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Boracay Island Hopping Tours

Boracay Island Hopping Tours

Boracay is known for its white beaches backed by beautiful palm trees. Explore the islands around this top destination in the Philippines.

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Boracay Island Hopping Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What are some of the well-known islands included in Boracay island-hopping tours?

Some of the well-known islands included in an island-hopping tour in Boracay include Magic Island, Crocodile Island, and Crystal Cove Island. 

How many islands can I visit during a Boracay island-hopping tour?

It depends on the tour package you availed. Most Boracay island-hopping tours include 3-4 islands on the itinerary.

What are some of the water activities I can do in Boracay island?

Some of the activities you can do in Boracay island include paraw sailing, parasailing, helmet diving, banana boat ride, jetski, wakeboarding, yacht cruise, speedboat, stand-up paddleboarding and many more.

When is the best month or season to try this activity?

The best season to try this activity is during the dry season, covering the months of November to May. You can read more about it on our Boracay travel guide

Are island-hopping tours kid-friendly?

Yes! As long as the kids have adult supervision and are wearing life vests. Most activities in island-hopping tours are also kid-friendly and safe to try.