Where to Eat in Coron Palawan: 11 Best Restaurants, Bars, Seafood, Must-Try Food

Where to Eat in Coron Palawan: 11 Best Restaurants, Bars, Seafood, Must-Try Food

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Kawayanan Grill and Sharky's Restobar

Photos by Kawayanan Grill and Sharky's Restobar

Coron is a popular tropical island destination in Palawan and one of the best places to visit for a vacation in the Philippines. Its white sandy seaside resorts, hidden coves, limestone cliffs, and pristine freshwater lakes attract many travelers to this coastal town every year.

As a premier diving site famous for World War 2 era shipwreck diving spots, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to snorkeling and diving options. The best way to explore these sites is by joining a Coron island hopping tour package.

While Coron is known for its gorgeous Palawan beaches and shipwreck diving sites, it has also made a name for itself as a foodie destination. Its location near the coast makes it a great place to sample seafood dishes along with Filipino and international cuisine. Make your dining experience even more special by enjoying a meal at a beachfront restaurant with amazing seaside views while watching the sunset.


11. Kawayanan Grill

Kawayanan Grill's seafood platter

Photo by Kawayanan Grill

Kawayanan Grill is a restaurant often included as a lunch stop in many Coron tour package itineraries because of its central location and delicious but affordable local cuisine. Situated along Real Street in the town proper, it features a casual alfresco space with wooden dining tables separated by thatched-roof huts. 

Kawayanan Grill is best known for its diverse selection of seafood and exotic dishes. The house specialty, the seafood platter, includes a variety of grilled and fried seafood such as crab, fish, shrimps, and squid with garlic butter sauce on the side. Exotic meals such as Bird’s Nest, a type of soup made of swiftlet bird’s saliva, and Crocodile sisig (chopped crocodile on a sizzling plate) are local favorites. 

Rice pairings of grilled meat dishes like pork barbecue or chicken are also popular, along with 'silog' meals (egg and fried rice) with tapa (marinated beef) or breaded chicken.

10. Karl's BBQ

Interior of Karl's BBQ

Photo by Karl's BBQ

Located in San Agustin Street in the Coron town proper, Karl’s BBQ is 1km away from Mount Tapyas, a landmark with a sweeping view of the bay, and is a tourist attraction included in most Coron tours. The 721 step staircase to reach the summit in Mount Tapyas is enough to work up an appetite, making Karla's BBQ the perfect place to indulge in some budget-friendly Filipino meals. 

Aside from their grilled barbecues, the baby back ribs are a popular crowd-pleaser. They come in huge servings and are known for their tender, juicy texture. Its ideal location at the center of town makes it a convenient place for some local comfort food. Visitors often order Filipino rice dishes paired with marinated meat or sisig (chopped pork on a sizzling plate). Their seafood selection is always fresh and best enjoyed with an ice-cold beverage like coconut juice, beer, or mango shake. 

9. Sharky’s Restobar

Sharky’s Restobar's four cheese pizza

Photo by Sharky’s Restobar

An open bar and restaurant with a shark figurine at the entrance, Sharky’s Restobar is easy to find along Dinagpan Road at the Coron town proper. Similar to the cult classic, Jaws, the campy figurine is suspended in mid-air and is a popular spot for a photo-op.

The restaurant serves Filipino favorites like crispy 'pata' (deep-fried pork knuckles) and beef 'papaitan' (Ilocano dish of beef innards) along with bar chow like crocodile sisig (chopped crocodile in a sizzling plate), Elmhurst shrimp, and buffalo wings. Their must-try pizzas are a crowd favorite. 

Interior of Sharky's Restobar

Photo by Sharky’s Restobar

The bar is known for its lively events where they regularly feature acoustic bands and DJs on stage to entertain diners. They serve a variety of cocktails and have a good beer and wine selection, the perfect accompaniment while enjoying the fun atmosphere and delicious food in a casual environment. 

