20 Most Unique Hotels in the Philippines: Floating Houses, Campers, Treehouses

20 Most Unique Hotels in the Philippines: Floating Houses, Campers, Treehouses

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Paolyn Boathouse and The Airstream Airbnb

Photos by Paolyn Houseboats/The Airstream Airbnb

The Philippines is home to a wide range of accommodation options, from 5-star hotels or luxurious hotels in vibrant cities like Manila to beach resorts in pristine islands like Boracay. If you are looking for something beyond the usual air-conditioned rooms, there are Philippine hotels for booking that are unconventional and provide a unique experience whether you're planning a family vacation or looking for a honeymoon getaway.

Some places are found in various prominent tourist regions, while others are accessible from the metro, like resorts near Manila. These are perfect for travelers who are looking for a new and different travel experience. 

For an out of the box accommodation and instagrammable hotels, here are 20 of the most unique hotels and resorts in the Philippines that you should check out: 

20. Kabayan Hotel’s Capsule Rooms (Pasay, Metro Manila)

Capsule rooms of Kabayan Hotel

Photo by Kabayan Hotel

Kabayan Hotel is a budget-friendly hotel situated between the MRT and LRT stations in Pasay of Metro Manila, the National Capital Region of the Philippines. Its affordable rates and proximity (5 km away) to the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) or Manila Airport Terminal 3 make it a popular choice for transient airline passengers of flights to Manila aside from the top hotels near Manila Airport.

Kabayan Hotel offers regular rooms but what sets it apart from other Manila hotels is its collection of Kapsule rooms. Kabayan’s Kapsule rooms are inspired by the capsule rooms that originated from space-challenged cities in Japan. The enclosed rooms are designed to save space but still offer privacy and comfort to guests.

Inside a kapsule room, you have standard necessities like a control panel for light and exhaust, an electrical outlet, a blanket, pillow, towel, hangers, and slippers. 

A stay at a Kapsule room gives you access to an individual locker, shoe rack, free Wi-Fi, common toilet, and bath with a hot and cold shower. The room rate also includes a simple breakfast, which just adds up to the value so you can spend more of your budget to explore Manila tourist spots.



19. Madeline’s Ville (Alfonso, Cavite)

A small villa in Madeline’s Ville

Photo by Madeline’s Ville

Madeline’s Ville is a 3,333 sqm property in Palumlum Alfonso, Cavite, a province known for historical tourist spots located just outside of Metro Manila. Madeline is not just an ordinary bed and breakfast near Manila. It offers guests to stay at any of its three stand-alone tiny yet cozy homes. These houses are named Sunshine, Earth, and Blue Sky. 

Madeline offers a unique staycation experience, especially for those planning a trip during long weekends in the Philippines. It is located in an elevated area of Cavite, where the air is cool and fresh. The property is surrounded by trees and plants and gives you a taste of how to live in the Philippine countryside. 

The houses are cute and photogenic, with each unit measuring about 15 square meters. They may look small, but their ingenious design won’t make guests feel cramped inside. Each tiny house has a kitchenette, a dining nook, a comfort room with a hot shower, a refrigerator, closets, and a comfortable bed in the loft area. The design allows for these amenities to fit nicely.  



18. The Grounds Resort (Antipolo)

The hobbit room of The Grounds Resort

Photo by The Grounds Resort

Surrounded by trees, bushes, and other greenery, The Grounds Resort can be best described as cozy and rustic. The resort’s location in Antipolo, Rizal, a mountainside province just outside of Metro Manila, takes you away from the noise and chaos of the city. 

The resort’s grounds are carefully designed to make you feel like you are in an enchanted forest. The rooms are meant to look quaint and Instagram-worthy. From the outside, they look like the Hobbit houses seen from the Lord of the Rings movie series. 

The interior of the resort’s rooms is spacious enough with three queen size beds. Their walls are painted yellow and feature rustic decor. The rooms are also equipped with a bathroom, a kitchenette with a sink, and refrigerators. Aside from a garden, the resort also has a decent-sized 7m x 12m swimming pool.

The Grounds is one of the Philippine resorts that are suitable for families and travel groups. It is located in Ticzon Herbal Park, Antipolo, Rizal. While here, make sure to check out some of the best Antipolo tourist spots, Antipolo restaurants, and Antipolo cafes with a stunning view of the city. 

