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Information about Paoay Lake National Park

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Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Distance From City Center
1.2 km
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Paoay Lake National Park
Located in the northwestern part of Luzon, Paoay Lake is the largest lake in Ilocos Norte. Being
the largest natural lake in the area, it is also known as Dacquel a Danum among locals, which is
the vernacular for “big water.”
Legend has it that Paoay Lake used to be the site of a flourishing barangay. According to the
story that passed on from one generation to the next, what used to be a bountiful and
peace-loving community turned into a materialistic barangay where rivalry thrived. It was
believed that because of this, the barangay was destroyed by the flood and sank after lightning
struck it. After how many years, a beautiful lake emerged and is now known as Paoay Lake.
Covering a vast area of 340 hectares, Paoay lake is bounded by five barangays. Its border on the
north is Suba, in the northeast is Nanguyudan while in the east is Pasil. Bordering it in the south
is Sungadan and in the west is Nagbacalan, which is also near the city of Laoag.
Unlike most lakes, Paoay Lake has no tributaries. its source of water is from underground and
surface runoff or the excess rain water that flows from the hills around it.
The nearby farming communities benefit from the lake’s fresh water because it is the source of
irrigation for their crops.
What To Do in Paoay Lake
This natural freshwater lake was declared a National Park in 1969 under Republic Act 5631.
Now it is known as Paoay Lake National Park, one of the most visited tourist spots in Ilocos
Its scenic and serene view is totally instagrammable, which is quite appealing to the young and
the young at heart.