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Information about Sumlang Lake

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Sumlang Lake, Daraga, Albay, Philippines
Distance From City Center
280 m
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Sumlang Lake

Sumlang Lake is a picturesque freshwater lake located in Albay, Bicol in the Philippines. It is situated in the municipality of Camalig, about 15 kilometers from Legazpi City, the capital of Albay province.

Sumlang Lake was once a murky lake in Camalig, Albay, where locals relied on fishing for their livelihood. Now, it has been transformed into a tourist hotspot where visitors can enjoy dining experiences and other fun activities while admiring the view of the Mayon Volcano. This attraction is near other Albay tourist spots like Mt. Mayon, Daraga Church, and Cagsawa Ruins. 

Sumlang Lake is known for its serene ambiance, surrounded by lush greenery and the majestic Mayon Volcano as its backdrop. It has become a popular eco-tourism destination in the region, attracting both local and foreign tourists. Sumlang Lake is a small park with available bamboo rafts for tourists to enjoy. You can also enjoy activities such as bamboo rafting, kayaking, boating, and fishing in the lake while taking in the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape.

How to get there

If you're coming from Legazpi, catch a jeepney to Daraga LCC Mall or Public Market. Then, hop on another jeepney bound for Polangui, Guinobatan, or Camalig, and inform the driver or conductor to drop you off at Agri-Village near Sumlang Lake. From there, you can either ride a tricycle or walk a bit to reach Sumlang Lake.

If you want convenience for your travel, you may book Sumlang Lake tours with transfers or Albay tours with Sumlang Lake included in the itinerary. This way, you can also visit other tourist attractions in Albay.

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Tickets and entry

There is an entrance fee to visit Sumlang Lake in Albay, but it will cost you less than a hundred pesos and may still vary. It's best to research and ask for the fees before going to Sumlang Lake. If you're bringing a private car, you will also need to pay for the parking fee. There is also a payment for toilets if you need to use them. 

You also have to pay to enjoy some activities in Sumlang Lake, such as using a bamboo raft, kayak, bike, or cottage.

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Best time to visit

The ideal time to go to Sumlang Lake in Albay is in the dry season, usually from November to June. At this time, you can expect more stable weather, less rain, and clearer skies, making it easier to see the beautiful landscape and Mayon Volcano around the lake.

Additionally, you can fully enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, boating, and hiking around the lake during the dry season since you won't experience interruptions from weather conditions. 

Sumlang Lake is a beautiful destination year-round, and each season offers its unique charm. However, it is still best to be updated about the weather conditions and know your preferences when visiting Albay.

Frequently asked questions

Can you swim in Sumlang Lake?

No. Unfortunately, swimming is not recommended in Sumlang Lake due to its ecosystem and conservation efforts. However, you can enjoy bamboo rafting and other water activities.

Is there a restaurant inside Sumlang Lake?

Yes. There is a hidden cafe that you can find within Sumlang Lake. Make sure to check for announcements about whether the cafe is open during your visit and if you wish to try their food and drinks when you go to Sumlang Lake.

Are there accommodations near Sumlang Lake?

There are no accommodations directly at Sumlang Lake, but there are several lodging options available in nearby towns such as Camalig and Legazpi City. You can choose from hotels, guesthouses, or resorts for your stay.

Is it possible to take guided tours of Sumlang Lake?

Yes, there are tour operators and guides available in the area who offer guided tours of Sumlang Lake. These tours often include information about the lake's history, ecology, and local culture.

Can I bring food and drinks to Sumlang Lake?

Yes, you can bring food and drinks to enjoy a picnic by the lake. However, it's important to practice responsible tourism by properly disposing of waste and avoiding littering.

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