BEST Bataan Beach Resorts Near Manila:  Beachfront, With Pool, Big Groups

BEST Bataan Beach Resorts Near Manila: Beachfront, With Pool, Big Groups

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Anvaya Cove Beach Club and Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Photos by Anvaya Cove Beach Club and Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

A visit to the Philippines would not be complete without seeing one of our beautiful beaches up-close and personal. Home to over 7,000 islands, our country has a wide array of beaches for you to explore. Luckily, this also means that the sand and the sea are never too far away for a visitor hoping to enjoy our archipelago’s tropical charms. 

For those looking for getaways close to the Philippines’ metropolitan center, which is better known as Metro Manila, check out Bataan, one of the top Luzon tourist spots. The sunny province is only 52 KM and a few hours away from the metro and is home to some of the best beach resorts near Manila and beach resorts in the Philippines. One of the emerging top tourist destinations in the Philippines, Bataan boasts long stretches of pristine shores, it is home to a lively and vibrant marine ecosystem.

Visitors can also spot various migratory and native birds at the Balanga Nature and Wetland Park. On the other hand, you can learn about their people’s rich heritage by visiting the local World War II Museum. Home to both natural and man-made wonders, Bataan offers plenty of activities for its guests. 
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Along with its Bataan tourist spots that you can easily explore with the help of Bataan tours, the province has various resorts that travelers can call home during their adventure. To help you choose the right place for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best Bataan hotels and beach resorts to stay at for your staycation in the Philippines


10. Playa La Caleta

Playa La Caleta Bataan glamping family tentPlaya La Caleta is an eco-tourism resort in the municipality of Morong that is popular for its private 100-hectare cove. It also features a one-kilometer-long white sand beach, three waterfalls, and a vibrant mountain forest.

Guests can stay in a variety of ocean-view beach cottages, gazebos, beach rooms, glamping near Manila and camping tents at this Morong Bataan beach resort. Aside from their spacious accommodation, visitors may choose to take part in outdoor and water sport activities during their trip as well.

Those drawn to the water can choose to go kayaking, snorkeling, cliff jumping, or make use of a 75-foot water slide. Meanwhile, those ready to explore the mountain jungle can go hiking or mountain biking.

After a full day of activities, you can treat yourself to a delicious meal prepared by the resort’s restaurant or café. Playa La Caleta is perfect for travelers who are looking for affordable Bataan beach resorts and appreciate nature since it hosts monthly projects to help care for the environment.

Beach in Playa La Caleta BataanPhoto by Playa La Caleta

9. The Oriental Bataan

Pool area in The Oriental BataanPhoto by The Oriental Bataan

The Oriental Bataan is a great choice for visitors due to its easy access to Bataan tourist spots such as the Sisiman Beach and Balon Anito hot spring. Located in the seaside town of Mariveles, this hotel in Bataan has a stunning view of the emerald waters and nearby mountains. It offers four types of accommodations that range from garden- or mountain-view rooms to suites with their own dining areas. 

However, what really catches one’s eye in this Mariveles Bataan hotel is their unique swimming pool. The circular pool sits right below a wide opening that lets guests feel the sun shine on their skin as they take a dip.

Guests may also choose to relax in the Cliff Lounge, which is a perfect spot for enjoying a drink alone or with friends and family. The open-air area makes sure that you feel the cool breeze while you sip on your chosen beverage and enjoy the surrounding view.

You can visit the Mariveles Five Fingers Cove during your stay as well since it is only 7KM from the hotel. This hidden gem has a beautiful white shore and coves that are just waiting to be explored. 

8. Morongstar Hotel and Resort

Aerial view of the Morongstar Hotel and ResortPhoto by Morongstar Hotel and Resort

Another noteworthy spot is the Morongstar Hotel and Resort in Morong. Dubbed the “Sunniest Place in Bataan,” the hotel offers rooms with a view of the West Philippine Sea and picturesque sunsets. They also have three pools: one for kids, adults, and diving lessons.

