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Information about Skeleton Wreck

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Skeleton Wreck  

​Located on the northwest corner of Coron Island, Skeleton Wreck particularly provides a fun and easy diving experience. Resting at a depth of 5 meters to 22 meters at the stern, it is very friendly for snorkeling. In fact, the entire shipwreck can be seen from just off the coast.

Skeleton Wreck is also perhaps the least eerie. Among the Imperial ships sunk by US forces in World War II, all that remains of this 25-meter-long Japanese supply vessel are its steel keel, ribs, and stringers, hence its name. 

Many of the shipwrecks in Coron Bay resulted from the surprise air assault by the US on the Imperial Japanese Navy on September 24, 1944. The ships were sunk by bombing, torpedoes, or strafing by Grumman aircrafts carried by the USS New Jersey and USS Lexington.

The Japanese fleet of 24 ships, which included a supply convoy, was first attacked in Manila Bay a few days earlier. The surviving vessels fled to Coron but were tracked and reengaged to their devastation. This event marked the resurgence of the US forces in the Philippines to liberate the country from the Japanese.


How to get there

You can reach Skeleton Wreck by boat. This attraction is included on Coron's Island Hopping Tour 'B.'


Best time to visit

You can visit this attraction during the summer months in order to avoid rainfall.