17. Riverview Canal House (Bohol)

Aerial view of Riverview Canal House

Photo by Riverview Canal House

Set in a lovely natural setting at one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, Bohol’s Riverview Canal House offers guests a unique cabin experience if you're looking for a more simple but romantic place in the Philippines. As the name suggests, this accommodation is located along the river, particularly the beautiful Loboc River, which is the location of the popular Loboc River cruise tours

Staying at Riverview Canal House is not about experiencing luxury; it's about relaxing and being close to nature and the famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol. This property, that can rival some of the best Bali-inspired resorts in the Philippines, has a rustic design and is mostly made of bamboo and wood. The house has two floors, with each floor having a bed.

There are no air-conditioners, so you need to use fans for cooling. The house features an outdoor bathroom/toilet that gives you the unique experience of showering within a thick forest setting.  

During your stay, the Riverview hosts can prepare home-cooked meals and do laundry. You can also rent a scooter or motorcycle to explore the beautiful Loboc area or you can book Bohol tours for a hassle-free vacation. 



16. The Cabin Resorts (Bulacan)

Cabins at The Cabin Resorts, Bulacan

Photo by The Cabin Resorts

The Cabin Resorts is another accommodation on the list that highlights the beauty and serenity of the Philippine countryside. Staying at this property is about disconnecting from the hectic city life, even for a little while. 

The Cabin is situated in San Miguel, Bulacan, a province located just outside of North Metro Manila, and features lofty-type cabins set in a spacious but remote farm. The cabins are far enough from each other to maximize privacy. All of them have an air conditioner, Wifi, TV, bathroom, and minibar.

The Cabin Resort’s most recognizable landmark is its wooden bridge pier. This pier has become a favorite hangout spot for guests as it offers views of a river and the surrounding lush fields. This wooden bridge has become the backdrop of many photos of the resort. The Cabin Resort also has an onsite resto-bar that serves Filipino and Western comfort food.

15. Kwentong Dagat (Zambales)

Glamping tents in Kwentong Dagat

Photo by Kwentong Dagat

Kwentong Dagat is another must-visit in this list of unique Phillippine beach resorts. Tucked in the charming San Felipe fishing village in Zambales, a popular road trip destination from Manila, Kwentong Dagat is by no means a luxury resort. It has a rustic interior design and exudes a more casual and nomad vibe. 

The resort’s best asset is its scenic ocean scenery marked by hundreds of tall palm trees. Although it does not have luxurious amenities, Kwentong Dagat offers comfortable and air-conditioned rooms that pay homage to the traditional Filipino nipa huts. 

 Another great thing about the resort is it specializes in serving up some delicious vegan meals. You can even take a vegan cooking class with the resident cook. Other activities offered at the resort include yoga sessions, skimboarding, surfing, and martial arts classes. 

Kwentong Dagat adapts a more self-catering style and has enough space for group retreats, celebrations, and gatherings.  

14. Hotel H2O (Manila City)

The Aqua Supreme suite in Hotel H2O

Photo by Hotel H2O

Hotel H2O's outstanding features make it deserving to be on the list. Located within the Manila Ocean Park complex nearby Manila tourist spots like Intramuros and Rizal Park, this property is best described as an “aquarium hotel”.

This resort features accommodation spaces submerged underwater or ones with great city views. Hotel H2O signature rooms feature aquarium walls measuring from 25 to 39 -square meters. You can stay all day in your room to admire this huge aquarium filled with various marine animals like jellyfish. 

Hotel H2O is equipped with a gym, a spa, and a swimming pool. The other two notable facilities in the resort include the H2O Lounge and restaurant (Makansutra Asian Food Village) 

13. Birdland Beach Club (Pangasinan)

The seaside loft in Birdland Beach Club

Photo by Birdland Beach Club

Birdland Beach Club is a top-rated honeymoon spot and boutique beach resort in the Philippines. The property sits in Long Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan Province. Pangasinan tourist spots include Hundred Islands island hopping tours and pilgrimage tours to known Philippine churches.

Birdland Beach Club sits on a lush area boasting two hectares of beachfront. Aside from having access to a private white sand beach, guests at this eco-resort can also choose to swim at any of the three natural saltwater pools in the complex.  

