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Information about Palatpat Beach

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Palatpat Beach, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines
Opening hours
08:00 - 18:00
Distance From City Center
3.2 km
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Palatpat Beach

Woman lying down in Palatpat beach in Coron

Palatpat Beach is a new beach in Coron which is mainly used for events such as celebrations and meetings. The beach offers nipa huts for rent for visitors to have lunch or to take a nap with an open sea view. A covered area is also available for bigger groups. 

It is relatively unknown compared to the other beaches of Coron, so one can have a private getaway on this beach. The beach doesn’t usually offer catering services for tours unlike other beaches, so visitors must bring their own food. However, should catering services really be required, the son of the owner, Mr. Ramos, is able to provide home-cooked meals personally upon request. 

The beach can be used in a variety of events, such as birthday celebrations, seminars, and prayer meetings among others. The beach has smooth sand, which makes it a good place for campers to spend a night. Sea activities such as swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and surfing can be done on the beach. However, it is recommended that visitors bring their own equipment. 


How to get there

Located at around 50 kilometers from Coron Town Proper, the beach can be reached by various land vehicles like van, car, or jeepney. As it can be reached by land from Coron town proper, it is a good beach to visit without the need to rent an outrigger boat for island hopping.


Best time to visit

Palatpat Beach is an all-year round destination best visited during the summer months.


Entrance fee

There is an entrance fee to this new beach in Coron.

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