Mayon ATV Albay Guide: Nearest to Volcano, Exclusive Trails, Riding Tips

Mayon ATV Albay Guide: Nearest to Volcano, Exclusive Trails, Riding Tips

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ATV riding by Mayon VolcanoMayon Volcano in Albay, Bicol, stands out among volcanoes in the Philippines thanks to its perfect cone shape. Together with Bicolano recipes from the best Albay restaurants that elevate Filipino cuisine, this 2462-meter-high active volcano has made the province of Albay a must-visit destination when you tour the Philippines. Mayon Volcano is also the most active volcano in the Philippines, with a record of approximately 50 eruptions in the last decade. In light of this, it is no longer allowed to hike up the volcano to keep mountaineers safe. 

However, tourists in Albay can still explore the base of this top Luzon tourist spot and its surroundings that feature lahar trails and scenic views. One of the best ways to do this is by going on Mayon ATV tours, where you get to drive an ATV across the area's diverse landscape.

If you're including a Mayon ATV tour in your Albay itinerary but don't know which trail to choose, bookmark this article to help you decide. We've listed down all the best Mayon ATV activities by Mayon SkyDrive ATV Adventure for your Albay trip based on duration, distance, and difficulty.

Travelers at the Mayon SkyDrive ATV Adventure siteEach of their exclusive trails also shows you different views of Mayon Volcano, with some bringing you 6 KM close to its crater. There are also combination or combo Mayon ATV tours exclusively by Guide to the Philippines if you're looking for a more unique Mayon ATV activity in Albay.

Read on to discover how to make the most of your visit to this iconic Bicol tourist spot in one of the best places to visit in the Philippines

2018 Mayon Lava Trail ATV

  • Duration: Approximately 3 - 4 hours
  • Distance: 24 KM round trip

The 2018 Mayon Lava Trail ATV features almost purely off-road paths that are perfect for driving an ATV in Mayon. It also passes through small hills, rocky paths, and a quarry site, making this one of the most challenging routes to try. Along with the rough terrain, you will pass by historic Albay tourist spots as well, such as the Cagsawa Ruins and Budiao Church. When you finally reach the trail's end, you will be rewarded with a scenic view of Legazpi City and nearby municipalities.

Mayon Volcano towers behind Cagsawa Ruins

Black Lava Trail Mayon ATV

  • Duration: Approximately 2 - 3 hours
  • Distance: 22 KM round trip

True to its name, this Mayon ATV trail includes a short trek up a lava wall, where you will get to touch lava rocks during your vacation in the Philippines. This lava wall is made up of black rocks formed during Mayon Volcano's 2006 eruption and is one example of the diverse geographical features of the Philippines.

Woman driving an ATV across a river in AlbayAs you make your way to the lava wall, you will drive across curvy rugged paths, rivers, swamps, and quarry sites as well. You will also pass through local barangays such as Matnog and Mabinit before reaching a viewpoint where you can see the Albay gulf, Legazpi City, and Lignon Hill.

Another highlight of this trail is getting a closer look at Mayon Volcano, specifically 6 KM from its crater. You may also include zip lining as an optional activity during your Mayon Volcano tour

Green Lava Trail Mayon ATV

  • Duration: Approximately 2 - 2.5 hours
  • Distance: 15 KM round trip

This Mayon ATV trail consists of former lava fields that have now become green fields. On your way to the fields, you will have to drive through hills, rocky paths, and a quarry site. You will also get to pass by two nearby Mayon Volcano tourist spots: the Cagsawa Ruins and Budiao Church Ruins.

Similar to the Black Lava trail, this trail will take you to a viewpoint from where you will be 6 KM away from Mayon Volcano's crater, allowing you to get a better look at this famed Legazpi tourist spot. You will have the opportunity to rest as well while admiring an unobstructed view of Legazpi City and other nearby places to visit in Albay.

Tricycle stops near Mayon Volcano

SkyDrive Combo Trail Mayon ATV

  • Duration: Approximately 50 minutes
  • Distance: 8 KM round trip

The SkyDrive Combo Trail will take you on a circular route around the Cagsawa Church Ruins, one of the top Bicol tourist spots. It is also a combination of four other Mayon Volcano ATV trails. During your drive, you will have to maneuver the ATV across river and swamp crossings about five times, so expect some small splashes as you race across the waterways! If you need to catch your breath, you will be passing by groups of Agoho trees that are perfect places to hide from the sun. 

Cagsawa SkyDrive River Trail Mayon ATV

  • Duration: Approximately 40 minutes
  • Distance: 6 KM round trip

Driving along the Cagsawa SkyDriver River Trail Mayon ATV allows you to drive close to the Cagsawa Ruins, an iconic tourist spot in the Bicol region and Albay province. This trail is also a combination of three other exclusive trails, hence its name.

River by Mayon VolcanoDuring this Cagsawa ATV adventure, you will have to cross rivers and swamps at least five times as well. Along with this, the trail will take you through rugged paths and rice paddy fields, displaying the potential of agritourism in the Philippines. You will then stop by a stunning field that sits in front of the towering Mayon Volcano, making it appear as a postcard-worthy scene. 

Forest Trail Mayon ATV

  • Duration: Approximately 35 minutes
  • Distance: 5 KM round trip

When taking on this Mayon ATV trail featuring a back and forth route, you will drive across curved paths under the shade of towering Agoho trees. These Agoho trees are similar to the pine trees often seen in Baguio City, which earned this area of trees the nickname "Little Baguio" among those who frequently go on an ATV ride in Mayon.

