20 Best Glamping Resorts Near Manila: Batangas, Tagaytay, Rizal, Laguna

20 Best Glamping Resorts Near Manila: Batangas, Tagaytay, Rizal, Laguna

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The Park and Juan's Place

Photos by The Park - Silang and Juan's Place

When looking for a quick getaway from Manila, the Philippines' capital city, there are a variety of popular beach resorts near Manila and mountain resorts near Manila to choose from. Among the top destinations for weekend trips for those staying in or around Manila are provinces such as Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, and Zambales. While these places all feature top-notch resorts, they also offer glamping vacations for travelers craving a unique experience. 


Glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping, and refers to an outdoor getaway that includes certain amenities of a hotel or resort stay. In contrast to spending a night in a room or villa at a resort, glamping lets travelers get a more immersive experience outdoors while enjoying the comfort of amenities like air conditioning, running water, and electric fans. To help you find the perfect glamping spot for you, this article lists some of the top places to go glamping near Manila. 



Best Batangas Glamping Resorts

Batangas is among the top destinations for weekend getaways as it is home to some of the best beach resorts near Manila. The province sits about 100 KM from Manila as well, making it an ideal place for a road trip near Manila. Aside from having a few of the top white sand beaches in the Philippines, the province is well known for Batangas resorts and Batangas tourist spots like Anilao diving spots that feature vibrant fishes and other marine animals. 



Noni’s Resort

Private pool in Noni’s Resort Talisay Cabins

Photo by Noni's Resort

Noni's Resort is located on a mountainside in Alitagtag that stands at about 1,000 feet above sea level, giving you a view similar to tree house resorts. When staying in their glamping tents, you will be treated to unobstructed views of Mt. Maculot, Taal Lake, and even the ridges of Tagaytay City. Each tent consists of two levels that are fully air-conditioned.



Interior of a cabin at Noni’s Resort

Photo by Noni's Resort

Inside, you will find a private bathroom, queen bed, double bed, and seating area. Just outside of the tent, you will have access to a private heated infinity pool and a dining area, where you can enjoy a delicious meal while admiring the panoramic scenery. Throughout your trip, it is recommended to make time in your Batangas itinerary to explore the nearby tourist spots as well to make the most of your adventure. 




Single tent in Domescape

Photo by Domescape

Nestled in a lush area of Nasugbu is Domescape resort, among the first establishments to introduce geodesic tents and Batangas glamping. These stylish domes are about 6 meters wide and 3 meters high, giving you more than enough space to unwind and relax. Each tent also features tall windows that let you admire the surrounding greenery.

Interior of a Domescape tent

Photo by Domescape

Aside from the tents, the resort also houses natural swimming pools that get their water from a nearby stream. Staying true to the idea of glamping, each tent is also equipped with air conditioning, beds, bathrooms, mini-refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker. For a more traditional camping experience, it's best to bring your own ingredients and cook up a cozy meal at the resort's shared kitchen. 



Nayomi Sanctuary Resort

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort

Photo by Nayomi Sanctuary Resort

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort sticks to its name and provides a peaceful escape from urban life. This hideaway is located in Balete and spans over 14,000 square meters that consist of an outdoor pool, playground, and beautifully landscaped gardens. Whether you just plan on going on a day tour in Batangas or spending the night, there are a lot of activities to try out here.

Interior of Nayomi Sanctuary Resort's  glamping tents

Photo by Nayomi Sanctuary Resort

As for their glamping tents, they are big enough to fit three double beds. Each tent is set on a sturdy wooden deck and has been outfitted with an electric fan for ventilation. When glamping here, you will also have access to a private bathroom and outdoor dining area that are both located near the tent.



Best Cavite and Tagaytay Glamping Resorts

Home to lush landscapes and historic sites, Cavite offers not only a quiet escape to travelers but also allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the country's culture. The province has been the site for several noteworthy moments in history such as the Philippines' proclamation of independence from Spain. Along with the historical attractions, this province boasts several Cavite tourist spots like beaches and waterfalls as well that you can easily visit during one day trip from Manila or by booking some of our best Philippines tour packages.



