Top 20 Albay Tourist Spots & Things to Do: Best Mayon Volcano Views, Beaches, Fun Activities

Top 20 Albay Tourist Spots & Things to Do: Best Mayon Volcano Views, Beaches, Fun Activities

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Quitinday Green Hills and Corangon ShoalPhoto (right) by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

The province of Albay is known for being home to the iconic Mount Mayon or Mayon Volcano. However, it is worth noting that while it is one of the top tourist spots in Bicol Albay and one of the top Luzon tourist spots, an unobstructed view of its perfect cone is not guaranteed as this is dependent on the weather.

It’s a good thing there are plenty of other Albay tourist spots you can see when visiting the province, ensuring you get to enjoy your trip. 

Located in the Bicol Region, Albay is roughly 450 kilometers away from Metro Manila, and its capital, Legazpi City is accessible via land trips or direct flights from Manila or Cebu.

While many travelers stay in Legazpi City, there are other places to visit in Albay that will not only give you majestic views of Mayon Volcano but also offer you other things to do in Albay including exploring natural attractions like beaches, islands, lakes, caves, rivers, waterfalls and parks, and visiting historical sites and cultural sites including churches and farms. 

To help you plan your Albay itinerary, we’ve listed the top 20 tourist attractions in Albay that you can’t miss during your visit. 

20. PhilCeramics Arts and Crafts Center 

PhilCeramics Arts and Crafts CenterPhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

Located in Tiwi, Albay (roughly 44 kilometers and over an hour away from Legazpi), PhilCeramics Arts and Crafts Center is a state-of-the-art terra-cotta production facility that not only allows visitors to purchase high-quality pottery products like vases, lamps, and mugs, but also gives them the chance to see parts of the production process. 

Man making a vase in PhilCeramics Arts and Crafts CenterPhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

This Tiwi Albay tourist spot also serves as a training center for up-and-coming pottery craftsmen, ensuring that there will always be someone to continue this Albay tradition and livelihood. It may not be always included in packaged Albay tours, but it’s a good place to drop by toward the end of your trip so you can shop for souvenirs.

19. Danao Lake

Danao LakePhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

One of the most underrated tourist destinations in Albay, Lake Danao Natural Park gives visitors the chance to relax, unwind, and commune with nature. The site itself is a small crater lake surrounded by lush greenery, while its waters is home to eels and freshwater fish, including the Mistichthys luzonensis or sinarapan, the smallest commercial fish in the world. 

Travelers kayaking on Danao LakePhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

It is located in Barangay Danao in the municipality of Polangui, which is almost 60 kilometers and an hour and 45 minutes away from Legazpi. It is surrounded by Mt. Malinao and Mount Masaraga, and to reach it, you need to go on 30-minute hike that will take you through abaca plantations. You might even see a carabao on your way there!

18. Trinity Islands 

Trinity IslandsPhoto by Trinity Islands

Trinity Islands in the municipality of Oas is roughly 90 kilometers away from Legazpi. While the land trip alone is over 2 hours, the views you’ll get after arriving here is worth the trip. Upon approaching the islands, you’ll easily see where it gets its name. From afar, you’ll see three small peaks emerging from the water, all seemingly pushed and lumped together. 

Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that only shallow waters divide these three islands. A quick trek to the tallest peak will also reveal a lagoon with crystal waters that are just dying to be photographed.

17. Muladbucad White Beach

Muladbucad White BeachPhoto by Muladbucad White Beach

Those looking for beaches in Albay will be delighted to visit Muladbucad White Beach. Apart from its white sand, stunning beach views, and calming atmosphere, the beach is also home to many starfish and has been declared a starfish sanctuary by the local government. Remember not to disturb or pick up from the water any starfish you come across to keep them safe.

This white sand beach in Albay is located in the municipality of Manito and is roughly 45 kilometers and over an hour’s drive away from Legazpi. This Manito Albay tourist spot is the perfect quick side trip for anyone who’s staying in the city and wants a dose of sun, sand, and sea.

16. Hoyop Hoyopan Cave

Hoyop Hoyopan Cave's entrancePhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

This Camalig Albay tourist spot is just a 30-minute drive away from Legazpi, being only around 16 kilometers from the capital. This accessibility makes it an often visited tourist spot in Albay province. 

The cave walls are made of limestone and have many openings, allowing the breeze to ventilate the caverns and keep the temperature cool inside. In fact, the name Hoyop Hoyopan is derived from the Bicolano word which means blowing of the wind. There is also a special cave opening that provides travelers a beautiful view of Mayon Volcano’s perfect cone.

15. Solong Eco Park 

Aerial view of Solong EcoparkPhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

Another tourist attraction in the municipality of Camalig is Solong Eco Park, a 6.5-hectare park where you can enjoy lots of outdoor activities including spelunking inside two caves and hiking up a hill. You can also just spend your time taking in and photographing the natural beauty of the surroundings. Here, you’ll also find gardens and farms, including a dragon fruit farm.

