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Information about Subida Souevenirs Shop

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Ceres Bus Terminal, The MarketPlace Beside, Dumaguete
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09:30 - 18:00
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Subida Souvenirs Shop


Whenever we’re out of town, especially when its far from home, one of the many things we look for are the pasalubongs that we can take home with us. When visiting Dumaguete, you'll be surprised to see the amazing souvenir shop that is uniquely known for its traditional Philippine crafts, pieces, and all things local. The best way to enjoy a stopover in the province is to visit the souvenir shop and see amazing finds while also supporting our local pieces. 



The shop is located at a bus terminal in Valencia, Dumaguete, which is the perfect place to spend your stopover by looking through their array of traditional Filipino souvenirs. And given that the location is in a bus terminal, it makes it very convenient to find. 


What to See

Subida Souvenirs has a wide collection of handmade crafts and pieces that are considered to be some of the best Philippine souvenirs you can get. It is owned by Michael and January Alano who are both artists creating traditional pieces together. What's good about the souvenirs in the shop is that most are made out of bamboo, wood, fibre, and coco. We can be assured that they are manufactured using materials sourced only in the Philippines.

The pieces are made to appear traditional with a mix of modernity—presenting uniqueness and authenticity of the Filipino culture. As described on the official website for Subida Souvenirs, they create “local crafts with a modern twist” and one of the best example is how they created a wine holder out of a bamboo cane.

Some of the other pieces include traditional toys, artwork, delicacies, crafts, bags and wallets, and many more. Whether you're planning to take home some pieces for display or a gift to your loved one, tourists must definitely not miss out on stopping by at Subida Souvenirs and be assured that their products are specially handmade with trusted quality.