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Information about Lusong Coral Garden

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Lusong Coral Garden, Philippines, Palawan, Coron
Distance From City Center
8.8 km
High Season
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Lusong Coral Garden

Lusong coral garden in Coron Palawan

Lusong Coral Garden, the vast coral garden beneath Lusong Island in southwestern Coron, Palawan province offers crystal-clear water and great visibility. This is thanks to a strong current that moves constantly, benefitting both the corals and the visitors.

Firstly, the current brings in a fresh supply of nutrient-rich water that nurtures the many coral and fish species. Then for snorkelers and divers, it pushes you along the shelf that you can simply drift along without having to kick your fins.

The aquatic area is so large that local guides allow divers and snorkelers to spread out to the different areas of the reef system. In fact, boats would typically drop off passengers on one end of the reef then move to the other, waiting for drifting tourists to gather.

The reef top at 4 m already boasts densely packed soft, stony, and leathery corals, including gorgonian sea fans and large Acropora table corals. The drop-off reaches at least 40 m. 

It is often remarked that the corals here outnumber the fish. Even so, there are lots of small reef fish to see: clownfish, anemones, puffer fish, and blue or grey Linckia sea stars among a rich variety of corals, including stinging hydroids and Dendronephthya “soft tree” corals. Coron guides would frequently assert that Lusong Coral Garden is the best snorkeling site in the Calamianes archipelago.   

Around the corner of the island is a WWII gunboat shipwreck that itself is a fantastic diving and snorkeling site. Encrusted in corals and barnacles, the whole length of the ship is readily visible from the water surface that its sheer size weakens the knees. Its stern actually breaks the surface at low tide.


How to get there

After arriving at Coron Town Proper, charter a boat going to Lusong Island.


Best time to visit

This is an all-year round destination best visited during the summer months.


Entrance fee

There is an entrance fee to this location.