The resort features air-conditioned elevated Kubos (native huts), which come with bamboo walls, wood decks, and shared open bathrooms. The property also has large villas equipped with a kitchen, a living room, and a dining area. Birdland Beach Club also operates a spa, a bar, and an award-winning restaurant that serves organic dishes. 

Birdland is also marketing itself as the ultimate online live-work beach resort. It has set up workstations and high-speed internet, which are highly sought-after amenities by digital nomads. Birdland also provides discounted rates for monthly rentals at the property. 

12. The Park Silang Glamping (Cavite)

A glamping tent in The Park - Silang Cavite

Photo by The Park - Silang Cavite

Glamping (glamorous camping) allows you to immerse yourself in nature without compromising standard comforts like bed and bathroom. The Park Silang is one of the most popular glamping sites near Manila

Tucked within the forested area of Silang Cavite, the Park Silang is about 52 kilometers away from Metro Manila. This glamping resort offers guests fresh air and a serene space to relax. 

The Park has various accommodation types, from standard to family suites. The property has four common swimming pools, but premium rooms come with private plunge pools. If you book the resort’s Executive and VIP suites, you will also get to enjoy a private jacuzzi.  

The Park Silang is one of your choices also for pet-friendly hotels and resorts near Manila, so you can bring and treat your pet to a relaxing holiday here. The resort operates an onsite restaurant as well as a cafe and bakeshop. The Park Silang is a perfect place for intimate gatherings and private events. 

11. Balai Tanay’s Jeepney Camper (Rizal)

Balai Tanay’s Jeepney Camper

Photo by Balai Tanay

A jeepney is a locally-made public transport vehicle in the Philippines that commonly functions as a public bus. Balai Tanay was an old jeep that was supposed to be sold for scrap. However, the owners changed their plan and executed an ingenious idea. They turned this vehicle into a jeepney camper, the Filipino version of the western RV trailers. 

The Balai Tanay Jeepney Camper attracts visitors with its funky green color and a nipa hut top that serves as the loft. Inside the camper, you will find a queen bed and another double bed in the loft area. The beds make it possible for four guests to stay at one time. Other facilities inside this jeepney camper are benches, a sink, an air conditioner, and a refrigerator. 

If you book Balai Tanay, you will also have access to a bonfire pit, an outdoor pool, and an outdoor bathroom with a heated shower. Balai Tanay’s Jeepney Camper is located in  Makaira - Daraitan Road, Tanay, Rizal. 

10. Domescape (Batangas)

Interior of a Domescape tent

Photo by Domescape

Domescape is one of the most notable glamping resorts in the Philippines, situated in the lush area of Nasugbu, Batangas, a province known for beaches and diving spots near Manila.

Domescape is a geodesic dome glamping site, which is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It features stylish dome tents, each measuring 6 meters wide and 3 meters high. The domes are equipped with a bed, a mini-refrigerator, a coffee maker, and a microwave. 

The tents also have a lounge area for guests to enjoy the lush scenery. They also have a bathroom with a toilet, a shower, and a wash basin. Domescape maintains an all-natural swimming pool with the water coming from a stream. Guests can bring in their own food and cook at a shared kitchen and dining area. 

Staying at Domescape Resort is all about being harmonious with nature but also enjoying modern comfort. 

9. Native Village Inn (Banaue)

A traditional Ifugao hut in Native Village Inn, Banaue

Photo by Native Village Inn

Native Village Inn is a bed and breakfast facility in Uhj, Ifugao, Banaue. What makes this simple inn stand out is its magnificent views of the world-famous Banaue Rice Terraces, one of the most famous tourist attractions in North Luzon

Native Village is a simple accommodation option, but it sits at an incredibly beautiful location. Rooms have either a garden or mountain views. Bathrooms are shared, but the inn offers complimentary standard toiletries. 

As a guest, you will enjoy the Native Village’s mountainous vista and tranquil environment. You can also dine at the inn’s restaurant that serves Filipino and western food. 

Native Village Inn is about 3.9 kilometers from the main Banaue town and 9 kilometers from the Banaue Rice Terraces. It offers private parking, free Wifi, car, and transport services. 

