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Information about Marcos' Island

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Marcos’ Island

Marcos’ Island is one of the 124 islands in Hundred Islands National Park and among the only four developed islands in the park, the others being Governor’s Island, Quezon Island, and Children’s Island. The park is located in one of the cities of Pangasinan, Alaminos.

As the name suggests, the place is named after the former Philippine President, Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. It is home to several comfortable accommodations that tourists can rent for the whole day. The island also offers a spread of cream-colored sand and crystalline emerald water surrounded by lush greeneries.


What to Do

The island’s beach has a very fine pale brown sand that are free from any sharp rocks or corals, making it ideal for kids to play on. The waves on the shore are also usually calm for kids to enjoy. 

Aside from doing beach activities, guests can also trek up the hill on the island. It is a much easier ascent than that in Governor’s Island as it is relatively low and less steep. The top provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding seascape.

The main highlight of Marcos’ Island is the Imelda Cave, which was named after the wife of former president Marcos. Inside it is a natural swimming pool that is approximately 12-feet deep depending on the tide. Tourists will have to go down a wooden ladder and jump off a cliff. There is an opening that leads to the sea and back to the coast.