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Virgin Island

Virgin Island is one of the 124 islands in the Hundred Islands National Park. The park is located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan and probably the most visited tourist spot in the province. The island was named as such because it was once unspoiled and was previously dominated by sea snakes but are no longer found in the island.

According to some locals, the island’s name came from the virgins taken to the island to be sacrificed during the Hispanic period. The story remains a mystery, and nobody knows the reason the women have to do it and who made them do it.

The island is connected to one of the major islands in the national park, the Governor’s Island, by a 120-meter vibrant orange pontoon bridge and a 546-meter zip line that visitors can ride to get from one island to the other. Visitors can take the bridge at the back of Governor’s Island only during low tide.

A sandbar also links the two islands, although the waves can be pretty much strong at noontime, and the water rises slightly above the knee. It is recommended to wear aqua shoes when walking on the sandbar as sharp corals and rocks are lying on some parts of the seabed.


What to See and Do

At the Virgin Island, a long path by the side of the narrow shoreline leads to the edge where a little cave can be found. Inside it is a statue of a mermaid named Cyril, which was commissioned by the town’s mayor, Arthur Celeste. In the outer end of the cave is a little rocky area where the waves crashed ashore.

There is a guest house in the area to accommodate visitors who would stay for the night. There also island hopping tours that offer to take the visitors to the four developed islands of the national park namely Governors Island, Quezon Island, Marcos Island, and Children’s Island.