The Park Silang Glamping

A glamping tent in The Park - Silang Cavite

Photo by The Park - Silang

Set in Silang town, The Park features three types of glamping tents that are located close to the property's trees and greenery. While each tent differs in size, they are all equipped with air-conditioning, WiFi, bathrooms, dining areas, and mini-refrigerators.

The smallest tents contain an indoor jacuzzi as well the larger ones have outdoor hot tubs that are perfect for relaxing in while taking in the serene atmosphere. Aside from glamping in Cavite, guests can also head out to explore nearby tourist spots or make use of the resort's amenities.



Riverfront Garden Resort

Riverfront Garden Resort's glamping cabin

Photo by Riverfront Garden Resort

Situated by an idyllic river in Maragondon, Cavite, the Riverfront Garden Resort is one of the best places to go glamping near Metro Manila. They have three kinds of wooden huts that are dedicated to glamping. Their newest huts feature a small patio complete with a table and two chairs where travelers can enjoy a hearty meal together, journal, or simply be.

As for their amenities, most huts are equipped with air-conditioning while others have electric fans instead. Each hut contains a queen-sized bed that can comfortably sleep two people. During your stay here, you may also go for a dip at the outdoor pool and have a delicious meal at the on-site restaurant. 

Nurture Wellness Village

Glamping tents in Nurture Wellness Village

Photo by Nurture Wellness Village

Known as one of the most relaxing getaways in Tagaytay City and one of the best farm resorts in the Philippines, Nurture Wellness Village is the perfect choice for travelers who want to pamper themselves during a vacation. Their glamping tents are situated in the property's Sabila Campsite, which is separated from the main building to give you a more quiet atmosphere.

Inside each tent are a comfortable bed and a simple dresser. As for the tent's exterior, you will find a cemented patio with a table and chairs; a bathroom; and a bonfire area. As a top spot for wellness, one of the best things to do during a Tagaytay glamping trip is to get one of their spa's signature massages to help you destress and relax. 



Best Zambales Glamping Resorts 

Zambales is a seaside province along the northwestern coast of the Philippines that is known as a popular destination for weekend trips and has some of the best private resorts near Manila.

This province has a diverse landscape that is home to Zambales tourist spots such as the historic Mt. Pinatubo, a top Luzon tourist spot that is often part of Zambales tours. On top of these, the province is also rich in wildlife and is home to some of the best beaches in the Philippines that you can visit through Philippines holiday packages.



Crystal Beach Resort

Crystal Beach Resort's glamping area

Photo by Crystal Beach Resort

Crystal Beach Resort has made a name for itself by being one of the top Zambales beach resorts for bonfires, beach gatherings, and surfing. This well-known getaway sits in the municipality of San Narciso and boasts a beach made of powdery sand.

For a rustic and comfortable stay, travelers can book the Surfshack, a wooden hut situated in an area filled with tall trees and not too far from the coast. These shacks have an electric fan to keep you cool and a bed that can sleep two people. You will also have access to the resort's common bathrooms if you choose to stay in a surfshack. If you prefer to go glamping in Zambales with air-conditioning, you can opt for a beach cabin instead. 



Kwentong Dagat

Glamping tents in Kwentong Dagat

Photo by Kwentong Dagat

Kwentong Dagat is situated in San Felipe, a fishing community in the central area of Zambales. The resort has dedicated camping grounds where travelers can pitch their own tent or rent one. For those glamping here, you will also have access to the grounds' shared bathroom, basic toiletries, and an outdoor kitchen. Guests will be treated to a free light breakfast as well.

Aside from swimming in the beach, you may opt to join yoga, muay-thai, or jiujitsu classes during your time here too. If you want to explore more of the outdoors, book Zambales island-hopping tour packages to set foot on some of the best islands in the Philippines.