Viewing area in Solong EcoparkPhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

The eco-park is just a little over 2 kilometers away from Hoyop Hoyopan Cave so you can easily visit the two Albay tourist spots in one trip. If you want to visit it separately from Legazpi, the roughly 16-kilometer distance can be reached in half an hour.

14. Corangon Shoal 

Corangon ShoalPhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

Corangon Shoal in Tiwi is most famous for Corangon Island. This small islet is only visible during low tide and looks like a giant egg yolk floating in the water, hence its nickname, Egg Yolk Island. The small island is completely bare save for the sand and the pulverized corals, but on good days, it offers visitors an unobstructed full view of Mayon Volcano.

From Legazpi City, you need to go on a 1-hour land trip to cover the roughly 40-kilometer distance to Barangay Baybay. You’ll then board a boat from there, and after around 15 minutes, you’ll reach Corangon Island. While the route to get there is pretty straightforward, you need to plan your trip ahead as accessibility greatly depends on the current of the waters around the island.

13. Vanishing Island

Vanishing IslandMuch like Corangon Island, Vanishing Island is only visible during low tide and accessibility is dependent on the water current. Should you be lucky enough to be able to reach it, you may rent one of the floating cottages there so you can relax and just take in the view of the sea. 

Also known as Warawara Island, this tourist attraction off the coast of Malilipot is accessible via the Tabaco Port in Tabaco City. If you’re coming from Legazpi, the land travel alone can take around an hour, covering roughly 30 kilometers.

12. Vera Falls

Aerial view of Vera FallsPhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

This charming waterfall can be found at the foot of Mount Malinao and can be reached after a trek that is a little over a kilometer. After reaching the falls, visitors will be rewarded with gorgeous views of the cascading water, vegetation clinging to the walls, and rocks bordering the natural pool at the bottom.

Vera FallsPhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

During your visit, don’t forget to take a cooling swim in the pool and take photos to commemorate your trip. To get here from Legazpi City, you need to drive 43 kilometers in a trip that will take you an hour and 20 minutes.

11. FarmPlate 

FarmPlate's entranceOne of the places to visit in Daraga Albay is FarmPlate, one of the family-friendly farm resorts in the Philippines that offers a lot of activities to its guests. You can tour the farm and its facilities, ride a carabao, have a picnic, or enjoy a bonfire at night.

FarmPlateThose traveling with children can take them to the farm’s playground or teach them how to fly a kite. They can also enjoy seeing and interacting with some of the animals on the farm, but don’t forget to remind them not to hurt these creatures.

Daraga is just near the city of Legazpi and a drive from there to FarmPlate will only take 20 minutes since it is only less than 8 kilometers away.

10. Kawa-kawa Hill and Natural Park

Aerial view of Kawa-Kawa Hill and Nature ParkPhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

During the Holy Week, many people flock to Kawa-kawa Hill and Natural Park in Ligao, thanks to its life-size (and sometimes larger-than-life) statues depicting the life of Jesus Christ as part of the 14 stations of the cross. The 30-kilometer distance from Legazpi City can easily be crossed in about an hour via car, but take note that you need to trek up steep paths to reach some areas of the park.

Kawa-kawa Hill and Natural Park's bamboo forestNature lovers will also enjoy a visit to the park, as it is full of plants, flowers, and trees and offers beautiful views of nearby municipalities like Oas and Polangui. 

9. Legazpi Boulevard 

Legazpi BoulevardThose looking for tourist spots to visit in Legazpi City Albay should not miss Legazpi Boulevard. From this picturesque coastal road, you can see stunning views of Mount Mayon. If the weather is nice, it’s also a good spot to jog, bike, or just have a leisurely stroll. There are also many Legazpi restaurants and cafés where travelers can dine or have a snack.

Visitors who want a glimpse of the city’s history can visit the statue of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, after whom the city is named. The Baltog Shrine, a shrine honoring one of the main heroes of the Ibalong Epic, can also be found along the boulevard.

8. Mayon Skyline View Deck

Mayon Skyline View DeckPhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

Located in Tabaco City, Mayon Skyline View Deck is around 47 kilometers (an hour and 20-minute drive) from Legazpi City. The View Deck is situated along the eastern side of Mayon Volcano, 823 meters above sea level. It is the closest you can get to the crater of the volcano via car.

Drone of shot of Mayon Skyline View DeckPhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

Because of its elevation, it’s cooler here than on lower ground. If it’s cloudy near the crater, there’s a big chance that it’s raining here. Apart from enjoying the cool temperatures and the surrounding views, travelers can visit the planetarium or also have a snack at the cafeteria.

