Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches Every Beach Bum Should Go ToExplore the pristine beaches of Cebu's islands. Where are the most beautiful beaches in Cebu that you should travel to? We listed them down for you in this article for your next escapade. 

Cebu is often mentioned in must-visit lists whenever tourists, both foreign and local, plan a trip around the Visayas region and the Philippines. This is unsurprising because the province has some of the best beaches in the country. Fine, white sand and clear, blue waters are often the characteristics you'll hear about its shores. Its accessibility from Manila and other cities and destinations, by boat or plane, increases the province's appeal. If you're interested to travel around this part of the country, here are the top beaches in Cebu.

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Malapascua Island        

This island is a prime attraction because of its pristine shores, idyllic ambiance and azure waters, if you're planning a visit, be sure to drop by these tourist spots and beautiful beaches:

1. Logon Beach            

This shore is a good place to hang out and chill. Its relaxing atmosphere will make you forget the stress of the daily grind despite the small town hustle and bustle that takes place daily. Try spending a night near or in Logon to catch its glorious sunrise.

2. Bounty Beach            

Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches Every Beach Bum Should Go To

This is considered as one of the best beaches in Cebu. Bounty lives up to the hype, with its whitish shore and azure waters. There are hammocks tied to some of the trees, these are places where you can rest and ignore the busyness taking place around you. Bounty Beach is the center of the many activities you can do on the island. There are rental shops for gear you might need. Restaurants and resorts for different budgets line the shore or near it. You can arrange a trip to see thresher sharks from here.

3. Langub Beach             

Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches Every Beach Bum Should Go To

If you want to get away from the crowds in Bounty Beach, head on over to Langub. Its chill vibe contrasts the pace of tourists coming and going in Bounty. Its distance from the center makes it an ideal stop to rest and relax.

How to Go to Malapascua Island            

You'd have to travel by bus or van and then by boat to reach the island. Go to Cebu City's north terminal, once there board a bus or van bound for New Maya Port. The fare is approximately P210. Walk to the port and buy a ticket at the counter, this costs around P100.

Boats leave from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm, if you miss these, you'll have to wait the next day. The time interval between boats is 30 minutes and it will not leave until it's full. 

Camotes Island            

You'll have plenty of beach destination options in Cebu, one such place to add to your itinerary is Camotes, the island has fine, white shores with clear, blue waters. Here are some beaches to remember:

1. Bakhaw Beach             

This beach in idyllic Camotes has a beautiful, white sand shore and turquoise waters. Take a dip to douse the heat of summer or afternoon, or just beach bum and get a tan. Read your favorite book with a cold drink on hand for a relaxing day. You can rent a cottage and have a picnic with family or friends.

2. Santiago Bay             

Santiago Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Camotes. It has earned its reputation because of its powdery, white sand and clear, aquamarine waters. Spend hours getting a tan, swimming, snorkeling, camping, island hopping, and other related activities. If you're looking for a beach resort in Cebu, spend at least a night here to fully enjoy your stay.

3. Tulang Diot             

Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches Every Beach Bum Should Go To

This island fits the description of 'getaway destination' its white shore and cerulean waters make the effort to reach it worth it. Wade in the waters to cool off, laze on its soft sand and forget your worries. Go to San Francisco, Camotes then hire a motorcycle driver to take you to Tulang Daku for P100 then a boat to Tulang Diot for P10.

How to Go to Camotes Island              

Getting to Camotes Island is easy, the shipping company OceanJet has trips to the island at 6 am and 3 pm. This departs from Mactan costs P500 and takes an hour and a half. Alternatively, board a boat operated by Jomalia Shipping which has one daily trip from Mactan Wharf, costing P350 and takes approximately two hours.

You can also go to Danao, a town in northern Cebu. There are several buses and multicabs that go there. The fare is around P30 and takes about an hour. Once you reach Danao Port, board the boat bound for Camotes. The ride takes around two hours and costs P200.

