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Information about Mt. Iraya

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Mount Iraya, Basco, Batanes, Philippines
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5.3 km
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Mount Iraya

Mount Iraya is an active Philippine volcano, situated in Luzon Strait, in the Philippines on Batan Island, one of the Islands of Batanes, north of the Philippine Mainland, in the province of Batanes. It's the Philippines' most northern active volcano. Lastly, Mount Iraya erupted in 1454 and is regarded as an active volcano in the Philippines by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs).
Batan Island consists of three volcanoes. The Iraya volcano, which has been active since the late Pleistocene, is located in the north of the island. The most ancient Mahatao volcano was active until the Late Miocene and is the center of Batan Island, 5 million years ago. Until about 2 million years ago (early Pleistocene) the Matarem volcano was active in the South.

Iraya belongs to the segment Babuyan, the least developed of the Luzon volcanic arc 4 segments. In the western part of the Philippine shield, the oceanic and Eurasian plate is suppressed along the Manila trench in South China.
Mount Iraya is a landmark of great importance and legend for the Ivatans. When someone dear to the people leaves, the elder Ivatan folk said a ring of clouds is growing around the peak.

The elders also talk of the ancient Iraya eruption, and refer to the holes near the summit as lava and steam sprouted from the crater. Apart from history, it's an amazing geographical presence; it's seen around Batan Island as well as in other areas of the Nordsea. It has been explained as volcanism by the rise of 1009 MASL, directly from the sea. Iraq was one of the 22 active volcanoes in the Philippines, according to geologists, and its last eruption took place in 1454.