Zoobic Glampz

Zoobic Glampz

Photo by Zoobic Glampz

Zoobic Glampz is a haven for animal lovers as it is situated inside the famous Zoobic Safari, a wildlife park and one of the best kid-friendly places near Manila. In contrast to the usual tents, travelers will instead be sleeping in renovated 40-foot-tall container vans. Each van is designed after a different species, such as tigers, zebras, or peacocks. All of the units are fully air-conditioned and feature double beds, flat-screen TVs, and outdoor dining and lounge areas.

Zebra-themed room in Zoobic Glampz

Photo by Zoobic Glampz

On top of this, a stay at Zoobic Glampz also comes with a day tour inside the Zoobic Safari. If you book on a Saturday or a holiday, you will have the chance to go on a Night Safari as well. Prior to planning a trip here or to other resorts in the province, make sure to check on the Zambales travel requirements, which you can find on travel booking websites like Guide to the Philippines.



Best Laguna Glamping Resorts

Laguna lies to the south of Manila City and is a go-to destination for quick yet peaceful getaways. The province boasts several Laguna tourist spots like lakes and waterfalls surrounded by lush greeneries that are perfect for day trips near Manila. Along with its natural attractions, Laguna is also well-known as the birthplace of the Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, and home to Laguna hot spring resorts


Glamping by BLOC

A bonfire at BLOC Farm Stay

Photo by BLOC Campsite

Glamping by BLOC is one of the best places to go glamping in Laguna as it is located beside Lumot Lake. While most glamping sites house guests in more high-end tents or huts, Glamping by BLOC sleeps guests in modern T-houses mostly made of metal.

Interior of a cabin in Glamping by BLOC

Photo by BLOC Campsite

Some even have a second floor, which is perfect for larger groups. Each T-house is outfitted with wooden interiors that give the space a cozy feel despite the sleek exterior. Every house also features a small wooden patio in the back. The patios are located right by the lake, so you can easily go for a dip whenever you like.



Juan's Place

A tent in Juan's Place

Photo by Juan's Place

Nestled in the mountains of Santa Maria in Laguna are white geodesic glamping tents set in between tall trees and green gardens. These tents make up Juan's Place, a hideaway that resembles scenes straight from Studio Ghibli films thanks to its serene atmosphere. There are three types of rooms that differ in size, with the smallest ones fitting up to four people while the largest ones can sleep a group of six.



Interior of one of the tents in Juan's Place

Photo by Juan's Place

Each tent features a bathroom, WiFi, mini-refrigerator, electric kettle, towels, and basic toiletries. Aside from chilling in your domes, you may also go for a dip in the natural pools or do some yoga in their theater-style yoga studio. 



Glamping ETC

Glamping ETC's tents

Photo by Glamping ETC

Built on a private island close to Lake Lumot, Glamping ETC offers an exclusive escape to travelers craving some peace and quiet. Stay in any of their white geodesic glamping domes, and you will have a beautiful view of the lake throughout your time here. Each of their domes is large enough to fit a bed good for two, and even a lounge area made up of two wooden chairs and a small table.

Inside Glamping ETC's tents

Photo by Glamping ETC

Guests will also have their own bathrooms when staying in a dome. As a lakeside property, you may also go for a swim in the cool waters, go kayaking, or go fishing as well. Aside from their geodesic tents, Glamping ETC has another space dedicated to traditional tents and is an ideal spot for camping near Manila

Best Bulacan Glamping Resorts

Bulacan is located about 35 KM north of Manila City and is among the oldest towns in the country. In light of its rich history and the important Philippine heroes that were born here, it has also gained the title of "The Land of Heroes." Along with Bulacan tourist spots such as historical sites and centuries-old churches, Bulacan is also home to natural wonders, such as rivers and mountains. It is also an emerging weekend destination near Manila because of the many Bulacan resorts that you can book. 



