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Information about Damires Hills Tierra Verde

380 Google reviews
Point Of Interest
Damires Hills Tierra Verde Farm Resort, Janiuay, Iloilo, Philippines
Opening Hours
Monday: Open 24 hours; Tuesday: Open 24 hours; Wednesday: Open 24 hours; Thursday: Open 24 hours; Friday: Open 24 hours; Saturday: Open 24 hours; Sunday: Open 24 hours
Distance From City Center
2.3 km
Family Friendly
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Damires Hills Tierra Verde

Damires Hills Tierra Verde in Iloilo

Located in the middle of Iloilo is an inland resort called Damires Hills Tierra Verde. The place is approximately 40 hectares and is filled with so much greenery, relaxing landscapes and cozy cottages. Before it was opened to the public in 2010, the resort used to be a farm land of fruit-bearing trees and sugar cane. Being relatively new as an attraction in Iloilo, it has captured the hearts of local families, nature lovers and different kinds of group visitors.


Escape from the City

Damires Hills Tierra Verde is a true escape from the hustle and bustle of Iloilo City. The attractions inside the resort include the breathtaking views of lush vegetation and nature-related physical activities. These include canopy walk, hanging bridge, hiking trails, ATV adventure ride, zipline and trampoline are perfect for adventure seekers.

There are also a few obstacle courses for team building. The newly developed swimming pool will definitely be enjoyed by both the kids and parents. The rest of the sights inside Damian Hills Tierra Verde screams Pinoy – from the restaurant (Norma’s Café) that offers Filipino comfort food and local delicacies to the hotel rooms which are designed with the regular Pinoy bungalow in mind to the artsy cottages inspired by local cogons (kubo).


Aquaponics and Organic Farm

Iloilo, as a province, has been known to support organic local farming. Damires Hills Tierra Verde’s addition to this initiative is their Aquaponics and Organic Farm. All of the plants, fruits and vegetables are grown using aquaponics.

It is a method where the processes of aquaculture and hydroponics is combined. The crops yielded from their farm are used to supply restaurants and other resorts in Iloilo. This part of Damires Hills is also open for educational tours where visitors and guests may learn the whole process of aquaponics and may better appreciate organic farming.