8. Noni’s Resort Talisay Cabins (Batangas)

Private pool in Noni’s Resort Talisay Cabins

Photo by Noni’s Resort

The best cabin resorts in the Philippines take you very close to nature, and Noni’s Resort fits the category. At 1000 feet above sea level, Noni's boasts magnificent panoramas of Mount Maculot, Taal Lake, and the Tagaytay ridges. 

Noni's has a collection of villas and room types, but the resort's Talisay Cabins are the crowd-pleasers. The air-conditioned Talisay Cabins have a beautiful interior design and are quite photogenic. They feature two levels and have a triangular-shaped roof. On the first level, you will find a living space and a queen-sized bed. The second level is smaller and has a double-sized bed. 

The most striking feature of the Talisay cabins is its floor-to-ceiling view of Taal Lake and Mt. Maculot. Each cabin comes with a private bathroom, solo fire pit, private infinity plunge pool, and seating area. It also has a patio with a dining area, so you won't miss out on the mountain views while dining. 

Talisay Cabins of Noni’s Resort is located in Alitagtag, Batangas, Philippines. 

7. Aquascape Caliraya Lake (Laguna)

The floating cottage of Aquascape Caliraya Lake

Photo by Aquascape Caliraya Lake

Aquascape Caliraya Lake sits inside a lakeside campsite called Eco-Saddle, situated in Cavinti, a town in the rural area of Laguna. People choose to stay in this property to unwind and get away from their hectic city life.  

A stay at Aquascape is about experiencing the peaceful countryside. The resort has several villas used for accommodation and entertainment, but it is considered one of the best floating house resorts in the Philippines.

Aquascape owns two floating-style houses. These houses exhibit the traditional Filipino nipa hut design. They are more like houseboats than just stilt houses as they have a powerful motor that can propel them across the lake. Thus, these floating cottages can take you on lake cruises. Each houseboat comes with a double bed, a kitchenette, a patio, a living space, and a minibar area. 

6. The Birdhouse (El Nido)

Aerial view of The Birdhouse's rooms

Photo by The Birdhouse

The Birdhouse manages to distinguish itself from the many resorts in the famous seaside town of El Nido. This property is a passion project of a Filipino husband and wife. The Birdhouse is a glamping hotel sitting on El Nido’s Marimegmeg Beach.

The Birdhouse makes use of local materials for its furniture, fixtures, and decoration. This boutique resort which is also one of the best treehouse resorts in the Philippines features 5 luxury tents sitting on stilt platforms that overlook gorgeous green scenery and Bacuit Bay. These tents are called nests, and each of them is equipped with a private bathroom. The nests are intended to be places of relaxation where you can experience sleeping under the stars. 

The Birdhouse promotes lifestyle tourism as it hosts daily sunset yoga sessions, retreats, and discussions regarding important topics like sustainability and client change, some unique experiences aside from exploring the top El Nido tourist spots and El Nido beaches. The hotel also has a farm-to-table restaurant called the Nesting Table. 

5. Vintage Airstream Suite on Top of a Hill (Batangas)

The Airstream Airbnb at sunset

Photo by The Airstream Airbnb

Standing on top of the hill, in the mountainous region of Calaca, Batangas is the first Airstream accommodation in the Philippines. Vintage Airstream Suite on Top of a Hill is an American caravan brand known for its rounded design and aluminum. 

Vintage Airstream Suite on Top of a Hill measures 35 square feet and is fully air-conditioned. On top of a queen-sized bed, the trailer has a living area with a sofa bed and a small but well-equipped kitchen. It also features a private deck that can serve as an outdoor dining area. 

Staying at Vintage Airstream Suite on Top of a Hill makes you experience the nomadic lifestyle with a touch of luxury. Instead of the usual RV bathroom, the property has a separate, underground bathroom. This bathroom is complete with a toilet and eco-friendly bath amenities.

One of the best things about staying at this accommodation is the incredible views of the mountains and Nasugbu Beach. Since the location is on the western coast, you will also enjoy scenic sunsets during your stay. 

4. Treehouse de Valentine (Cebu)

Exterior of Treehouse de Valentine

Photo by Treehouse de Valentine

Treehouses in the Philippines are normally cool spaces for children to play in. But one hotel in Cebu has taken the treehouse concept to create a unique holiday experience beyond what Cebu beachfront hotels offer.