San Rafael River Adventure

San Rafael River Adventure's glamping tent

Photo by San Rafael River Adventure

San Rafael River Adventure is a top glamping resort in Bulacan as it offers a wide variety of activities you can try out during your stay. Among them are kayaking, fishing, and swimming. Afterward, you can rest in any of the resort's glamping tents to stay immersed in the outdoors while still enjoying the resort's comforts.

Each of their regular glamping tents has two mattresses, a set of tables and chairs, an air cooler, a mini locker, and a private bonfire area. You may also request a griller if you plan on cooking your own meals. Feel free to bring the family pets along, too, as San Rafael River Adventure is known as one of the best pet-friendly resorts near Manila and best places in the Philippines for family vacations.



Kalinaw sa Kalawakan

Kalinaw sa Kalawakan

Photo by Kalinaw sa Kalawakan

Kalinaw sa Kalawakan is set along the mountains of Barangay Lilit in Dona Remedios Trinidad and is among the best camping sites near Manila. Guests can either spend the night in wooden huts with simple interiors or rent a tent for a more traditional camping experience.

20 Best Glamping Resorts Near Manila: Batangas, Tagaytay, Rizal, Laguna

If you have your own tent, you may also bring it but will have to pay a certain amount to set it up on the campsite grounds. The property also provides bonfire areas where you can enjoy meals and share stories with your loved ones at night. In the mornings, you can explore the nearby bike and walking trails too. 



Kampo ni Juan

Kampo ni Juan

Photo by Kampo ni Juan

Similar to Kalinaw sa Kalawakan, Kampo ni Juan is a camping site in Bulacan located along the mountain ranges of Dona Remedios Trinidad. This simple camping ground houses three types of accommodations: a wooden cabin, a regular tent, and a Kwentong Gubat tent. The cabins, which provide a more comfortable stay for newbies to glamping, can sleep a maximum of two people while the tents can fit up to three.

There are also designated areas where you can cook and dine while enjoying the cool atmosphere up in the mountains. To make your glamping trip more memorable, you may ask the staff to help you arrange a day tour in the nearby Talon Zamora waterfalls as well. 



Best Rizal Glamping Resorts

Rizal province is a mountainous area that is situated to the east of Manila City. As it is only a few hours away from the country's capital city, it is a go-to place for day tours near Manila and one of the best bike destinations near Manila. Some of the province's best Rizal tourist spots are natural attractions, such as the Masungi Georeserve, Mt. Daraitan, and Tinipak River. Apart from hotels in Antipolo, Rizal is home to a few glamping resorts.



Bulod Campsite

Bulod Campsite's tents

Photo by Bulod Campsite

Set along the riverbanks in Tanay, Bulod Campsite is a refreshing site for glamping in Rizal. The campsite features four 17-foot-tall bell tents with air beds that can comfortably sleep four people each. As it is set by a river, you will be treated to the sweet lullaby of running water and the rustle of trees as you fall asleep.

When you wake up, you can cook up your own meals or place an order and enjoy it at the area's common dining area. Afterward, you can go for a swim in the cool waters or simply sit back ad take in the ambiance of this natural haven. 



Camp Sandugo

Camp Sandugo

Photo by Camp Sandugo

Camp Sandugo is situated along the mountains of San Mateo in Rizal and provides a scenic view of the Metro Manila skyline. The tents are all set out on layered areas alongside a mountain slope as the site draws inspiration from the Ifugao province's world-famous rice terraces. This set-up allows guests to have unobstructed views of the metro skyline despite sharing the campsite with fellow guests.

All of their tents are also equipped with beds and electric fans. Meanwhile, the standard and premium glamping packages have electric outlets, minibars, and private decks complete with a balcony. All travelers will also have access to the site's common cooking areas, restrooms, shower areas, and dining areas.



