Guide to Island Hopping in Boracay: Attractions, Itinerary, How to Book Tour, Tips

Guide to Island Hopping in Boracay: Attractions, Itinerary, How to Book Tour, Tips

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White Beach and Magic Island

A vacation in Boracay is incomplete without experiencing at least one of the Boracay island hopping tours. But with a variety of destinations and activities included in each island-hopping tour, it can be a bit confusing which one you should go with. With this article as a guide, you will be able to understand more about each stop so you can decide which tour you want to go on, and, if your tour is customizable, which destinations you want to visit.

Boracay Island is one of the ultimate getaway destinations for an idyllic beach vacation in the Philippines and for couples on their honeymoon in the Philippines. It showcases a powdery long stretch of white-sand beach which is regarded as one of the best beaches in the Philippines and the top Visayas tourist spots, aptly called White Beach, and crystal blue waters that glisten during the day. Travels to the island are also convenient because it is easy to book a Boracay tour package. Many travelers from all over the world keep coming back to witness the island’s incomparable and world-class beauty.

While most people here love to lounge or hang out by the White Beach area dotted with top Boracay resorts and hotels in Boracay for family or dine at the finest Boracay restaurants and enjoy Boracay water activities, the best thing to do to maximize your trip is to book Boracay island hopping tours and experience Boracay snorkeling. Those who want a more personal experience can also book a private island-hopping in Boracay.

If you’re planning to go on an adventure to this well-renowned paradise, here’s what you need to know before strolling exploring Boracay’s finest beaches, islets, and diving spots during your Boracay tours.

How to Book a Boracay Island Hopping Tour

Boat by a famous Boracay sand castle

Travelers can either pre-book a Boracay island hopping tour with an accredited tour operator and guide via the hotel or at one of the many vendors along White Beach that offer tours. For a hassle-free vacation in the Philippines,  we recommend booking Manila to Boracay packages early to get the best deals and all-inclusive packages with Station 1,2, 3 hotel pickup/dropoff, and lunch included.

There are two kinds of tours: Private and Shared/Joiner. Private island-hopping Boracay tours already comes with hotel pickup, a guide, roundtrip boat transfers, entrance and snorkeling fees, snorkeling masks, and a seafood lunch. Meanwhile, a Shared/Joiner tour lets you be with other groups of tourists on a joiner boat. GTTP also has private luxury boat tours if you want a unique experience. 

Boracay Island-Hopping Itinerary Attractions

Dotting the world-famous island are popular Boracay tourist spots included in the Boracay island hopping tours. There are different types of Boracay island hopping tours and the itinerary will depend on which package you will avail. 

Some Boracay tour packages already include lunch that is usually served in seafood picnic style. Budget-friendly Boracay resorts packages with add-on tours including beachfront hotels in Boracay station 2 are also available for a discounted price.



Puka Beach 

Aerial view of Puka Beach

Also called the Yapak Beach, the Puka Beach is one of the go-to beaches in Boracay because of its unique white sand mixed with crushed Puka shells. The 800-meter shoreline is lined with a few coconut trees. At dusk, you can spot flying foxes across the top of the cliff.

The sand here is not as fine as the White Beach because it has small bits of corals in it. It is ideal for swimming, but the water current can get rough and strong at times. There are no restaurants and shops around the area, only local vendors that sell souvenirs made of Puka Shells. Some stalls also offer snacks and drinks for those lounging on the beach.

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove in Boracay

Formerly known as Tiguatian Island, the Crystal Cove Resort is one of the key destinations included in the Boracay island-hopping itinerary. Its main attractions include 2 coves and a cave that boasts spectacular rock formations. Some of the activities at Crystal Cove are trekking, snorkeling, swimming, and cave exploration.

Crystal Cove also houses a museum and an aviary with pigeons. On top of the cove, you can find huts overlooking the turquoise blue waters and splashing sea waves hitting the gigantic rocks of the cove. Underneath is a hole with stairs leading down the cave and a natural pool where you can take a dip.

Magic Island

Aerial view of Magic Island

Up next is a popular cliff-diving spot in Boracay, known as the Magic Island. Beneath its crystal clear waters and white sand lies a rich marine life with stunning coral reefs and colorful fishes. Cliff jumping or diving is the main activity on the island other than snorkeling and fishing. 

Magic Island is a dive-friendly attraction with five diving heights that start from 1m and gradually go up to 10m. Beginners can safely try it out as the water visibility is high and the tides are steady. For a more thrilling experience, bring your best waterproof camera and selfie stick to capture your best jumps.



Ilig-Iligan Beach

Ilig-Iligan beach in Boracay

Another secluded and majestic white-sand beach perfect for getting some tan and snorkeling in Boracay is the Ilig-Iligan Beach, located on the Northeast coast of Boracay. Behind the stunning and serene beach is a patch of greenery with coconut trees and some plants and shrubs.

There are no infrastructures, making the area less crowded and serene. Tourists drop by Ilig-Iligan Beach to take a refreshing dip, lounge on its fine white sand, and capture Instagrammable selfies behind the postcard-worthy scenery. Ilig-Iligan Beach is a great snorkeling spot with a small coral house reef just 12 meters away from the shore.

