with powdery sand, unlike the other islands that have rocky shorelines. Also, the water here is calm and shallow, which is suitable for the kids.

This island is considered as the kiddie version of another island in the park, the Quezon’s Island, because of the kid-friendly activities offered here. Its beachfront is kiddie size itself. It is very small that it can only accommodate a few people. 

On one part of the island, solid and sturdy-looking rock formations can be found. There are also several lofty parts with pathways and rock ladders that have wooden fences, looking like terraces where visitors get to see the overlooking view of the seascape. 


Facilities and Activities

As the name of the island suggests, this is where tourists with kids usually spend their time in the park. The waters are safe for kids to enjoy. You can also go on kayaking with them. Some kayaks here have special compartments for kids.

For the accommodations, there are huts and tents available on the island. Wooden cottages are also available for rent, complete with beddings, cooking equipment, and own comfort rooms. There are cooking and dining areas here as well. Visitors can also rent a floating picnic shed for more private gatherings. Tents are also available for use for overnight campers. 

Not far from Children’s Island is another island that can be accessed on foot by adults only. The water is too shallow that you can reach the nearby land safely even at high tide. It is advised to wear sandals or slippers when crossing as there are sharp rocks around the area.