Ten Cents to Heaven

Sitting on the hills of Tanay, Ten Cents to Heaven is a leisure park that provides a breathtaking view of the nearby Sierra Madre mountain ranges, which are among the distinct geographical features of the Philippines. The whole property consists of 30 hectares and is filled with different facilities such as swimming pools, a zip line, a rappel tower, and a botanical garden.

For an overnight stay, you can spend a night in one of their glamping tents that are set up in a designated campsite. Each tent contains two single beds and a lamp for a cozy night in the outdoors. The tent also features windows that let the fresh air in while allowing you to enjoy the scenery from inside your tent. 



Best Bataan Glamping Resorts

Bataan is a coastal province that sits along the western shores of the Luzon region. This province is also located about 52 KM from the metro and features affordable resorts near Manila, making it a great spot for quick vacations.

Although it is considered among the smallest provinces in the country, it is home to Bataan tourist spots like the Five Fingers Cove, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, and more Bataan resorts and tourist spots near Manila.



Playa La Caleta

Playa La Caleta's family glamping tent

Photo by Playa La Caleta

When glamping in Bataan, you should consider spending a night or two at Playa La Caleta. Located in the municipality of Morong, this eco-friendly resort boasts a private 100-hectare cove, three waterfalls, and a forest filled with towering trees. The resort's glamping tents are perfect for nature lovers as they are all nestled in a garden area that is only a few steps from the white sand beach. Each tent is air-conditioned and outfitted with a ceiling fan, dresser, side tables, and beds.

20 Best Glamping Resorts Near Manila: Batangas, Tagaytay, Rizal, Laguna



Interior of Playa La Caleta's family glamping tent

Photo by Playa La Caleta

Their family glamping tents come with their own bathrooms, while the ones for couples include access to a shared shower area and toilets. Aside from enjoying the resort's beach, you may also go for a swim in their natural pools or go mountain biking. If you plan on celebrating a special occasion here with your partner, check out our vacation packages for couples as well. 



Best Tarlac Glamping Resorts

Tarlac is a landlocked province located in Central Luzon that is best known for Mt. Pinatubo, a highlight in Philippine tour packages, and open fields. Thanks to the open spaces, Tarlac has become a popular site for recreational activities such as biking, trekking, and hiking. It is also home to tourist spots such as the Bulsa River, Monasterio de Tarlac, and Capas National Shrine, among others. 



Mudita Glamping Resort

Mudita Glamping Resort's tropical tent

Photo by Mudita Glamping Resort

Mudita Glamping Resort stands in the middle of a rice field in the municipality of San Jose. The resort also adds its own twist to glamping in Tarlac by replacing the usual tents with bamboo huts that resemble bahay kubos (nipa huts) raised on stilts. Coupled with the verdant grass and gardens that cover the area, a day here resembles an idyllic time in the province's vast rice fields. Their huts also come with a patio that has a small dining table and mini-refrigerator, where you can store your beverages or food.

On top of a leisurely stay in their huts, guests can go for a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool to cool off while admiring the lush greenery of the area. If you plan on hiking up Mt. Pinatubo, it's best to schedule and secure an online trip booking ahead of time as Mt. Pinatubo tours are one of the most sought-after Philippines guided tours

Escape to These Glamping Resorts Near Manila

Aerial shot of Bulod Campsite

Photo by Bulod Campsite

Reconnect with nature as you tour the Philippines by trying out glamping in the Philippines. While it is a change of pace from the usual beach resorts in the Philippines, glamping offers unique experiences such as sleeping by a lake or in a wildlife sanctuary. Aside from being able to spend more time outdoors, glamping allows you to stay in some of the best places to visit in the Philippines at cheaper rates too, without sacrificing comfort.

While these glamping resorts are suited for travelers coming from Manila, there are also several glamping sites across the country that are close to Visayas tourist spots and Mindanao tourist spots. Most of them are also located along pristine beaches, which are the top reasons why you should visit the Philippines. Plan your glamping escapade in the tropics by checking out our all-inclusive Philippines vacation packages



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