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Information about Garlic Farmer's Monument

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Garlic Farmer's Monument

The monument is a sculpture in the town of Pinili, Ilocos to commemorate its hard-working farmers. A family of five, pulling a carabao-drawn carriage locally known as a karison made of bamboo loaded with baskets of native garlic, was immortalized. In November 2015, the provincial government's pledge to improve the production and development of Ilocos Norte's agriculture sector was strengthened with the announcement of its flagship program "Paspas Dur-as Biag ti Away! "(Rapid rural development). Then the PAO performed three-day agricultural training on commodity production and sound business practices. Aside from improving the agricultural economy, bawang was also at the heart of recent tourist attractions such as the Darat Garlic Heart and Pinili's Garlic Farmers Monument.

Gamayo is a national heritage artist recognized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. She attended the function with her trademark logo fabric abel confidently worn as the official uniform of the city officials. Following the dedication of the Farmers' Memorial, the official opening of the Pinili Tourist Center is only a few meters from the memorial location.


How to get there

Once you arrive in Ilocos Norte, ride a tricycle or jeepney going to Pinili. Tell the driver to drop you off at the Garlic Farmer's Monument.


Best time to visit

This is an all-year-round destination that can be visited anytime of day.