Bantayan Island             

Another island to consider adding to your itinerary is Bantayan. The latter has beautiful and pristine beaches that rival the best the Philippines has to offer. If you plan to visit this part of Cebu, here are some beaches to consider:

1. Virgin Island              

Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches Every Beach Bum Should Go To

This destination takes around half an hour by boat to reach from Bantayan. It fits the description of 'paradise' with its bone, white sand, and waters in the various shades of blue. This is the place to forget stress and work and just relax.

2. Paradise Beach             

Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches Every Beach Bum Should Go To

This beach has earned its moniker with its turquoise waters, rustic appeal and fine, white sand shore. Laze on the beach, swim in the waters or spend hours just relaxing after a couple of days full of activities. Depending on the day and season of your visit, your group might be the only tourists on the beach.

3. Sta. Fe Beach             

Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches Every Beach Bum Should Go To

This destination is a must-visit while on the island. The long stretch of white and light blue waters as far as your eyes could see, make for a relaxing day out. Get a tan, wade in the waters and enjoy similar activities.

How to Go to Bantayan Island              

Your jump-off point to this island is Cebu City. Go to the north bus terminal and board a bus bound for Hagnaya Port. The ride takes about three hours; you can get on an air-conditioned bus for P165 or P140 for a non-aircon one. The first trip departs at 4 am and the last one at around 5 pm.

After reaching Hagnaya, look for the public boats bound for Sta. Fe, Hagnaya. The trip takes approximately an hour and costs P180. There is a boat that leaves at 7 am and the last one at about 5 pm. Reverse the process to return to Cebu City for your onward destination.

If you're looking for a beach resort in Cebu, consider this island. Motorcycle taxis and tricycles are the modes of transportation around the island. If you know how to drive one, rent a motorbike for P350 a day.


This part of Cebu doesn't get the same hype as Camotes, Bantayan, and Moalboal, but it rivals its counterparts in terms of beautiful beaches. Its whitish and tree-lined shores and cerulean waters are ideal backgrounds for pictures and relaxing getaways. If you plan to visit Badian, these are the places to consider putting in your itinerary:

1. Lambug Beach              

Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches Every Beach Bum Should Go To

This public beach has white sand and turquoise waters, perfect for a relaxing few hours after canyoneering in nearby Kawasan Falls. The rustic ambiance will make you forget your worries even just for a while. While on a bus bound for Badian, tell the conductor you'd like to alight at Lambug Beach. There's a P500 cottage rental fee and around P150 for pitching a tent.

2. Matutinao Beach             

This beach may not be as beautiful as Lambug, but is still a nice place to visit while in Badian. It has a cream-colored and tree-lined shore.

How to Go to Badian           

It's easy to visit Badian; go to Cebu City's south bus terminal and look for buses bound for it. The fare is around P150 to P200, depending on which part of town you alight at. You might have to get on a motorcycle taxi to reach your actual destination.


This destination rose to fame because of what you see beneath its waters such as the sardine run, colorful corals and diverse marine life. Here are some of the beaches in Moalboal to consider visiting for your trip:

1. Basdaku Beach             

This beach provides a variety of activities for all ages such as swimming, snorkeling, beach volleyball, Frisbee and diving.

2. Pescador Island         Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches Every Beach Bum Should Go To

This island is beautiful above and below its azure waters. Laze on the beach to rest after a day of snorkeling and diving. Discover its underwater wonders such as corals and different fish species.

3. White Beach             

Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches Every Beach Bum Should Go To

Spend a day here after a couple of days full of activities, doing so allows you to replenish energy to explore more of the province and do more things. 

4. Panagsama Beach             

Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches Every Beach Bum Should Go To

This beach may look so-so upon first glance, but its main draw is what you can see once you dive into it. There's a thriving underwater ecosystem waiting to be explored.

How to Go to Moalboal              

From Cebu City go to the south bus terminal and board a bus bound for Moalboal. The ride can take up to three hours and costs approximately P150 more or less. Once there you can find Moalboal trips for your reference.

If you're interested in adding beaches in Cebu to your itinerary, these are the spots to include. These combine an idyllic ambiance, azure waters, vibrant marine life, and white sand shores. You'd want to stay longer the moment you step onto these destinations.

Start planning your trip to Cebu now! Look for different Cebu tours and activities that you can add to your itinerary for a complete and hassle-free travel experience.