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Information about Montañeza Falls

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Montañeza Falls


Montañeza Falls is one of the lesser-known but equally enchanting waterfalls in Cebu.
Adventure-seekers are bound to walk, swim, climb, jump, and crawl through rock holes when
traversing the creeks, streams, and narrow ravine of the falls. It has several small drops, but at
the end of the trail leads to the final major drop.

The majestic Montañeza Falls is situated in the south of Cebu in Malabuyoc. It is roughly 126
kilometers away from Cebu City. The municipality of Malabuyoc is also known for its many
hidden gems of waterfalls and hot springs.

Breathtaking Rainforest and Nature
Tourists are in for more besides waterfalls in Montañeza Falls. The entire location is surrounded
by a lush tropical environment with abundant plants and trees. The Montañeza river and the
forest are responsible for keeping fresh water running down the stream and falls. The river also
keeps all the living things around it breathing.

Canyoning at the Montañeza Falls and Other Activities
Montañeza Falls became popular a few years back because of the sport of canyoning as it
serves as a perfect place for an adrenaline-pumping canyon tour. Adventure seekers come here
to abseil seven sets of different waterfalls, and climb and jump down the rapids. Tourists also
have the option to rent a bamboo ladder to use for some difficult parts of the falls.
The pinnacle of the canyoning activity is descending a 30-meter high waterfall with an overhang.
By the foot of the falls, adventurers can get an intense yet relaxing water massage. Local
officials only allow trekking to the final and highest point of the falls when the weather is clear.
Tour guides will assist you along the way.
Aside from Montañeza Falls, tourists can also visit Mainit Hot Springs and Looc Waterfall in the
vicinity of Malabuyoc. Tourists can relax at natural hot springs by the end of their canyoning