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Information about Pinacanauan River

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Natural Feature
Distance From City Center
17.5 km
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82.6 km
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Pinacanauan River

Pinacanauan River is one of the largest tributaries of Cagayan River whereas Cagayan River is
the biggest river in the country.
The name of Pinacanauan River is derived from the vernacular “pinacanauan,” which means
left-most. It is named as such because it is found in the southeast part of Cagayan Province in
the municipality of Peñablanca.
Pinacanauan River passes through the Peñablanca Protected Landscape and Seascape, home to
the Callao Cave Eco-Tourism Zone. Because the river crosses the eco-park, it allows the tourists
to enjoy a scenic view of underground chambers, beautiful rock formations, limestone walls
and lush vegetation.

Things to Do
The clear water of Pinacanauan River and its panoramic view make it appealing to tourists who
love nature appreciation. Cruising on the river gives them the chance to bask in the splendor of
the scenery.
However, it is also one of the favorite destinations of tourists who are looking for real
adventure. There are a number of water activities to choose from. It is a great venue for
kayaking, swimming and white water rafting.
They have class I and class II rapids, which give the tourists the choice of how rough and
challenging the activity they’re willing to take on. Since the river is surrounded by mountains, tourists may also engage in climbing, spelunking and hiking and bat-watching. An exhilarating event dubbed Bankarera is a boat rowing race that is held on April 21 every

Agricultural Benefit
The river drains into the agricultural plains of Cagayan Valley so it serves as a water source for
irrigation and other purposes. The Pinacanauan River does not only serve as a tourist
destination in Cagayan but it also contributes greatly to the agricultural needs of the nearby

Picture Perfect
#PinacunauanRiver has over 300 breathtaking and precious still photos in its gallery – it only
shows that this is a secret treasure yet to be discovered.