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Information about Mount Samat War Memorial

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Mount Samat Road, Pilar
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Mount Samat War Memorial

Mt. Samat Shrine in BataanThe Mount Samat War Memorial or more popularly known in the Philippines as the "Dambana ng Kagitingan" (which translates to "Shrine of Valor"), is located in Bataan, Philippines. It was commissioned by the former dictator President Ferdinand Marcos in 1966 for the 25th anniversary of World War II to honor the heroism of all the soldiers who fought and lost their lives against the Japanese Imperial Army during the war.
The war memorial complex consists of a colonnade and a towering memorial cross. The marble colonnade was designed by Lorenzo del Castillo. It features an open esplanade, high relief sculptures, an altar, and three large stained glass windows signifying "The Supreme Sacrifice," "The Call to Arms," and "Peace."
The most prominent structure of the shrine is the memorial cross, which stands behind the colonnade. It towers 92 meters tall, with its cross arms 30 meters wide. The monument is made of reinforced concrete and steel. At the foot of the cross are reliefs depicting significant historical events, including the Battle of Bataan, for which the entire memorial is built in commemoration.


Best time to visit

It's best to visit the Mount Samat War Memorial during the Philippines' dry season (December to May) to avoid heavy rainfall.

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