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Information about Quezon Island

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Quezon Island, Alaminos, Philippines
Distance From City Center
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Quezon Island

Quezon Island is one of the mushroom-like green islands in Hundred Island National Park of Alaminos City, Pangasinan and is considered as the most visited island in the area. It is also the most developed and is the park’s activity center as it is the only place that offers a wide variety of activities to its guests. Visitors can choose from different water sports and dry adventures on land. 

Three islets make up Quezon Island. On January 18, 1940, the group of islands composing the Hundred Islands was declared as the first National Park in the Philippines by former President Manuel L. Quezon. One of the biggest among these islands, the Quezon Island, was named after the former president.


What to See and Do

Upon reaching Quezon Island, a statue of former Philippine President Quezon welcomes all its guests. As this is the most developed among the islands, several facilities and accommodations can be seen dotting its sandy beach. Some cottages and rooms can be rented where visitors can rest or stay overnight. Picnic tables are also available for rent. There are also comfort rooms and showers in the area.

Moreover, there are dining and grilling areas where tourists can prepare and enjoy their food. There are even stores that offer snacks and meals to visitors. On top of that, there is a two-floor restaurant located at the site.

Apart from swimming, kayaking is offered in the place too. There are plenty of kayaks up for rent. You can also try activities such as banana boat ride, speed boating, and jet skiing. Another must-try activity is snorkeling as the waters surrounding the island is abundant in a wide variety of marine life including parrotfishes, butterfly and angelfishes, and Moorish idols. The national park is also home to giant clams.

Furthermore, there are facilities for Frisbee, volleyball, and zip line available for rent. The zip line extends from one end of the island to another.