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Information about St. Claire Monastery

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Religious Sites
St. Clare Monastery, Iguig, Cagayan, Philippines
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1.3 km
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St. Claire Monastery 

St. Claire Monastery, also known as the Poor Clare Monastery of Saint James the Apostle is located at Brgy. Nancapian, Malasiqui, Pangasinan. Considered as the first and only cloistered convent in the entire province of Pangasinan, the St. Claire Monastery was inaugurated in 2012. Since then, it became a pilgrimage site especially on Lenten Season and a new center of prayer for both locals and tourists. 

The two-hectare grassland houses a white Church and a Monastery which serves as the house of religious contemplative nuns who pray for the sanctification of priests.

These nuns offer intense prayers cultivated in silence and solitude with a vow of strict separation from the affairs of the external world. Their contemplative lives are greatly valued in the Church and the world and was labeled as the “Powerhouse of the Church.”

Built beside the Monastery is the Church where daily masses are held. It is said that the masses are sung by the nuns themselves. There is also the miraculous image of St. James the Apostle that attracted many attention because of the great accounts of answered prayers and miracles for devotees who make personal devotion and petition to his image. 


History of St. Claire of Assisi

St. Claire is known as the patron of couples who are childless and want to have children, and good weather. The saint serves as the patron of Europe and of many places in the country. 

St. Claire of Assisi, cousin of St. Francis of Assisi, was born to a rich family in Italy on July 16, 1194. Both her father and mother belonged to a noble family who owned a castle and a palace. From early childhood, she was most devoted to prayer and to practices of mortification.

As she passed into girlhood, her yearning for a more spiritual life increased particularly when St. Francis came to preach the Lenten course in the church of San Giorgio at Assisi. She eventually left her privileged life to live after the manner of the Holy Gospel and become a nun on March 20, 1212.

She live a simple life serving the poor and founded the Order of Poor Ladies later renamed as the Order of Saint Claire. She was canonized in September 25, 1255 in Rome by Pope Alexander IV. Her feast day is celebrated on August 11.