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Information about Kap Esing's Pancit Molo

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Kap Esing's Pancit Molo, Barangay South San Jose, Molo, Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines
Opening Hours
08:00 - 18:00
Distance From City Center
0.8 km
High Season
Family Friendly
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Kap Esing's Pancit Molo 

Kap Esing's Pancit Molo in Iloilo

Whether your looking for a hearty dish during rainy days or just craving for a comfort food, satisfy your Filipino soup cravings with a heart warming and aromatic molo soup at Kap Esing’s. 

Kap Esing is synonymous to the famous Pancit Molo soup popular in Iloilo. And the best way to experience the iconic bowl of the mouthwatering Ilonggo dish is at their homey and cozy compound situated at Brgy. San Jose, Molo in Iloilo City. In the past, Molo is known for being a place of trade between the Ilonggos and Chinese because of its commercial port in the area. Times passed by, Chinese communities decided to settled in this part of Western Visayas thus influencing the tradition and culture of Ilonggo’s way of living. 

Inspired by the Chinese dish made from wonton soup, Kapitan Esing Villanueva concocted his own version that is being enjoyed by locals and tourists across the country. Although he is no longer a kapitan of his barangay, he’s still being acknowledged as Kap Esing accompanied by the pride of Iloilo - Kap Esing’s Pancit Molo. 

Their Pancit Molo is a local wonton soup dish made from ground pork dumplings and shrimp dumplings filled inside a wonton wrapper, with shredded chicken swimming in a hot and savory chicken broth seasoned with black pepper and spring onions, and topped with fried garlic. Known for its big serving and burst of flavors, Kap Esing’s Pancit Molo offers a heartwarming and homemade taste in every sip of its soup and bite of the wonton noodles. It has the silkiest and thinnest molo wrapper that perfectly melts in your mouth, and an explosion of flavors once you taste the rich pork, chicken, and shrimp filling. This Ilonggo dish is not complete without the comforting taste of the hot and hearty flavor of their special broth. 

Aside from their pancit molo soup, other must tries are their fresh lumpiang ubod and sweet potato empanada. You can also witness how they make and prepare their own wonton wrappers when you dine in their restaurant.