You will also get to stop for a photo op underneath the trees during your drive. Along with the trees, you will pass by the SkyDrive Grassland Trail too.

Snake Trail Mayon ATV

  • Duration: Approximately 30 - 40 minute
  • Distance: 4 KM round trip

Driving along this back and forth route will take you to another open field from where you can get a beautiful view of Mayon Volcano. You will also pass by the Cagsawa Ruins, another highlight of Bicol tours and Bicol tour packages from Manila.

As you make your way to the volcano, you will have to pass curvy, sandy, and bumpy paths. Along with the scenic view, a river crossing that goes on for about 200 meters is a highlight of the Snake Trail as well. You will also get to pass through some areas of the SkyDrive Grassland Trail, as this route will take you through common parts of the two trails. 

Rice fields near Mayon Volcano

SkyDrive Grassland Trail

  • Duration: Approximately 20 - 30 minutes
  • Distance: 2 KM round trip

As the shortest trail of Mayon SkyDrive ATV Adventures, this is the best option for beginners who want to try one of the best activities in Mayon Volcano. This entire trail consists of a back and forth route that goes all the way to an open field that provides a stunning view of Mayon Volcano.

Man riding an ATV by Mayon VolanoYou will get to traverse different terrain, specifically a river crossing that goes on for about 200 meters. Prepare for an exciting first-time drive as you make your way across sandy, bumpy, and rocky paths as well! 

Guide to the Philippines Exclusive Mayon ATV Trail Tours

Traveler crossing river by Mayon VolcanoFor travelers who want to try out more than one trail, you can check out exclusive ATV tours by Guide to the Philippines that let you mix and match any of the eight trails. Some Albay, Bicol tour packages also include Mayon ATV tours and stays at hotels in Legazpi City for a hassle-free getaway. We recommend going with an online trip booking ahead of time to avoid long lines on the day of your Mayon ATV adventure. 

What to Expect & Tips for Mayon ATV Tours

Woman driving an ATV on a dirt pathPrepare for an exciting drive around the base of Mayon Volcano by reading up on what to expect and what tips to keep in mind during your trip. Read on to find out when is the best time for Mayon ATV tours, who can go on Mayon ATV tours, what to wear, and what safety precautions you need to follow while steering an ATV. 

Best Time to Go

As Mayon ATV driving is an outdoor activity, it is recommended to schedule your Albay tour from December to May, the dry season in the Philippines. It is also recommended to do a Mayon ATV activity in the morning since there will be a higher chance of visibility Mayon Volcano, one of the top tourist spots in Legazpi, Albay. ATV tours are available as early as 7 AM and continue until 5 PM. 

Reflection of Mayon Volcano on a lakeIf you travel to Albay during the rainy season, you can still go on a Bicol ATV tour if the rainfall is light. For rainy rides, you can buy ponchos or raincoats to keep yourself from getting soaked while maneuvering through the trails. While you may not get a picturesque view of Mayon Volcano on rainy days, the rain does add another aspect of fun to the drive by making more puddles that you can race through! 

Before planning your Albay itinerary, we recommend reading our Legazpi Travel Guide, where you can find the necessary information about Bicol travel requirements and Philippine travel requirements that you may need to enter the province. You can also check out how to go to Mayon Volcano in our Mayon Volcano Guide

Who are Allowed in Mayon ATV Tours

Only those aged 15 years old and above are allowed to drive a Mayon ATV unit on their own if they show good driving performance during the allotted practice time beforehand. If they do not show good performance, they must be accompanied by an adult as a passenger throughout the activity. Their total weight must not exceed 100 KG as well. 

Meanwhile, children aged 14 and below can only join the activity as a back-ride on a driving adult. Kids 10 and below get to back-ride for free, which is another reason why Albay is one of the best places in the Philippines for family vacations. However, pregnant women are not allowed to join the Mayon ATV activity to avoid any unwanted risks to the mother and their baby. 

Safety in Mayon ATV Tours

Before hopping on an ATV in Albay, you must first register and sign a waiver. Afterward, you will undergo safety orientation. You will then undergo actual driving practice to learn how to ride an ATV. This will also let your instructors gauge if you are fit to steer an ATV unit on your own. 

Traveler driving ATV across a river crossing

What to Wear in Mayon ATV Tours

It is highly recommended to wear sportswear or any comfortable clothing that you can freely move in during the Mayon ATV activity. When it comes to footwear, it's best to put on a pair of closed shoes as they provide protection from small debris along the trail or the heat generated by the ATV rental unit. Helmets (provided in the tour) must also be worn throughout the whole activity. 

Plan Your Mayon ATV Tour in Albay Now

TopBanner_View of Mayon Volcano at dawn

Mayon Volcano's symmetrical silhouette easily makes it not only a top tourist attraction in Albay but also one of the reasons why you should visit the Philippines. After your Mayon ATV adventure, you can explore more places to visit near Mayon Volcano to learn more about Bicol. A great place to start would be at local Legazpi restaurants to get a taste of the famous Bicol Express and Laing dishes, which are both important parts of the local culture.

As an ecologically diverse region, there are various Philippines guided tours you can try in Bicol as well. Beyond its verdant fields and the Mayon Volcano, Bicol is home to pristine beaches that are great for honeymoons. Vacation packages for couples here also come with stays at top 5-star hotels in the Philippines, such as Misibis Bay Resort. Discover more of the Bicol province by booking Philippine tour packages curated by travel booking websites like Guide to the Philippines


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