8. Santino's Grill

Grilled platter by Santino's Grill

Photo by Santino's Grill

Santino’s Grill is reputed to have some of the best meat dishes in Coron, with the baby back ribs as their house specialty. Available in half or full slab portions, these fall-off-the-bone pork ribs come with a side of salad and a choice of either mashed or fried potatoes. The open-air dining establishment has a casual, relaxed atmosphere that matches its kitschy wooden furniture and local island vibe.

Visitors on a vacation in the Philippines should sample the local cuisine and try some quintessential Filipino dishes like ‘sinigang’ (meat with vegetables in tamarind soup), pork barbecue, and ‘kare-kare’ (oxtail in stewed peanut sauce).

Their seafood dishes are also an excellent choice. Fish, squid, shrimp, and other seafood are sourced directly from the local market and served fresh. Refreshing beverages such as fruit shakes and coconut juice are also available to quench your thirst. 

7. KT's Sinugba Sa Balay

Known for their delicious take on Filipino comfort food, KT’s Sinugba Sa Balay can be found in a central location along San Agustin Street in Coron town proper. Their southeast Asian dishes are a local favorite, with the Mi Goreng (Indonesian style stir-fried noodle dish, Shrimps in Red Curry, and Beef Curry coming in highly recommended by regulars.

House specialties such as adobo (pork marinated in vinegar and soy sauce), crispy 'pata' (deep-fried pork knuckles), sisig (minced pork in a sizzling plate), and smoked barbecue dishes with rice are also popular choices. 

The alfresco diner offers a casual, no-frills setting and a self-serving station where visitors help themselves to free drinking water in a large jug along and utensils while dining. Available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they make their noodles and make their sourdough and ciabatta bread in-house. 



6. Get Real Bar & Restaurant

Dishes served at Get Real Bar & Restaurant

Photo by Get Real Bar & Restaurant

This open-air establishment is situated right at the heart of Real Street. This area is known as Coron’s rising district and offers numerous food and beverage options for budget-conscious travelers. 

Get Real Bar and Restaurant is one of the best places to visit in Coron for Mexican-inspired Filipino fusion cuisine in a lively bar with good music. They serve appetizers such as elotes (Mexican street corn), calamares (breaded fried squid), and french fries, all of which are popular bar chow options. The crowd favorites are their quesadillas, shrimp pizzadilla (flour tortilla pizza), Real Angus burger, Aligue pasta, and chicken platter.

Get Real Bar & Restaurant's al fresco area

Photo by Get Real Bar & Restaurant

Beat the heat at midday with their halo-halo, a popular Filipino dessert made even more special with the addition of an ice cream mixture instead of crushed ice, blended with a variety of sweetened ingredients, and topped with purple yam.

5. Epic Island Cafe Coron

Epic Island Cafe Coron's wagyu corned beef

Photo by Epic Island Cafe Coron

Located in the trendy Real Street in Coron’s emerging food district, Epic Island Cafe Coron serves all-day breakfast food best paired with their locally roasted coffee specials. Their Tagbanua blend consists of robusta and arabica coffee beans toasted with organic Muscovado sugar. Breakfast options include garlic fried rice and eggs paired with a choice of Wagyu corned beef, bacon slices, or marinated beef strips, locally known as ‘tapa’. 

Epic Island Cafe Coron's interior

Photo by Epic Island Cafe Coron

This small, unassuming cafe is also known for its delicious cakes and cookies, with the lava cake reputed to be the best on the island. Epic Cafe's Rocky Road Cheesecake, chocolate fudge brownies, and banana bread also come in highly recommended. Their savory menu is also top-notch, with the baby back ribs grilled in a wood-fired oven high up in the list of must-try dishes in Coron. Refreshing beverages like iced lemon honey tea and green tea matcha are also crowd-pleasers. 

4. Hermanos Tapas and Wine Bar

Hermanos Tapas and Wine Bar's pollo tinto

Photo by Hermanos Tapas and Wine Bar

Hermanos Tapas and Wine Bar is an upscale bar known for its delicious Spanish tapas menu. Must-try favorites include Langostino Tigre al Ajillo (tiger prawns in olive oil), Beef Salpicao (diced and flambeed Angus beef chunks), and Chorizo al Vino Tinto (chorizo cooked in a red wine reduction). They also have a great selection of European cold cuts and cheese that pair well with a wide array of fine wines on their menu. 