Aside from swimming and diving, guests can ride a banana boat on the sea for a fun bonding experience. For travelers looking to sneak in some exercise during their stay, the hotel has basketball, volleyball, and badminton facilities as well. Karaoke is also available for those who want to let loose and belt out some tunes!

If you’re looking to connect with marine life, the hotel offers scuba diving sessions and island-hopping tours. With their wide array of activities ready for any traveler, new memories are right around the corner. 

7. Vista Tala Resort 

Swimming pool at Vista Tala ResortPhoto by Vista Tala Resort

Unwind among a canopy of trees when you stay in the Vista Tala Resort. The resort and recreational park is nestled among mountains in the town of Orani, providing a quiet getaway for their guests. The property houses 41 rooms to ensure that you find the coziest one for you during your visit. 

It also features five outdoor swimming pools that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Travelers wanting to get rid of tight muscles and stress, their staff offers on-site spa services as well. 

If you want a birds-eye view of the trees around the resort, they have a zip line ready for adventurous guests. For those looking for a little more challenge, a rock climbing wall is available on-site too. Their spacious restaurant also has a veranda where you can admire the lush landscape from. Guests can even enjoy their meal outside while embracing the quiet atmosphere of mother nature.


6. Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort

Facade of Brisa Marina Beachfront ResortPhoto by Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort

Another popular choice in Morong is the Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort. It is great for travelers seeking a tropical escape as warm sand and clear waters are only a few steps away from the resort.

The Bataan beach resort with swimming pool has two wings that house a total of 35 rooms, with some offering a beautiful view of the sea. Their most spacious accommodations can fit up to 8 people while their smaller ones are good for groups of 3. They also have dedicated rooms for persons with disabilities (PWD) on the ground floor to make their stay more comfortable. 

After settling in at this Bataan beachfront resort, guests can either lounge by the beach or at any of the resort’s two pools. They provide water activities as well, such as snorkeling to see the natural wonders under the crystal waters. If you’re in the mood for a massage to help you unwind, guests can request for a massage from the spa staff.

5. Sinagtala Farm and Resort 

Beautiful pool area of Sinagtala Farm and ResortPhoto by Sinagtala Farm and Resort

Located inside the Bataan National Park, the Sinagtala Farm and Resort is a great fit for nature lovers. Nestled among various trees, plants, and flowers, this resort will surely remind you of nature’s charms. Thanks to its diverse ecosystem, guests may even get the chance to see an eagle soaring above the resort while it’s on the hunt for prey!

The resort features two infinity pools and a lagoon pool that are all ideal for a leisurely swim. You can also reconnect with nature by going on their hiking trails and river treks. Their on-site adventure park will definitely get your heart racing with fun activities such as ziplines, giant swings, and a suspended air bridge. 

The complex houses several accommodation partners that offer rooms or villas. This makes it a perfect spot for travelers looking for some much-needed alone time or a refreshing trip with loved ones. Rest assured that you’ll be breathing easy during your stay too as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources declared that the resort has excellent air quality.

4. Rancho Bernardo Luxury Villas & Resort 

A bedroom in Rancho Bernardo Luxury Villas & ResortPhoto by Rancho Bernardo Luxury Villas & Resort

Rancho Bernardo Luxury Villas & Resort blends together nature’s beauty and man-made elegance. It stands on an eight-hectare property in the town of Bagac and boasts world-class facilities and grand designs. Guests of Rancho Bernardo Luxury Villas and Resort can choose from private villas that all feature beautiful wooden furniture. 

Each villa has a private balcony, a heated outdoor jacuzzi, and marble bathrooms adorned with 24-karat mosaic tiles, making it one of the best resorts to book a Philippines honeymoon package. The room’s features can be controlled by Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. Rancho Bernardo Bataan rates include the service of butlers that are also available 24/7 to help make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Visitors can even visit the resort’s chapel to get a better look at the surrounding landscape while enjoying moments of peace and quiet. Meanwhile, those who want to keep active during their trip can jog on any of the paths in the property. There are also dedicated spots for yoga and meditation to help you find your center.

The property houses an open-air restaurant that offers a great view of their polished garden. For wine nights or cocktails, their poolside bar serves their own signature mixes such as an earl-grey infused vodka called The Count of Rancho Bernardo.  