7. Ligñon Hill Nature Park

Lignon Hill Nature Park Photo by Provincial Government of Albay

This park is one of the top Legazpi tourist spots and is situated atop Ligñon Hill, which reaches up to 156 meters above sea level. To get there, visitors can drive up to a certain point and then go on a 15-minute trek to the summit, where a beautiful 360-degree view of Legazpi City, Daraga, Albay Gulf, and Mayon Volcano awaits. The best time to catch this view is early in the morning when the weather is cool and it is less likely to be cloudy. 

Travelers can also traverse the hanging bridge or try ziplining and rappelling during their visit.

6. Quitinday Green Hills

View of Mayon Volcano from the Quitinday Green HillsAlthough the Quitinday Green Hills are located in the municipality of Camalig, near the Jovellar Underground River,  it is only a 40-minute drive or 23 kilometers away from Legazpi City, making it a good addition to a Legazpi itinerary. The hills are often compared to Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, but apart from its much more verdant color, the Quitinday Green Hills, on clear days, also come with a view of Mayon volcano’s perfect cone.

Green cone-shaped hills cover over 400 hectares but remember that only a couple of these hills are accessible to tourists. From the jump-off point, visitors can easily trek to one of the hills in less than 30 minutes.

5. Daraga Church 

Facade of Daraga ChurchThis church is undoubtedly one of the most visited Daraga Albay tourist spots, thanks to its beautiful facade that, from some angles, is complemented by a view of the Mayon Volcano. Also known as the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Porteria, Daraga Church is a pilgrimage and religious site that has been declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Historical Institute.

Daraga Church's interiorThe building design of the church is classified as Churrigueresque, a Spanish Baroque style that was introduced in the Philippines late, making it a rare sight in the country.

From Legazpi City, you can reach Daraga Church through a quick 15-minute drive through 4 kilometers.

4. Jovellar Underground River 

Jovellar Underground RiverPhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

If you’re visiting the Jovellar Underground River from Legazpi City, be ready for an almost 1-hour drive through 52 kilometers. The trip is definitely more than worth it as you will be greeted with beautiful rock formations, stalactites, and stalagmites as you move along the underground river while aboard a raft. 

Jovellar Underground River's entrancePhoto by Provincial Tourism, Culture and Arts Office - Albay

You can also explore the river without going on a cruise along its waters. You can take pictures from the hanging bridge or the viewing deck, or visit the entrance of some of the caves by crossing some of the big rocks jutting out of the water. 

3. Sumlang Lake

Sumlang LakeIf you want to experience kayaking or rafting on a lake with the gorgeous view of Mayon Volcano in the background, head to Sumlang Lake in the municipality of Camalig as part of your Albay itinerary. Nature lovers will love this attraction. It is also just 10 kilometers or a half-hour drive away from Legazpi City.

You can have a meal or snacks while aboard a bamboo raft, but if you prefer to have them on solid ground, you can order from Socorro's Lakeside Restaurant and Grill, one of the best Albay restaurants, which serves Filipino cuisine including Bicolano dishes alfresco by the lakeside.


2. Cagsawa Ruins

Mayon Volcano towers behind Cagsawa RuinsThis tourist spot in Daraga is not only one of the most-visited attractions in Albay, but is also one of the top Bicol Region tourist spots. Located just over 7 kilometers and 25 minutes away from the city of Legazpi, the site offers visitors an image of how powerful Mount Mayon can be.

Mayon Volcano’s most violent recorded eruption happened in 1814, which buried the entire town of Cagsawa in lava and other volcanic matter. The only survivors of the eruption are the church belfry and parts of the town’s convent. The site of this declared National Cultural Treasure also gives visitors a view of Mount Mayon itself.

1. Mayon Volcano 

Smoke coming from Mayon VolcanoArguably the top Albay tourist destination, Mayon Volcano still enchants those who have been lucky enough to see it on a clear day. Even those who have been on several Mayon Volcano tours won’t pass up the chance to see it again.

Unfortunately, hiking in the volcano is prohibited, so the closest that you can get to it is via Mayon ATV tours, which are some of the most thrilling Bicol ATV rides. To improve your chance of getting a clear view of the volcano’s perfect cone, book your tour in the morning.

Woman riding an ATV by Mayon Volcano

There are several routes to choose from, including the Black Lava Trail, which will take you as close as 6 kilometers from Mount Mayon’s crater. If you’re driving from Legazpi City, it will take you less than 30 minutes to drive the 7 kilometers to the ATV site at the Cagsawa Ruins Park.

Plan Your Trip to Albay Now

Mayon Volcano

Albay, Bicol is rich with natural and man-made tourist attractions beyond just Mayon Volcano and Legazpi City, making it one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. If you want a hassle-free way to explore some of them, check out our Albay Bicol tour packages, some of which come with accomodations at some of the best hotels in Legazpi City. 

Learn how to go to Albay and the Albay Bicol travel requirements in our travel guide. If you’re planning to tour the Philippines, browse our Philippine tour packages for a convenient experience.


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