Hermanos Tapas and Wine Bar's al fresco area

Photo by Hermanos Tapas and Wine Bar

Situated along the National Highway in the Coron town proper, it has a classy but laid-back ambiance that appeals to tourists looking for delicious food in a comfortable, air-conditioned place with a terrace. The bar has a stage for live music that often features local bands. Aside from the tapas, this vegetarian-friendly bar also offers Mediterranean and international dishes such as Shish Barak (dumplings in yogurt sauce), schnitzel (fried coated meat), hamburgers, and tacos.  

3. Poco Deli Coron

Poco Deli Coron's meat platter

Photo by Poco Deli Coron

Poco Deli Coron is an Italian Restaurant and Deli that offers European comfort food tinged with Spanish, German, and Irish flavors. Located at the heart of the trendy Real street district, the restaurant uses high-quality meats like Angus Beef, Japanese Wagyu, and French Pork, all flavored with the choicest Italian spices and no artificial flavor enhancers or fake extenders.  

Poco Deli Coron's al fresco area

Photo by Poco Deli Coron

Their brick oven pizza and pasta selections are popular food choices, and their sausage platters are sought after by customers to celebrate special occasions. Another house specialty is their charcuterie selection, a delicious assortment of homemade savory meat dishes free from preservatives. Must-try favorites include the Wagyu sausage sampler and the bacon slab, a half-inch wood-smoked pork slab seared to your liking. 

2. Manggis Restaurant

Manggis Restaurant's boodle fight

Photo by Vela Terraces Hotel

Perched at the foothills of Mt. Tapyas just 500 meters from its famous view deck is Manggis Restaurant, the in-house restaurant of Vela Terraces Hotel. Found along Calle Nueva, Poblacion, Coron, it is very near the town proper. They offer a mouthwatering selection of Filipino-inspired dishes along with an international menu that includes Italian, American, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisine, all served fresh and beautifully plated for each guest. 

Manggis Restaurant's interior

Photo by Vela Terraces Hotel

A crowd favorite is their version of the ‘boodle fight’, a popular Filipino dish often found in fiestas or casual gatherings. Food is served on banana leaves and set on a long table, 'military style' and then eaten with bare hands. Having it at an upscale restaurant like Manggis makes for a novel, memorable experience. Other crowd favorites include their pizza and pasta dishes, as well as innovative desserts like the white wine hibiscus sorbet. 

1. Trattoria Altrov’é Coron

Trattoria Altrove Coron's assorted pizzas

Photo by Altrove Coron

Satisfy your pasta craving in Coron at Trattoria Altrov’é and get ready for an authentic Italian dining experience in the tropics. Their brick oven-style pizzas are freshly prepared upon order, ensuring a delicious slice of gooey cheese and toppings on dough that regulars swear is worth the long lines at peak times. This alfresco space along Rosario Street has earned the reputation of offering the best pizza and pasta dishes in Coron. 

Trattoria Altrove Coron's interior

Photo by Altrove Coron

Aside from the phenomenal pizzas, try the bestselling Gamberi Olio D’Oliva, a pasta dish of sautéed shrimp tossed in olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, and crushed pepper topped with fresh parmesan cheese. Other house favorites include carpaccio (Italian hors d’oeuvre of raw beef), Beef Lasagna, and Risotto con Funghi Porcini, a rice dish with mushrooms cooked in white wine and herbs. 

Explore the Best Restaurants in Coron

Malcapuya Island in Coron, Palawan

Coron and nearby El Nido are great places to enjoy reasonably priced seafood dishes in a casual, laid-back setting. Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler or someone who appreciates a sumptuous meal with the best catch of the day, joining a Palawan tour package is a great option to do so. 

When you book either an El Nido island hopping tour or a Coron tour package, take note of this list as a guide of must-try places to eat during your vacation in the Philippines. Get a first-hand experience of why Coron is fast becoming one of the top destinations for fresh seafood, Filipino favorites, and international cuisine.



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