The Treehouse de Valentine is located deep in the thick forest of Balamban Cebu is one of the best Bali-like resorts in the Philippines. Unlike the usual treehouses, this property is large with a spacious lounging area and three well-designed bedrooms that can accommodate up to 8 people. 

Inside the property is a kitchen equipped with kitchenware, a microwave oven, and a stove. Thus, you can cook meals while here, but the booking fee usually includes a free local breakfast. 

The Treehouse maximizes its riverside location by offering a balcony and patio that faces a beautiful river. Treehouse De Valentine is located in Barangay Hingatmonan, Balamban, about 55 to 70 kilometers away from Cebu City and other Cebu hotels

3. Twin Glass Treehouse at Tudor in the Pines (Baguio)

Tudor in the Pines’ Pine Cone Treehouse

Photo by Tudor in the Pines

If the idea of a stylish Philippine treehouse with large glass windows sounds very appealing to you, then the Twin Glass Treehouse at Tudor in the Pines is worth checking out. Located in the forested and pine-filled area of Barangay Sto. Tomas, Balabac, Baguio, this bed and breakfast complex features seven accommodation options. One of them is the Twin Glass Treehouse. 

The Twin Glass Treehouse of Tudor in the Pines boasts ceiling-to-floor windows that allow guests to admire the beautiful pine landscape surrounding the property. This premier glass treehouse sits on a timber deck, which stands about 30 feet above the ground. Twin Glass Treehouse comes with a private bathroom, a living space, and a bed. Its interior space is ideal for two people. 

The two units of Twin Glass Treehouse are connected by a wooden deck. Travel groups with a maximum of 4 guests can book the two glass treehouses as one. If you book a stay at Tudor in the Pines, you will also gain access to a picnic area, a fire pit, a private garden, and a lounge area called the Glasshouse Lounge.



2. Paolyn Houseboats (Coron)

The Paolyn Houseboat in a lagoon in Palawan

Photo by Paolyn Houseboats

Paolyn Houseboats is often considered one of the best floating house resorts in the Philippines. As the name suggests, you won’t find this bed and breakfast on land. Paolyn Houseboats is a property that floats on a bay off Coron, Palawan. 

With its large rocky cliffs and azure water, Coron Island boasts one of the most stunning island and sea sceneries in the country. Most hotels are located in and near Coron’s main town but Paolyn is unique because of its location. Guests to this property can sleep and wake up to Coron's world-class seascape. 

The houseboat features four wood-style rooms, with each one equipped with a TV, air conditioner, fan, and a private bathroom with a shower. The rooms also have private dining areas and outdoor spaces perfect for relaxing and lounging after a full day of exploring attractions in your Palawan itinerary. Guests can also choose to dine at Paolyn’s onsite Italian Filipino restaurant that serves freshly cooked meals despite being in the middle of the sea!

1. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (Bataan)

A pebblestone path in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Photo by Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Situated in Bagac, Bataan, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is number one on our list of most unique hotels and resorts in the Philippines. It is not just a hotel but also a well-preserved heritage site that offers guests a glimpse of the country's colonial past. It is also one of the top resorts in Bataan



The accommodations found in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar are actual restored Filipino-Spanish homes and colonial buildings owned by Jose Acuzar. Some of these buildings are big mansions and stilt houses shipped from different parts of the Philippines and put on display in this open-air museum. You can also join Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar tours, but the best way to enjoy it is to stay in one of its colonial casas (houses). 

The houses have kept their original elegant colonial design but also offer modern-day amenities. These private houses have living and dining sections. They also have a minibar, an air conditioner, a TV with cable, and a granite bathroom with a bathtub and shower. Private casas feature either a view of the beach and the lovely plaza. 



Explore the Most Unique Hotels and Resorts in the Philippines

Exterior of The Airstream Airbnb

Photo by The Airstream Airbnb

When you think about the ultimate Philippine travel adventures, beach hopping, island tours, and mountain hiking may come to mind. But staying at a one-of-a-kind accommodation can be a great travel experience in itself. 

The unique hotels and resorts in the Philippines included in this list are worth staying in not just because of their popularity and unique features. What makes them truly special is they are well-thought-out passion projects. The creators behind these properties are proof of how creative, passionate and thoughtful Filipinos can be. 

So when you are planning for your next holiday, consider staying at one of these unique hotels and resorts. They will teach you a thing or two about what makes the Philippines an amazing country to visit. 

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