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Virgin Island

Virgin Island is one of the 124 islands in the Hundred Islands National Park. The park is located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan,and is probably the most visited tourist spot in the province. The island was named such because it was once unspoiled.

But some locals say the island’s name came from the virgins taken to the island to be sacrificed during the Hispanic period. The story remains a mystery; nobody knows why the women have to do it and who made them do it.

The island is connected to one of the major islands in the national park, Governor’s Island, by a 120-meter pontoon bridge and a 546-meter zip line that visitors can ride to get from one island to the other. Visitors can take the bridge at the back of Governor’s Island only during low tide.

A sandbar also links the two islands, although the waves can be pretty strong at noontime, and the waters rise slightly above the knee. It is recommended to wear aqua shoes when walking on the sandbar as sharp corals and rocks are scattered on some parts of the seabed.

Tickets and entry

You need to pay several fees before you can enter the Hundred Islands National Park. If you are just going for a day tour, you need to pay an environmental fee of PhP60, an entrance fee of PhP30, and an insurance fee of PhP10, for a total of PhP100. Those who want to stay overnight will need to pay a bit more, as their environmental fee is PhP120.

There is also a PhP200 deposit that you need to pay when you register at the tourism office. This is for the local government’s  “Basura mo, iuwi mo” (Bring your own trash home) policy. You will be given a trash bag that you can use during your visit to the park. When you return with your trash bag filled with litter, your deposit will be returned to you.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is during the dry months of November to May. Not only will you have a higher chance of clear weather during these months, but you’ll also have safer boat travels. 

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