3. Montemar Beach Club

Beach in Montemar Beach Club, BataanPhoto by Montemar Beach Club

Sitting on the shores of Bagac is one more beautiful resort called the Montemar Beach Club. With 89 plantation-inspired rooms, they bring you close to both the lush forestry and emerald waters that Bataan nurtures.

You can choose if you want to wake up to a stunning view of the ocean or their well-kept gardens. Each room in any of their five inns is designed with earth-tone hues to replicate a warm sense of home for all guests. 

Montemar Beach Club Bataan poolPhoto by Montemar Beach Club

Visitors in this Bagac Bataan beach resort can also pick between any of the resort’s three pools when they want to go for a swim. And if you would rather head to the beach, water activities such as jet-skiing, kayaking, and fishing are available.

What makes this resort unique, is that they have their own pawikan (marine turtle) hatchery to help increase the population of these endangered animals. In line with their efforts, they hold events every February and November to celebrate the newborn turtles. If you’re lucky, you might even see one hatch or take its first steps into the sea!

2. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Interiors of a room in Las Casas Filipinas de AcuzarPhoto by Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Another precious gem of Bagac and one of the most unique hotels in the Philippines is the beautiful Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar resort. It has gained international acclaim for also being an open-air museum that showcases real houses that were built during the Philippines’ colonial period. These classic villas come from different parts of the country and were disassembled brick by brick before being reconstructed inside the property. 

Some of the houses even belonged to prominent figures whose families helped restore them to their former glory inside the resort. Guests can learn the rich history behind each of the old-fashioned homes through Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar day tours.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar houses at nightPhoto by Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

These Bataan day tours are available every day and are done on foot to fully immerse yourself in the tales. It also offers 217 hotel rooms that are all designed to show visitors the charms of old-world heritage. Some of them boast a view of the beach, the Venice-inspired canals that run through the property, or the resort’s classic plaza.

Visitors can get a closer look into the culture of past Filipino generations by watching the resort’s performances that show our nation’s history. With the beautiful architecture all around you, guests may schedule a photoshoot around the property with their in-house photography studio.

Complete with traditional costumes, one will surely feel like an ilustrado (19th century Filipinos educated abroad) when posing beside the classic buildings. 

1. Anvaya Cove Beach Club

Anvaya Cove Beach Club's pools

Photo by Anvaya Cove Beach Club

Nestled in Morong, the Anvaya Cove Beach Club tops our list of where to stay in Bataan because of its breathtaking beach made up of fine, white sand. This exclusive resort spans 470 hectares and houses 40 villas for its guests. The villas contain four types of rooms that offer stunning views of the property’s lush forestry and a man-made lagoon. 

To fully enjoy the resort’s beach and crystal-clear waters, visitors can partake in activities such as snorkeling, paddleboarding, and wakeboarding as well. 

Matching the pristine condition of the cove, the resort also maintains large swimming pools for its guests. Take a dip in their infinity pools while enjoying the gentle pressure provided by the pools’ jet streams. Or you can simply lounge on a poolside chair as you sip on a refreshing beverage prepared in the bar. 

After submerging yourself in the clear waters, visitors can test out their biking skills at the property’s bike park. With three trails to choose from, the park is open for all levels of bikers. And after a day of enjoying the outdoors, guests can choose to dine in any of their four restaurants for a sumptuous meal.
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Find the Best Bataan Hotels and Resorts for your Vacation

Beautiful resort facilities of Anvaya Cove Beach ClubPhoto by Anvaya Cove Beach Club

While the Philippines is home to many tropical charms, Bataan tour packages stand out due to its tourist spots that showcase rich heritage and the province's easy accessibility. On top of being only 52 KM from Metro Manila perfect for a weekend getaway near Manila, the province has diverse wildlife and rich history to offer as part of the best places to visit in Bataan.

From the beautiful beaches to its cultural sites, spending time in this sunny province will surely leave you wanting more. Plus, these best hotels and beach resorts in Bataan among the many must-visit resorts in the Philippines can add a whole array of new experiences to your trip.

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