Crocodile Island

Crocodile Island in Boracay

One of the famed islands in Boracay and snorkeling spots is Crocodile Island, an alligator-shaped islet that is a popular stop-off on island-hopping excursions. It is situated off the southern coast of Boracay, which is less than 3km away from the White Beach area.

Apart from Boracay snorkeling package, scuba diving is also a must-try water activity on the island. Just a reminder that the water currents are strong, so it is advisable to seek the guidance of your local guide before jumping into the water. An impressive variety of marine life lies underneath the clear waters, including moray eels, corals, and sea snakes.



Coral Garden

Diver swims by vibrant coral

Among the hidden gems included in the Boracay island hopping package is the Coral Garden, a popular House Reef dive site showcasing vibrant corals and diverse marine life. With a shallow depth of 5 meters up to 15 meters, it serves as an ideal place for underwater photographers and beginners in scuba diving and snorkeling.

Coral Garden is at the heart of Boracay’s west coast, only 600m away from the White Beach area. Its rich underwater scenery makes it an ideal place for helmet diving in Boracay. Here, you can experience feeding colorful fishes and stroll safely underwater while wearing an air-pumped helmet.



Balinghai Beach

Secluded cove along Balinghai Beach

Photo by Balinghai Beach Resort

Tucked away from the crowded White Beach area, Balinghai Beach is a secluded spot with powdery white sand and clear blue waters suitable for swimming. Part of its shoreline sits underneath a cliff with huge rocks surrounding the beach.

Balinghai Beach is one of the most-visited island-hopping destinations in Boracay. It has proximity to the famed White Beach, which is 6.4km away. You can go for a swim, rent a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard, and go snorkeling to peek through its stunning underwater scenery. Afterward, enjoy sunset views on Balinghai Beach while lounging on its fine white sand.

Diniwid Beach

Sunset at Diniwid Beach

A great counterpart to the touristy area of Boracay for those who like to dive and snorkel somewhere quieter is the Diniwid Beach, a small yet pristine beach on the island. It is a bit rocky, but its sand is almost as white as the famous White Beach. 

Diniwid Beach is connected to the northern end of the White Beach area, which you can alternatively reach by crossing a cliffside pathway. Surrounding the turquoise blue waters are rocks and a few trees that provide adequate shade if you like to lounge on the beach. One of Diniwid’s highlights is its amazing sunset views over the breathtaking seascape.



Tambisaan Beach

Tambisaan Beach

All-inclusive private island hopping Boracay packages already include meals, and one of the usual stop-overs to take lunch is the Tambisaan Beach. After enjoying a mouthwatering seafood platter, don’t miss out strolling along its 500-meter long white-sand beach, which isn’t filled with establishments, unlike the White Beach area.

Tambisaan Beach is located on the southern part of the island’s east coast. Swimming is not much of an option here because of strong currents. Alternatively, you can get acquainted with the locals in the village and discover other attractions like the Kawa Hot Bath. The closest snorkeling and diving spot to Tambisaan Beach is Crocodile Island, which is only 100m away.

Boracay Island-Hopping Tips

Boat docked on a white sand beach in Boracay

  • What to bring: Don’t forget to bring beach necessities like sunscreen, hand sanitizer, towel, eyewear such as shades and goggles, a waterproof bag for your gadgets, beachwear, beach mats, a hat or a cap, drinking water, and aqua shoes. Wear a sunblock to avoid getting sunburnt by the blazing heat of the sun.

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers are required to wear face masks and practice social distancing, in addition to frequent use of hand sanitizer and proper handwashing. During the registration, you are required to log down your details beforehand for contact tracing purposes. Make sure to check the Boracay travel requirements before your trip. 

  • Boracay island-hopping activities are kid-friendly and safe to try even though you don’t know how to swim. For your safety, life vests are provided in the boats. Snorkeling gears are not always part of the package and are usually availed as an add-on, you can also opt to bring your own.

  • Depending on your tour operator and chosen package, most island-hopping tours in Boracay last for 4 hours to a full day. This includes boat transfers, water activities, time for lunch, and a briefing on the safety rules and regulations of the activity. Some of the activities you can do include paraw sailing, helmet diving, banana boat ride, jetski, wakeboarding, yacht cruise, speedboat, stand-up paddleboarding, and parasailing in Boracay.

  • For each attraction, the stop usually takes 1 hour so you should make the most of your stay. Most of the Boracay island-hopping tours are already inclusive of lunch, which will be served at one of the island/beach stops. 

  • If you’re wondering how much is island hopping in Boracay, it depends on the package. Also take note that some beaches may charge an entrance fee, separate from your boat rental fees. 

  • Itineraries might change depending on the season or water condition for that day. If there are warnings from the Coast Guard, tours might get canceled if the currents are too strong.

  • Remember to clean up before you go, don’t litter, and take your trash with you.


Hop on an Exclusive Boracay Island-Hopping Tour

Puka Beach

A trip to Boracay won’t be complete without discovering its hidden beaches and islands that are truly captivating. For a more thrilling escapade to one of the world’s best destinations, book Boracay activities and all-inclusive Boracay tours on our travel booking website to make the most of your getaway.

Opt for a hassle-free online trip booking and browse our Boracay tour packages to check a more detailed Boracay itinerary for couples and all kinds of travelers. Several Philippine tour packages and Philippines guided tours also await those who want to tour the Philippines. Start packing your bags and embark on an exhilarating island-hopping tour to this island paradise!


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